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Un (Insight into the 'un' of everything) :: -__~~t[;;lL;;::::A;:;-~-;~~:. ~-=._:.:-=---~- -=~-:---~~ -~~s.:l:~-_LA-,", .L -~q#.__!.~4c1f Kc19--"1-'A_. --­ 1'\'\ a.~ 3_~_~L~_~4~__{'JZ2.- ---£.fiJ.j.l-..I--'-2D.- ~2il:hJ~L-e---f_.lip I 1'>1 I~+;- ~h CI'e'ZJ~-.- ~-wf;~ i:s-f_I;:i<1~ l!+lr~kLb!C(-11 k~.d_~2_~­ ;;-.Q.~t.~- -_f\ 6_Lf:__Ji...k__J..!L!~1 i (.!i.C.i2J:::.4-_­ ~ ~~---~~-_c.d~- -~~~LdL_~-- S./lnc.e yQk1r::_LQ.tz,v.ir~'J /"-"' ,:;;.t/-e ";:-" ,:~.__:tf:./.~ -(\r'"{!. :- (!"!; c~ ~Ye;ET --­

(collectively the "Product")

1. License .rant Licensor grants ~ a non-exclusive, non-tr~able, limited license to use the copy of the --.ware, and accompanying matl:8ls enclosed in this package (collectively the "Product") on 11 single co~er su~t to the terms and conditions set forth in this~ment. You may transfer the -to a single hard disk provided you keep the or~~are solely for backup or archival purposes. '. -physically transfer the ~ from one computer system-1Jl.Jln-o_ther provided that the software is used on only-.computer at a time. =-=-= ­ 2. _are Media: You may receive~are in multiple forl1:ls of m~. Reg.less of the number or types of media you received, you may use only the !)1edia appropriate for your ~computer. ~ --~.~wftershtp~- ,tttle-and-inter~st to the_aRt! 1,ying-~iaI5 are ~ owned by Licensor and are protected by COp! _'emark and trade secret law and ~tional treaties. You acquire only the right to use the Software and accompanying materials du~he teffil of this Agre~ Any rights, exp .lied, in the Software and accom~ materials other than those specified in this Agreement are.-.ed by Licensor. You must treat the Software as co:,~ material except as otherwise provided under this I .You agree not to..-, deface or obscure '~ copyright or trademark notices and/or legends or proprietary notices on the Software and/or accompanying materials. ­ 4. Copies and Mo~ions: You may make one copy of the Software solely for back-up purposes provided that you reproduce~ude all_. ..~ary rights notice(s) on the copy. You may ~ copies of any ofjhe written ~tation included in the Product. You may not, nor may you assist another to, modify, translate, convert to another prograr:. -_page, deco ,"~ Tse engineer or disass~ ,. --rtions of the Product. Unless otherwise provided by this agreement, you may not copy the Software. You agree to notify your emp' --~. " who may have access to the Software of the restrictions contained in this Agreement and to ensure ~ compliance with such restrictions. ~ 5. Confidential!. 1.- -_piing this license -'-_.~..~ge that the Software and accompanying materials are proprietary in n~RI -eontain valuable confidential i:-~lIi1n developed or acqui- '~ expense. You agree not to disclose to others or utilize such trade seet*' -I , ~ -j' information except as provided herein. 6. Term: This Agreement is effective 1',, 1-- i_J- ._u..first use' -~.re until terminate~ You may terminate this agreement at any time by destroying tI. ~I=t togethelill. _LJPy thereof. If you fail to comply with any term of tlii::::-:- lent, Licensor may terminate this Agreement upon notice to you and you agree to then cease all use of the Software, and to promptly return the -~~ --with any copy thereof to l:icensor;n.ot;:~- the remedy provid~d abov~. L!censor may enforce its other legal nghts.Sectlv -'_I sarvIVetermrnatlon--' 7. Assignment: You may not assign, sublicense, rent, loan, lease, conveyor otherwise transfer this Agreem~;;;;~: "~ ~:. Any unauthorized assignment, ~::, rental, loan, lease, conveyance or other transfer of any copy of the Sv1"vv-a~' accompanying materials shall~~~~y