ZE tho Twondery

01 - 12

01.  time

02.  time zone

03.  a.m./p .m. setting

04.  time format

05.  Month/Day/Year

06.  date format (i.e. U.S. versus New Zealand)

07.  set the time.     
To sync up all PCs on a NT network to the same date, put the net command into the autoexec.bat     
file of each system.      
net time \\ /set /yes     
If it is not possible to sync up the times one the network, beware of recurring trouble related to     
rights management. In this event, you may need to setup the various machines to use separate     
LCFs. This is described below.

08.  Uniform disk drive mapping for all disks that are used to store files for the products and     
installation . Try to NOT  
run the installation from the server , especially in peer-to-peer network.     
The server often does not see its own disks in the same manner that the workstations do.

09.  Identify which PC you are going to use for the installation . Do not use the server if possible.     
Avoid using the server to load the software because it may refer to its own drive as c: but the     
other system as I:

10.  If you must use the servers terminal to run the installation, you may need to subsequently edit the     
wkinst.ini in the workstat directory and change references to the     
c: to the reference the     
workstations use for that drive. This will need to be accomplished before you can run the     
workstation setup .

11.  In the event you foresee extended timing problems on the network, you may need to segregate     
LCFs for  16 bit from LCFs from 32 bit . In a 16  bit environment, you may need to have a separate     
set up LCFs for the 16 bit machines and a separate set of LCFs for the 32 bit machines. You will     
have to unlock LCFs and then copy them to the correct location BEFORE opening            
any infobase.     
In this case it may be wise to setup the customer with a bat file so that they can copy the LCF     
into the correct directories in the event someone screws up the system.

12.  If you need to use separate locations for the LCFs for  16 bit machines, the easiest way might be to     
install the 32 bit machines first, then edit the wkinst.ini file to reflect the location of the 16 bit lcf,     
and then run the setup on the 16 bit machines.  First set up the 32 bit workstations, then edit the     
wk_inst.ini.  Change all occurances of \rights\ to \rights16\ and then setup the 16 bit machines. In     
the 16 bit environment, you can check the registry settings by running “regedit –v”. You can also     
edit the 16 bit registry setting with this command.

13.  16 bit updates are performed by running setup and copying the infobases to the same location .     
Setup will not overwrite an existing LCF.