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001=Please wait while we verify that your system meets the minimum requirements...
002=Checking memory requirements...
003=WARNING   Your system has only 1 MB of RAM. This product requires 2 MB. Do you wish to continue?
004=WARNING   Your system has only 1 MB of RAM. This product requires 2 MB. Cancelling Setup.
005=Checking hardware...
006=WARNING   This product requires a 1 CPU or better.  Performance will be affected 
007=WARNING   This product requires a 1 CPU or better. Cancelling Setup.
008=WARNING   This product requires one of the following Operating Systems: 1 Your system is 2. This product may not run on this operating system Continue with setup ?
009=WARNING   This product requires one of the following Operating Systems: 1 Your system is 2. This product will not run  Cancelling Setup.
010=Checking system disk drive...
011=WARNING   The drive you have selected does not have enough free space. Please free up 1 (2 MB) or select another drive before continuing.
012=This product requires a screen resolution of 1.
013=WARNING   This product requires that your display be set to 2 3 colour.   Would you like to change your settings now?
014=This product only runs on :
015=Your system is a :
016=Licence Agreement
017=Please read the following licence agreement :
018=Do you accept these terms ?
019=Installation Options
020=Please select one of the installation options.
021=Standard Install Recommended for good performance Requires: 1 KB (2 MB)
022=Space Saver Best used when disk space is limited Requires: 1 KB (2 MB)
023=Custom Allows for selective installation of components
024=Maximum Install Copies all files for best performance Requires: 1 KB (2 MB)
025=Choose Destination Location
026=Setup will install this product in the following directory : To install in this directory, click Next. To install in a different directory, click Browse and select another directory. Click Cancel to exit the installation.
027=Please enter the path or select the default.
028=Install is unable to write to the location you have selected. Please select another location.
029=You have entered an invalid character(s). Valid characters are A to Z, 1 to 9, a colon after the drive letter, and back slash. Please enter a valid path name.
030=WARNING   Entered path name has an invalid format.  All path names require the following format: <DISK DRIVE LETTER>:\<PATH NAME>  For example: 1. Please try again.
031=WARNING   Entered folder name is too long.  Folder names are limited to: 1 characters. Please try again.
032=WARNING   ... Invalid drive selection. Disk Drive 1 appears to be a 2. This drive can not be used as an installation destination. Please select a fixed Hard Drive.
033=Floppy or Removable Drive
035=Confirm New Directory
036=Copying program files...
037=Copying file ...1
038=File transfer complete.
039=Folder Selection
040=Setup will add program icons to the Program Folder listed below. You may type a new folder name, or select one from the Existing Folders list. Click Next to continue.
041=Creating Directory ...1
042=This product requires installation of DirectX. Continue ?
043=WARNING   DirectX has not been installed.  This product may not function properly.
044=WARNING   Your system does not have enough disk space on drive: 1 to install system files required by this product. These files are required for the proper execution of this product and must be placed on your 1 drive. Please free up 2 bytes of space on this drive before continuing.  Exiting install.
045=Setup Complete
046=Congratulations   Installation has been completed successfully.
047=You must restart Windows before you can begin.
048=Yes, I want to restart my computer now.
049=No, I will restart my computer later.
050=Click Finish to complete the installation.
051=Yes, I want to view the Help File.
052=Yes, I want to launch the product now.
054=Please select the type of installation you desire.
056=This option will return you to the path selection.
057=This option will exit the installer and allow you to free up disk space.
058=Recommended for most computers
059=For advanced users who wish to customise all available setup options
060=Installation Type Options
061=Please insert CD #1
062=WARNING   1 application files are missing Setup is unable to accurately complete your install. Please call Customer Support Aborting install...
064=You have entered some invalid characters in your folder name. All characters must be alphanumerics ie: A to Z, 1 to 9 and/or spaces. Please enter another folder name.
066=Problem with CDROM: Source file does not exist on CD. 1  2   
067=File Copy failure. A file has failed to copy onto your hard drive.  Aborting install. 1 2 3   
069=Congratulations   You have completed your setup.
070=Review Help File
071=Help File
072=This product requires a screen resolution of 1. Please change your systems settings. Aborting Install.
073=This product requires a screen resolution of 1 Would you like to change your system now ?
074=WARNING   DirectX has failed to install. Out of disk space. Please free up space on your Windows drive and install again Aborting install.
075=WARNING   DirectX installation error. Performance may be hindered.
076=WARNING   Your CDROM drive does not appear to meet the requirements of this product. Performance may be affected. Cancelling Setup.
077=WARNING   Your CDROM does not appear to be fast enough. Performance may be affected. Would you like to continue ?
078=WARNING   You do not have enough disk space to install on drive 1 Please free up 2 bytes (3 MB) or select a different drive.
079=Please select the product language
080=A Program Group must be specified.
081=WARNING Invalid path selection.  Hard drive location must can not reside in the root directory or Window directory.
082=Would you like to install our 1 ?
083=Does your computer have a microphone attached to it?
084=This program was optimized to run in 1 colour graphics or better. Your system appears to be set to 2 colour. To maximize the graphic quality of your game, please change your display settings for better graphic quality. Would you like to change your display now?
085=Verifying hard drive space...
086=WARNING   This installer requires that your display be set to 256 colours or better. Your system is currently set to 16 colours. Please change your colour depth before continuing. Aborting install.
087=WARNING   Your system is missing some Windows multimedia library files. These files are required for a successfull DirectX install. Using your Windows 95/98 setup disk, please install all of the Multimedia accessories. Upgrade is strongly recommended.  Exit install?
088=Mail Server
089=Language Selection
090=Please select the language you would like installed.
091=Which country do you reside in?
092=WARNING   Upgrade can not be performed. Your system appear to be missing the orginal product files. Please reinstall full product before continuing. Exiting installer.
093=Internet Access
094=Would you like to allow Internet access from this product?
095=Yes, allow Internet access.
096=No, disable Internet access.
097=Who is your Internet Service Provider?
098=Email Information
099=Please enter your email address (username@server.com)         and Mail Server (POP server)
100=E Address
101=WARNING   Invalid shortcut name defined. A shortcut name contains an invalid character. Shortcut icon will not be visible. 
102=WARNING   Source file does not exist on CD.       File:  1 Source:  2 Aborting installation is strongly recommended. Abort?   
103=WARNING   A file has failed to copy onto your hard drive.       File:   1 Source:  2 Dest:  3 Aborting installation is strongly recommended. Abort?   
104=You must select a country to continue.
110=WARNING  This product requires a functioning sound card. Therefore you may have problems running this product on your system Exit install?

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 Sorry for poor quality graphic.

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