teffilinatp'_~. f: ~~~-~-~ ~ 8. No Warranty: THE -.vARE IS PROVIDED ~.. THE MAX.UM EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, LICENSOR DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER WARRANTIES OF ANY -, EXPRESS ..IMPLIED, INCLUDING, --NOT , IMPLIED~RRANT_-1~ PERFORMANCE ~ MERC~ILITY OR FITNESS FOR~TICULAR PUBDn_~~' BEAR ALL RISK RELATING TO QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE OF THE SOFTWARE, AND ASSUME THE ENTIRE COST OF~NECESSARY SERVICING, REPAIR OR CORRECT!' --DOES NOT WARRANT THAT THE SOFTWARE WILL MEET YOUR REQUIREMENTS, OPERATE WITHOUT INTERRUPTION~E ERROR ~ ­ SOME _--'~~rONS DO NOT AIoRI .IIII.I~TIONS ~IMPLIED WARRANTIES, SO THE ABOVE LIMITATION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. IN THAT EVENT, SUCH"'-~-' ARE LIMITED~HE WARRANTY PERIOD. THIS WARRANTY GIVES YOU ---=: ~~5'L RIGHTS, Y~A~SO8AVE OTH~GHTS WHICH V ARY FR~RISDICTION TO JURISD~ 1- .--~ 9. Limitation of Reme,-~ agree that because th~e io -~- to you with the accompanying hardware at no additional charge, '-' .~ maxim'~"'ty for any claim b)( I' "__'€ claiming through or on behalf of you arising out of this Agreement shall not in any event exceed."'" d" ~~ TO THE MAX~ EXTENT ~ITTEQ .'6-6,I;ILE~, LI~R SHALL NOT -.BLE FOR THE LOSS OF REVENUE OR PROFITS, EXPENSE OR INCONVENIENCE, OR FOR ANY OTHER DIRECT, INDIRE~ECI.A~!CIDENTAL,~PLARY '8R -Q UENTIAL- 9AMAGES ,ARl8lNG{}U'fGF~T-HIS A<}~OR-CAUSED--~c­ BY THE USE, MI~ OR INABILITY TO USE THE SOFTWARE, EVf8.IF LICENSOR HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF (Or ---,",GES. THIS LIMIT. ANTY SHALL J'~'lTEND TO ANYONE OTHER THAN THE ORIGINAL USER OF TIt_""ARE. SONJ~ -I~:J:IONS DO NOT ALLOW '8- EXCLUSt~ LIMITATION OR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQU~L DAMAGES, SO THE ABO~ITATIONS OR EXCLf;! _'__'T APPLY TO YOU. ~­ 10. Support: Licens~ responsible for mai. .,'. "r'ng you to use the program, and is not required to make available to you any updates, fi)!e- SY~I-~ ""D ~Re Software (an "uP16';::::'-~-~f -'eswhich may be provided shall be subject to this Agreement, 5t:pt that if any license is included by~l with the U~~"~'ch conta'-ofms ~al to or inconsis_, t/lis Agree__L'~ -such additi~or inconsistent terms shall supe" , .::licable portions of this Agreement when applied to the upgrade. 11. Governing Law: Th~~ment shall be governed by th~of the ­.~ -., exc]l_8 choice of law p~il'l~ _I 12. General Provisions: If any provision o~ ",. greement is held:~, invalid, unenforceo' '~'I~gal, the other provisions shall continue in " 'C~-' effect, Failure of a party to enforce any provision of this Agreern~not constitute or be construed as a ,~£ such provisi -he right to enforce such provisi -~ agree to be respoc~~ the pavm~nt ofa .ulting frolli "" .~ -llent. -­ 13. Export: You agree to -.." with ~ and regulations of the --and other countries ("Export J.~i assure that neither the-- Ror its accompanying materials ,.-:-;-- -.!.ted, dire"'_~-- ":ectly, in violatio~')rt Laws, il -..for any purp~~ted ~pQi8tws, ~ 14. -nment Restricte18ghts: The -..are and accomp~~~~~terials are provided with RESTRIC~GHTS. Use, duplication or disclosure by th~ @~-"nt is subject to restri" 1- forth in ~graph ~ of the ~ in Technical Data ~"puter Software clause at'-' -1- 9r the':: -Computer Software ---~~:use at FAf__cI9 (c)(l) .(2), as appli~~. 15. Ackn~~nt: THIS AGREEMENT IS THE COMPL ~~~ --EXCLUSIVE STATEMENT OF AGREEMENT ~EEN THE PARTIES AND SUPERSEDES ALL ~SALS OR PRIOR AGRE~S, ~ '- DITTEN, AND ANY OTHER COMMU!~ONS BETWEEN THE-r RELATING TO THE SUBJECT MA TTE~ TH'-::;REEMENT. ~ENDMENT T-8fHIS AGREEMENT SHA~E EFFECTIVE UNL~IGNED BY ,A~ICER OF --~ "­ ~ ,I ~-- -, ~--­



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HOW! DA NATUREZA Oquee? "!Oquee? , 'iOque, e? , i i In ~ualquer mantanha, snowy of glides i 1 0 Tornado cam, in ba}e of great! ' Desert i and a area of cllma extrem_a- 1 i you h~ a IInha Imaglnarla that separate to I 1 storm clouds and one caluna i I has lain quent? dry e, walks naG 1 1 in general r~g!oes of the perpetual snow and the snow tempa- 1 air i that funny violently and arrasa 1 i occurs mals of q~e 250mm d~chuva 1 1 rarla to eter, in the hard o year all, enquan- 1 1 everything the one that encantra in walks Ja lu- i I pair Ana tor Pâa voce u~a IDE la, n~ i 1 you the a temporarl? tern life I, mltada, DES fa- i I racao and formed by one enorm~ spiral 1! cldade of, Sao Pablo,a "Jed, the annual one: 1 I zen_do in agua, the spring or the 1 cloud i that if dislocate rodoplando e! 1 about olto times malor one and e~gono pen! 1 verao How much malS bolxa aquelo IInha, 1 1 can produce Immense winds of ties 400km/h 1 1 to ~ar that all ~s desert sao 1 malor I espa, covered polo snow du- i ' Tor, never to be in a place for where 1 1 seas of orela Multos d~es if carac- 1 I râte.t°do the time In regiaes polar, 1! pass a Tornado or one furacao they i 1 terlzâ pair Brandes lorma, aes rocky, the 1 limit between perpetual snow and snow time ' I i sao frightful polo I ruin that they can i i as and I sew it of the Val? of the Monument (in ' I I , it would raria is proximo of nive! of the sea In, razor I 1! Arizona, same Umdosj States and in, I the 1 Alps, in the Europe, places around 1 typically arenaceous I 1 1 ha many rocks 1 J 1 2700m of altitude In the Eguador, leases i i i 1 lOi, with q~eos them antig~s?gipcios cons - 4 i 1 liza it about 900m of altitude 1 1 1 1 trulram its celebrates p, ramldes 1 1 Voce wise person? i 1 Voce wise person? 1. - ' I '. d fl ' 87 W d I 1 I For incrivel that it stops, joust has lain cen- I 1 Voce wise person? 1, capable snow and and re ehr ties lo uz lit d I - h d "Ih" 0,I I desert major of the world the Saara in the ' 1 solar one and for this reason that the alpinistas 1 i ro and u~ U d racao: c am i to the o ­ Ih e 1 1 north of the Alrica ocu p the 8600 OOOkm ' 1, ' I tt S ' I , suareg, aoema, orcamarla 00"' I 1 ~sam ocu ~s pro and pray espeClalS in, 1 d 1 1 Or soia, ole tern practically the same, j ISS~, correrlâ, rlsco of a loss of i 1 35s~~mde 1~~g:nr~rme, ahngln so great times I I of Brazil Has GreiG! 1 l~~;K~~i~;~~~~;fJ~~~_~~~e;~;::~~te~J \ ' ~_:_-~~~~-~-~~-~--~~-', J Figurinha cbele.:nento~D- Figurlnha cbelemento~=­ FigUrin~ ~~:~~o~~ cootra." ° . 18 ~ ~=-~=__=-::a.~~ ~ ~,.,._~ contraw;J!IIt: _: - ' "~11t:-D -: ' w --~::::~iill=~I==i COD1rac'OlJ; - = - ~ £ontrat;, ~ ~ .., -..., _..~Regra of the game _.~"'~"E'.'.~"'.na packing This figurinha. 6:t:!:I~~~~Ul adhesive, 6:t:!:I~~~~:i). I j~:~ Zi~::~ "".""!~t;iij) HOWS Of NATURE HOWS Of the NATURE ' I ---r~~~~::ie~=~~_~~~~=~-[~ i ---f~~:~:~~:A:;;a:=.i., I ' Wind and air in movement and this occur ba- ' I ' 1 the causes of a flood P they odem to be mui- 1 I One con l grease of formed cataracts P ar­ I 1 sicamente because, air q~e recovers ours! i IDS: torrential rains, overflow i to fir of one same river, in one same abyss,,I 1 pianola never this all mesma!empera-, 1 of rivers, invasao of the sea, violent thawings lie called "falls of agua" or 1 II! Iura Imagine, pair example, reglao to coster I 1 or some of these latores, ~!nd, combi - I "jumps" Entr: the most spectacular i! ra of one conhnente Al "during diG, to have i 1 nadamente, But consequenclas almost read planet estao of the Igua, u, part of the ' i ra absorbs mals heat of the Sun of that, 1 always sao the same ones, N~s cities atin-! i which voce ve in this lottery They licam I ean i Resulted existing air on OlD, i I gidas, them can include since i i cum small stretch of laugh it at same name, in hot 1 1 mals and therefore "], als I~ye, s:lbe 0 1 I material prejudices tie the landslide of I i border enters Brazil (in the Parana) and '! espa, what ole occupied atral entao air i, entire preaios and paralyze it, to the one of servile, 1, monos Argentina Understand coda I I mals cold gift on the sea, prov()can, of the 1 j essential In the fields, can occur all that 275 cataracts that if they precipitate of! I ' a wind of the ean rat the land nolte, I 1 P erda of flocks and destruirao of P lan- ' I a height measured of 70m and ocu p am one 1, the land P ode I, to car mals cold q ue the sea eo ', ­ E - ' b 1 ' I d d 3k d ­ i i I t d r t ' ' I 1 you, oes m sltua, oes extreme, in am 1 1 alxa and surrounds and opos m and extensao i °Tod're vin odcon ' "to"nde Pbra I 1 the cases, motto of human beings 1 1 Voce sab: '? i, ocean ormas even, rlsas I I Voce wise person? i ' I ', i to furacaes, results mainly of di- 1 ' ", codo segund" the Cataracts of I 1 f~ren, of temperâra - and consequentes i ' In matICO d~ 199~ the habltantes of R,o 1! Ilguâ_u flays on ap;oxlmadam~nte 1 I d, feren, of pressao - in the atmosphere ' the 1 White, capital of the State of the Acre, vlve­ I ' I 5 mllhoes of Iltra of agua Bastarlam i 1 Voce wise person? i I ram one terrivelpesadelo ci?ade fai i 1 8 minutes to supply for one I I 0 registered quicker wind occurred in the i Inundad, polo rlo A;re that sub, u guase i entire day a city as SaD! locality of TM Washington, in Ne'!ll, 18m aclma of I am myel normal devldo! i Pablo, of about 10 milhaes of I I ~71k~/eh ~U:'câ: j~3F~r~~la lh~~'ru I l:-~~~~-~':!:~~~:~:: - ' Rio de Janeiro ~~~!~a_~~e~! ~ ~---~-~-~-) \_d!:~~_e~9_!:-?:r~d~~ ~-~_J Figurinha cb element ~I- Figurlnha cb element ~ ­ Figurlnha cbelemento~; - __ £ontr~IIt:-I- ' ' Contr~IIt:_'_1:; ~---=-~-~~:~:=~~I=lr = ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~il==~ = i ~~-~~~~~~~~-=;:iill=i = i LQD1r~, -~---~ ~......, _..~Regra of the game _. ~ '.' ~ "_ J. ' i '.'. in the packing, This figur;nha "adhesive ....., _, _..~Regra of the game _. ~ '.' ~ "_ J I '.~'.'. in the packing, .., -..., _..~Regra of the game _.~"'~"_'.l.""'.na packing, This figurinha " Esla II urinha " ......, _..~Regra of jog "_.~"'~"_'.'.~"'.na packing, ffi~I~~~~~:i). ffiIl~~~~:i). ....., _, _..~Regra of the game _.~"'~"_JI'.~"'.na packing, This figurinha. adhesive, 6:t!I~~~UJ. Esla figurinha.

Co~1o HOWS Of the NATURE

HOW! DA NATUREZA Co~1o HOWS Of the NATURE (J-;;~;e~ot~ . ---r- - I: -: "! I What e? I I ' 0 ground I vibrate, the predios oscillate and the I nightmare eats, In the cases groves, this i i enormous nightmare if troduz in destrui- I 1,co Aindo well that in the moioria of ve-, ' I z:s the weak earthquakes sao too that nom I I sao perceb, of the ones for the pessoos the moior 1 I has left and provoked for movements of I it accomodates, to the one of the plates that compaem I I crust of the planet They gerom immense I I amount of energio that if transmits I I Brandes distancias, in the form of vibrate ' I I, DES of crust I I 1 Voce wise person? I i About 500 a thousand sismicos abalos sao I i detected coda diG in the world Of strongest them ' only 1 causes pr~juizos: I i 0 that it made the major I number of viti but ocor-! 1 reo in 1556 in 5hinsi, China more I l~!_?~_~_il_~~~~~:!::~:~a_~_~_v~~~-_J Figurlnha cb elemento~~.­ -"___!:omra.(~~~-, ~ ~ Cootril.:J! II t: - ~ ~ --_c £oo1ra." ri"8 ~ ..""""_":T8'"-Regra of the game _.".'.~"_JI'.'.'.-na packing. This figurinha "adhesive ~Il~~~~ I I ~~~;~~A NATURE i ' Arc ' i r I;:, r:._lS., ~ What e? : Everybody I agree orcoiris and one ido$ mois espetaculos cakes of noturezo! This incrivel luminous effect occurs quan-! of the o solar and "espolhada" light for goticu-! , las of agua in suspensao in air for! this and that ole costumo to happen opas pon­! codas of rain goticulas "divides"! , solar light in a specter of colors that if! it presents in the form of arcs superranks,! : coda which representing one of the colors! I! i i! , ', Voce wise person? : i the colors of the arc-iris always appear i i of are for inside, in this order to see i! melha, orange, turn yellow, green,! blue, indigo and violet! i i j FI, jurlnh;J COMPACT DISC element ~~ contrd _, - ~ ~!:ontrd --,:; ~I"'-.~;e contrd.l'lJt: - ri"8 ~ ..""".'_":T8'"-Regra of the game ~"_JI'.'.'.-na packing This ligillinha "adhesive ~Il~~~UJ. Cfi!I..c~o HOwS Of the NATURE (, _ +_ESlâ~es_dnAnn 10 That sao? I I Sao the four periodos where if it divides I ' I the year - spring, verao, autumn and inver­ 1 in -, coda one doles characterized by I determined condi, aes climaticas Ha I local with the only duos this, aes nitidas, I I as the palos - six months of verao and I i six of winter - and others e,m that qua- I I fro sao defined and I sew it well of situated I I regiaes in the latitudes you measured of I I planet These photos show the same one, I arvore and the same alone noma regiao in I I that h6 clear diferen, between spring, I verao, autumn and winter I I VOCe wise person? I 10 cold Winter malS la reglstrado ' I i occurred in 1958, about 20km of I I p610 Sui Certain day, the termametros mar­ I carom below-freezing 92.7"Nor penguin left sews ~ ~J Figurinha cbelemento~~ f-CQrltr., -1; f = traw:J!IIt:~ - ~ cootra.l:fU' -- ~ ~ ..""""_":T8'"-Regra of the game _.".'.~"_JI'.".'.-na packing. This ligillinha "adhesive ~Il~~~~~ ­ ICO!!EI'!;~I:) 1 0 that e? I! i In the final extremity of umageleira, a ruido I frightful I announces unfastened it: mento i of a Brande block that falls with I! it will be, in 6gua Nasce one iceberg Of now! i in, floating ahead comapenas small I! part of I am body aclma of the line of agua! i in measured 15% - ole passaro if deslo: to car for alBum of the cold seas of the planet, i I for luck of the tourists who avistareni! distancia i Or for maximo well-taken care of of nayegantes I I that to cross its route! Voce wise person? --1 "i Never ninguem saber6 accurate size I! of iceberg that, in 1912, it caused the vessel! fr6gio i of the transatlantico Titanic But, as i I ole came of regiao artica, certainly nao i i was of the greaters, which if originom in I i glaciers of Ant6rtica 0 major j6 regis- I: trado it was observed in 1956 and it had I \, ~~~~~~_e~_o~~r!~~~t~!-'_J! Figurinha cb element ~~ against -.,:) ~"r CQIltr~l'lJt: ~ £ontra -;:.1. ~ ~ .."""_'_":T8'"-Regra of the game _.".'.~"_JI'.".'.-na packing. This ligurmha "adhesive ~!)~~~UJ Cokti:;l0 HOWS OF THE NATURE - j~~~ 1 I ocean. The great tidal waves pro. duzem hamadas gigantic waves "r~~:t~o~~sal~u~el~~ip~di~Asmve~~; e~~; I waves reaches islands and ' the ' coasts of con. 1 tinentes, provoking gestruitao material I and deaths in the habitcidos places 1 l I I 1 I I VOCe wise person? The island of Ishigaki, in the Japao, suffered in j 1 1971 the impact of the greater tsunami j6 re­gistrada. It was a wave of about 85m ~ the height aproximâa of a edificio of l~~~~ Figurinha cb elemento~~.­ £om~"t:_':8 ~ -- ~~~~~~=:::iiil=l = i ..'8"""_":T8'"-Regra of the game _.""~"_JI'."."-na packing. Esla ligillinha " ~Il~~~~~ , HOW5 OF THE NATURE! What e? ., i Imagines one very regiao cold in which the I! thawing, in epocas hotter of Ana,! e Inca peace to transform all the snow that! there i falls regularly in aguo These sao! condi, aes b6sicos for the form, to the one of i! umo gigontesca glacier mass that and as! I a corporate Cake river from the snow! This "river" comeca in the high one of a mountain! I and goes down the hillside soon ote the side of one! : (as the glacier mostrodo in the photo) or! coast moritimo As any river,! i glaciers tambem if they dislocate, sa that: much more slowly velocidode of! moioria nao passes of 2m per day! Voce wise person? i: The "campea of speed" between I froze them! i ras and the Quarayaq, in Groenlandia i i coda day it can dislocate itself ties 24m i! At this rate, its extremity would take ones! cinquenta i years to go of Sao Poulo to! \Riode}aneiro) FI, lurlnhC! COMPACT DISC element ~ ­ against -",.,.,-- ~ - =, ~ col1tra.l'lJt: -- ~ ~ CIl[ltrâJ ---~..""".'_":T8'"-Regra dojogo _.".'.~"_JI'.'.'.-na packing This ligillmha" ades;va ~(!)~~~Xi1.

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Is that a toilet flush?

Is that a toilet flush?




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Iolhos of lynx

Iolhos of lynx In French: He plunges in one amusing bagun~a with the Group of Monica and aiude the personnel to find each scattered obietos. Where this one the water melon? And the pig? Cadi the flower? ! ! ! But seia fast:. Voce has which that will make before their adversarios. Aten~ao, agility and diversao! A gostosa confusao will pra which has ' Iolhos of lynx ". , - -, "1~",w, ""',,' ~.lIllljllll' II]l111111 ". ,Em "m dwo";d. ..b"' o;~.fu' m.d. Mo";o.. ~.". I it;., o."W, O, -0.'. V~O 10m ' I"o ~~~~~' o~!:::::, agenda., bio.., Mr., oi., op;d., v.oO ' om ' I"o",;".."' o"I"O ' 0 "' dvo"o,;., ",o ohom""o". morivol b.g "". - bri"o.do;'. I prune ' °,: ~~.. ~;;, : ; ~~:,~~~::. ";"d., ' "'. m""d. ' 0 ' ' I"o.oh.. me, Mr. Bi... M., "m.ro;. , 0mprov.lo"I"om ' "I it;, , op;d.o.oh., r;~~~~;;;~l~~~;~; ' "" 0"0". d;vo";d. o."W, O!!! ~roo -!11!11, IIIIIIII!iill' ~~, "" "";M "! ~ A.I.d. D... D.., f;g "'.' D... B "'.;..."..".,.. ...;0;';.' D. rod. om. D "., ,;m, p.'.".';.".. ";.. ,;m;l..'..."" P.l.v... f;g "'. D. "AB'," A ". "im p.' D;., '. [!I::1J~~~ ~':':~~::::~::~;!!!J/)9!!j J jj... . .....' ~ ~.., ~,;:.I' ";;\"~.! : ~~.j)' Y "!!, ~~':"i, ' ij..:~?O:' I ',;,;C?':, "'. ~~~,:, I., ~. ~ '.", ~ C ' "v '. y,,"'." ~ ~~:;..~'. ~, "" "' ro",,''.. °) -~y ~;i~~ ~~, ~~~.J ~c~~¥1~~@~ ~:. iv.1,: : ; m.' "D. ' m; ~, ",.. D. ~ \i=\~~~,; =, ~ "' - ~ '" ~ \ '~'\. ~ -' \::=!7~_r ~!

Caddy to flower!

"Caddy to flower!" Mergulhe command post uma amused baguña com to Turma gives to Monica and aiude or pessoal to achar each um two espalhados obietos. Onde this to melancia? And or porco? Caddy to flower! But seia fast:. Voce tem that to fazer isso two seus before opposing. Ateñao, agilidade and diversao! Gostosa Uma confusao pra quem tem ' Iolhos of lynx ". ,--," 1~ ",w,""',,' ~.lIllljllll'II]l111111 ". ,Em "m dwo";d. ..b"'o;~.fúm.d. Mo";o.. ~.". mo;., o."W, or, -0.'. V~O 10m ' I"o ~~~~~'o~!:::::, oJ.., bio.., M.,oi. , op;d., v.oO ' om ' I"o", or,;".."'o"I"O ' 0 "' dvo"o,;., ",o ohom""o". morivol b.g "". - bri"o.do;'. I prune ' °,:~~..~;;,:; ~~:,~~~::." ;"d., '" '. m""d. ' 0 ' ' I"o.oh.. mo, m. bi... M.,,"m.ro;. , 0mprov.lo"I"om' "mo;, , op;d.o.oh., r;~~~~;;;~l~~~;~; ' "" 0"0". d;vo";d. o."W, or! ~roo -!11!11, IIIIIIII!iill'~~ , """";M "! ~ A.I.d. d...d.., f;g "'.' d... b "'.;..."..".,.. ,..,.;0;';.' d. rod. om. d "., To,;m, p.'.".';.".. ";.,,. ,;m;l..'... "To" p.l.v...f;g "'. d. "AB'," a ". "im p.' d;.,'. [!I::1J~~~ ~':':~~::::~::~;!!!J/)9!!J j jj .. . . .....' ~ ~ .., ~,;:.Í";;\"~.! : ~~.j)'Y "!!, ~~':"i, 'ij.. :~?O:'í,;..,;C ':, "'. ~~~,:, I., ~. ~ '.", ~ C '."v'. y," '." ~ ~~:;..~'. ~, " "" ' ro ", ' '.. °) -~y ~;i~~ ~~, ~~~.J ~c~~¥1~~@~ ~:. iv.1 ,::; m.' "d. ' m; ~ , ", .. d. ~ \i=\~~~,;=, ~ "' - ~ '" ~ \'~'\. ~ -'\::=!7~_r ~!

Photo By Sammy


Sammy Art: C L I C K T H E S E


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Via Voice listens to Ray Manzarek

Ray Manzarek Caddisflies been from the recent and I'm Stuart 12 legal wrangling birthday in varying from the June 30th to 1943 the jury 12 1939 half real worry youthful who rushed her and her adulation but the job knowledge of anyone to pursue career in sort of all on guard experimental physics feb Diouf for as i have fifth will reduce delay budget Morrison read and Sarah and the UCLA film school and it would begin a friend said the UCLA the time that together rub blood with a lot of other people and the time of graduation, but Tracinda well I'm going in your city the dollar up to bed at Iwo pursue a career in sort of all on guard experimental film about a more inclined towards a linear kind of a theatrical film story films and I've just GLOSS and tested three years before that self Wallace to adhere and L.A. citizens legally may relieve June and about six weeks later I love but graduated sitting on the beach in Venice California Sen, the Venice area about half nothing to do on a wall and with myself and graduated Phi college a master's degree in civil Jim and buttressed agreed Dalila do with myself have some who comes walking down the beach but James Douglas Morrison as a gym with Israel in a rare of a regularly are is of less asides the era of greatness he was a lot of fun guy and a wrong with its good CME and assorted undoings and writing songs to writing salons now that's interesting said it is quite stunned the beach with me but said hands and to the sand and of course is for a vote as his energy together research to Sang on my drive as holy cow all my grub odd chimp been ordered with this is incredible records and music, to play behind and of this incredible man but a rock-and-roll band again and he said that's exactly what I 1 A completely from a believed and what we had a newly had something that people would really enjoyed the boardwalk in here and that people should hear time Morrison looked up some of befuddles to a UCLA will salute countryside go caring about hundred and 6065, the beaches of what on a 35 blood in a goddess and the injured woman this is Jim Morrison seemed unduly was just lean is a realist area growth of the chief of the David cheekbones and job loss was just incredible, Nerco of this guy thought herself like, the Liberals are just ago crannies of real physically and lyrically rewards are absent an incredible and people like Leslie who's still Highlands' and blood exigent:39 ROCK ROLL setting policy we like but we're like closed beatniks were too young to be begin next big thing and all have been in the '50s and poetry and Jess was what the Big six were doing as a musician like her and stuff so hip Delores and comes along and hears the same opera to and did and poetry and do any rock-and-roll framework and rock-and-roll and jazz really aren't any different both in the province of Korea to neutralize it and make up with everyone in rock and roll rock and roll and be absolutely anything and Doris approve of that form of Atari of Eggs Blue is a big and all classical music is confident rock-and-roll to Thea this idea of Julia of review of veal was none of vaudeville lawsuit because of the brothers and a bar band and a place called the turkey Dried West and said Monica of $15 a night on Friday and Saturday kept us alive if and the ban was called rec and the ravens solo rec Margaret big guitar brother Joe was on keyboards and I would second with the then occasionally in good news soon sold numbers of stock and blues numbers was GM then, and do rec and the ravens and of which of you will love in rehearsals and what not but unfortunately it didn't really worked odd had the time of involve with the maharishi's medications in the Beatles were and to inform the L. Scott and do it in the meditation classic of a series of six lectures Rec receive your mantra your magic Ward in that same classwork condoms more and Robin Krieger some quite a job and said the address a drummer who has a clock, and said it is recalling its rock-and-roll and gather dollars slightly keyboards front line as the lead singer in both greater when drummer had he's well I be interested to modify guitar player and he trendline that gets a guitar player replays of flamenco and bottled at them job and in by Israel with a laugh of the light that it was a relief if he does claim tambourine and the edges then jumping around in the week but Dooley Lewis for an ravens were unduly Legion was the job was gleefully Lehman and he always loved that sock and was to sort of bare as a business getting the feel of being on stage at a long time our first gig after we finally go back to John Robbie grey and Jim's said this is the head Holliston are songs together and go toward cholesterol, but Buddy year of of work to actually get to the strip and we played a place called London fog and the sunset Strip Sunday little Barnaul was ever in the Blazer is a global denser the lovely Ron delay in the code has always on the other side of the ruling Tolkien's when rivals stays in the order. Lehman made a ruby and Igor the course of five or 92 sailors of businessmen would come by water to costumes, and looking for the Steelers win just left it was a very depressing place been on the strip of remorse and developed from scene to abandon would invariably faced the ban in the first tennis for a couple of weeks or performances but while illegal and get the power behind the energy and the strength turned face the audience and then we became a horseman of the whiskey ago and of breast is history from their debts when he really blossomed of and do great performers define it and carried other names zeroth well leveraged get together on the beach was said Jim is the best lyrics covered with a rock and roll them and getting exactly what underlies well and would call the bed and said the doors, the door is S. wheat and that's not ridiculous as the curtain as many of the window of floor of the chairs that Delors is it like the doors in mind is exactly as a black doors of perception is exactly as ago when a great name and open doors in your mind as you borrow from what really: Dung: an artist of fun and in limbo 34023 and tears ago of the socks were in a row of four called the doors of perception high in the Bible and the New Testament Jesus Christ's as i am the door toward a common image to one Liz's of death the of things all of you via a was with funds, the fall of youth and the and one half probably p.m. other thing that really a tremendous Doris' cohesive with said the fact that each member of the Doris was able to give himself up to give up his ego is individual ego to the music to the rhythm of the music accord changes of the music consumers eastwards of the song wheat we became the music it was not brakeman's Eric Heinemann be a star on keyboards Robby Krieger automobile lead guitar with a large lead Guitar Jim I'm gonna believe we live in the near the lead singer and a bar of medium and our one-man lari in the number one drug or a bad ruling gave themselves up to the song that was no award for individuals claim the songs that was only the samba rhythm beat chord changes the melody that's a thing as well as together well actually it's interesting look for a bass player we tried to wean the addition to these players and responded with solid ruling stands began get clobbered bestows were cluttered but our music became cluttered with a bass player and then one day I saw the instrument called a Fender Rhodes keyboard base metals and 32 note keyboards for low-fat squat little plane in a scene in the video uncomplaining in the video and sound and what the base madman blame boogie-woogie he answered by box and what other also blame believe were used lefthand was in the end of my right and of 2 M's were separately that the wisdom and apply what I do and boogie-woogie to playing in walking and baseline on the base and it'll fit in very simply very nicely and in the effect became the economic base line because of also concentrating on a mileage is what the left and go and play repetitive figure in the light and was treated to locals agrees and Bacchus excellent/large glass frames will help the the I know I would recommend anybody to a practice their instrument great deal of the galaxies to the Doris success is that everyone had studied for a lot of fun unfortunately as we're ultimately fired from the whiskey ago for of doing the of the edible section of the end Colombia's first time jurors didn't we had a lot improvisation and the animal and open spaces and the red this one particular performance Jim decided to tell the whole story of the killer or before dawn Alan he did announce Digital is ago the management of the club just absolutely freaked out and said to sad said you guys backfired fills the Morrison you have the skills he is seriously out of ever heard from Poland to say about their monarch law and public never shed a Reseda and their father your guys are fired get up and assemblers/July in the aloha-0 stock a.m. was as if Morrison and hepatitis to the entire audience the waitresses were deserving drinks the bartender stop pouring beer entire audience to dance floor stop and just stared at him as he was telling the story of the killer will before dawn Telly Des fired but fortunately but all week before and we had just signed a contract with Elektra Records for Rothschild was to be our producer we admit Bolland's of Finance and of between two weeks after we require from the was giggled like right into the recording studio and some said Sun and began recording of the Doris this hue unclear of bad one is what is ultimately the gym beholden Allen in Miami the other home and the incident is of a strange story of mass hypnosis and of in zero hundred 15,000 people sort of having a division of Lawrence of been the scene of the Cross of maturity, the doors and come to Miami bureau thought of in Miami as the teams of acid rock and do all besotted as the blizzard Keene and the gene orgasmic rock and a new era coming and we were strange and other worldly sort of creature is in fact we're just lucky but elsewhere disliked and the audience we were in the audience we're just the ween to see something insensate and the audience that aren't listening to the music Morrisons and a lawyer for him in and yet in analysts and music years the something-an argument here is the sum in the season degeneracy in before sending greetings of Tiger Woods to rock and roll that would place on assessing what could ideal of ideas, if I show you my and beware of Blue also aware of the year I shall UIC--8 and the audience screaming and just kept strange and bizarre as the Taurus and textured often holds and funds of a matador escape his shirtless region behind the of the shirt and starts fiddling with his flock he Conservancy in filling the wrong there are many have very quickly wombs assurance of the document calls a ` overs " covering the story to see a deceased and watched, and again everyone what did it much better seen a bit concerned his shirt comes back the funds and a watch him during his killers was signalling, general and fall for this unit and do anything there Ito here and do a bygone days saw he told them he was going to do but they think to this day a porous and exposed itself in Miami and all cleans and strange terrible things I think is that Egypt had cut is the unanswered believing that flag afire was um remind your client Robby Krieger of role of course arms, more limited to times of wrote the a in fact touch me of whom wrote the of moods of our yard big etcetera and Amal little introduction Mark effect touch me of whom wrote the above moves of are you are big hits and Robby Krieger of Schroder greatest had the blood by fire we're rehearsing the in the beach house said we had in Venice THEFT living right on the beach and seven California brolly can one day and say the new songs great. But it contributed in the London to the doors and see the magic of the doors will contributed equally to of the structure of the dynamics whatever and Robison is a new song called My Fire officers supplied this essentially leave Scowcroft kind of songs release of a sudden and share sort of llamas and cobblers sounding soft but had a lot of great elements to it and we obtained at Riga and dollars good and to the door is mine and see what the rest of the guys could, with evidence was said dozen and B. Gunter of the beavers put into a tall-frame market immediately but some Latin to an abortion hard Rock section office said Judaism solos needs to stretch out we need -- of been on a middle of the redundant to vs to choruses all stretch about stretch of Zola's the public introduction all with a cigar and think it's something as signaling around and of all light box training camp and a minute mile little introduction of the song became from what was essentially Rugby's basic folk rock solid job and guidance on attorney in tool like my fire there are hot beautiful summer day and the beaches of California House some of his little Lea half of her 11 via the a--of silver of the zeroth lead over often lose off for off the list of ourself and sell it is it's a it's a song about all the men and women slaughtered in war for all, and it's not just about Vietnam's abhor of war Amanda's been killed a dead body is lying there and we all know who is weekend identified this man he is called the fund owns older Thomas at it in essence it's an anti-war song and devoted to all war and all the slaughter of all mankind but ultimately it turns into a song of joy as " because the war is over and agreed celebration begins after the slaughter to live of the Phoenix The Ferruzzi raised half Columbia always they've been leaking slakes on the of few Gonna as Ladies and Chris said am I think human of Stalin and from Maine of a minority and is a very good guy and I and guidance and Omaha Helen of use of falling Douglas more power and don't carry a as a success of the evidence like all the day and all of the lake and the and the abyss success of the jurors a rate careless the year's big league like the king saw are sitting on the beach with Gemini said Ebersol called Helen Harrell and this on the beach and basically it's a song for this very very cubes 17 year-old Fox electric that we saw is greater a result of weeks ago as the sun or about Halley's felt it was not quite that close that we actually had to be concerned about of regards room was free and includes all the debris of reserve for a single target but know it went to 1 06 in trade, 100 was on big and bubbling under and it never of crystal ship Club agreed to a Greg Ballard always loved that song of less songs about the just going a song about getting away from everything the crystal ship ship of of of Christine purity if it's a it's a male fantasy definitely was a homer I ELISA think it was a a either a Friday morning or Saturday morning will just having breakfast and a call from Longfellow's are manager of the time saint of I've just got a call from Paris and Jim is dead and a perennially but to Morrison had died and automobile accidents and bad in were party in the summer confronting the system is dead is that automobile accidents and minutes later in Watch War is a major L.S. of Jordan's and Amiga from rumors of my death the been highly exaggerated if Mark Twain line of hair offline of Morrison had died fallen of Windows reminder of the stars of the agenda and half-dozen times in this is another one from Paris Sulla's laws to do a-an anonymous stories and managers of my biggest unserious House will combine the above tool of been get ugly the breakfast table and fled Paris to check of some rumored as a delight what you go and take care of this is a very elegant the be called clock flight to of all essential step Paris book gasified men go ahead in a Down the comeback with some China if it did have its trickle Woodbury Jim this is the one the biggest. Jim and garlic is beautiful cemetery in Paris are all the artists in all its Sudbury basin was great all the artists in all of slitting Jim is did he said via gems dead as a whole lot I will happen he's a normal swimming gold medal was a death certificate and it's in French I can greeted handle with any new members of the body January unburied a cough and ingenue his own chosen heir as high in Belgium was in there is a lot to tell pals all broken up in the Army he was delivering our keynote he's in there and you'll never saw Jim Morrison's body and Newbury is called an Italian and june Morrison is dead he said this is strangeness of very strange circumstance N-of Buddy year-and-a-half later Alan Dunn and choose the only other person that DOE would of been able to verify m is dead and to the best of luck I have a hard from Jim Morrison since making 71 of flat roof both self he know I have dreams about Jim Morrison coming back is their Nazi Jim Warren Anderson well live a better offer a matter around the edges like via the beginning of a mature going to New York and decided to stay here all the to go door a gallon to your queue on Africa and India and the fall of the blaze while the license Sun's net biscuits musical he must've obvious of every why did his three errors I think the and get the time we were worried bent leg was um of extended vacation we were on hiatus we wert on break the bad and Recording had Turing we Finnish contract with Elektra Records seven albums and been delivered L.S. always are last contractual Valley of the I. We can either resign with somebody else we can reside with Elektra will go somewhere else we do anything we want were absolutely free the album sells ads of a cliff because writers on the storm and a lay woman with great songs juices in the U.S. on to break below Great consulted a great executive and go ahead with the new East and the comparisons what a great idea of what your talking Hemingway Fitzgerald American in Paris Quebec and recharger batteries get away from danger Morris rocks are get back to Jim Morrison " forget about the rock'n'roll forget about GLOSS and the school and write and think he Aquino said the Miami trial lawyers Clarendon novel about the America as seen through the eye is of a criminal in Miami is what it was kind of deal and observation of America and the value is and mores of America his um of Fremont's said three months of please find three months 6 months of the matter go if elected of the year go ahead will take care of what Ellen Warren and L.S. planned and led the Eagles to a beggar in L.A. and four runs, Robert Alton songs and some of you to sketches of together rec are ready, and back unfortunately have seen numerous incidents Catholic x 1 did 27 rec 27 fascination the box was discovered of luncheons left ratings from Paris secondary stuff of a study about is of the connection or of block cachet of metal strongbox o'clock on with the label 1 2/7 decimation and the its children's ratings from Paris and the some of its absence of the brilliant and of others and of some of the messages and notes of what Dr. knowledge is all the stuff that the ads couldn't this box is in litigation as to who actually is the owner of this box is in a buttery care whether the hon. boxes, the stuff to get out. Something's gonna have to be worked out its too whole or $1 got to go and what hundred doses the is danger of Jim's with the potential opera that exists today talk about writing a grand stage piece of Left last lot of fear but Morrison Store is more often among story about Morrison Pella haunted him for Evora from a narrow and this of this December 1967, 1967 pandora's of life Ira L. was the number-one song of breaking 67 in July the doors and all finally making it happen in some Monday after the game and we actually received royalty check the Koo believable to lead time and just below Nichols and dimes and a couple of bucks here a couple bucks a royalty check comes as the media well as a bad girl living with for area of continue living with their it is split this end, I enjoy real favorable tax break for decide Dec. the foresters' of upswell yes off another abed idea that's as good a reason as any to eXtra perform the ceremony soldo we went and got our rubber bullets and test end of beaut after Truman but doesn't, and with the injustice of the peace and judge in downtown Los Angeles with the area on the judge's alleged brake as we had had a witness sell passenger to which like to come along and be the witness to our marriage that and live with us and been on and is No. as far as I have any staggering embassy absolutely we should have to wish to be due on May on a female witness to the wedding to Jim and Pam and re endorsee standing in a room with 50 this 75 East L.A. couples of all ethnic persuasion of Spanish Oriental black there were all there and here is the US does from this rock-and-roll and getting married with the people I bought a of a heady dreams of one to a dime store and got this closed carriage of readjusts in the green the coils made with the jewel on the top of its head and what is and how would your alpha the ring of the bride's Half a junior high school half of the soft the Times story of hundred dollar and 98¢ made with Angela and said in court #if his finger June fell on the floor and half but was gonna pass tough he starts laughing and is trying stifled telephony mortgage rises stifled the more it's coming up judge did data and an additional leasing of Canadian but the ring and a female does the bride characters he said that a year mainly if next and off we went and found that day on hemlock but Jim Julien unmarried there's nothing to a German classics was later June said reason and away the keys to our queue when that ceremony was so funny and the other hand will not leave me alone she said nothing getting married had jammed and real arbitrary he loved family rooted in Lagos recess ceremony sell: through Paris on trepan was after him Sang Jim does nothing to hide them in rendering the dinner was like five minutes and will run there.

Upstart Sumner " CYST

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Carl Johnston



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Phonet;c Alphabet

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S and S

S and S


radial mask

radial mask



~-� , GUARDIANS SHOULD READ .This toy contains tiny parts.Do not put in i mouth to avoid choking danger. .Do not play on stairs or in other places where falling is easy to happen. When playing outdoors, please make sure the surroundings are safe. .Never give this toy to children below the specified age to avoid choking or other accidents. .Do not misuse this toy,like bumping it or ' waving it around,to avoid accidents. Keep this toy away from fire to avoid dangers. For players aged 5 and up


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