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Help! Help us ! Save us ! Let us out ! Open the door ! Open the cage t Please ! Set us free ! Over here ! Please help us ! We ' re getting! Look out ! Behinyou! Look o ut f or their cat i Look out f or the  ! We ' re over here ! Behinthe wall! Smash the wall! Use the cat ! Alas is lost . Poor were too weak Ah I Your consume You Our valiants not give up hope I couldo that all day Never gets tireGotta work on that Gotta try that again Guess we do it the harway Not go ing that way . Too close i 00 , catapults ! Yeah i Yes ! That was fun Let ' s do that again Fl in Y g  i HEY! You up there! Kill those  ! We're Pinnedown! You with the stick! I saw him! You stole my kill! That one' s mine ! You' re in my way i The system ' s having trouble i The system isn ' t doing well i  I get to i  1 You better help ! Looks like needs a hand! The   ' s getting weak? is dying  ! system 1 go help the Fightinger i 1 h elp 1  needs help i 'Judge's , get to !  is dying! I 'm comi ng! I got You' On my waY! In a second! Gotta do everything arounhere ! I hear You' I got my own You know! I 'M BUSY! Big swor  small brain! I thought You were a fightinger g ! Why am I always saving the big guy? i Some sorce ? running low? I was born f or this We shoultry this my way Ma be Y the quiet approach? Kill first , THEN tell them we ' re here ! MY knives aren ' t doing it . This needs a bigger blade This needs the big sworFightinger I get this one !  , kill this thing!  1 You kill it ! Strong guy f You do it ! This nees a system system , blast ' em! This needs muide Knock ' em back! Punch them back' Push him back' Push them of f i ! A little help! 1 Help! I c an ' t fight much longer ! i I neeYour hello i ! Help 1 ! We n eemuide! Knock ' em out , system ! f Protect us ! Use Your spells , I Block them' Protect YoursHatter I Go tcha! All mine . Down You go Gonna neethis. We '11 call this my share More golGooAlways neegolTreasure Good. This '11 come in handy . GolMY best color Feel that? I got Ya 1 Look out ! Bl ock him! This one ' s all mine i I neesome help! system , over here i 1 he lp! Fightinger , over here i  , help! Help me ! I 'm coming! Holon1 BY the Harp ers ! A ReCyxawyer! A ReWYrm! Vile beasts i Begone ! Back to Your caves ! Get bac k 1 To Your death, On my way i  needs our help i  1 assist  i  , get to !  is in trouble,  is f ailing i  is dying  i  needs h el P !  1 Assist 1  needs us t  I get to 1  is f ail ing!  is in Y g i  , cut the net i Cut us free from the net i We ' re comi ng! I 'm coming! I '11 help you i I 'm on my waY!  I let us help! Do You neehe lp , '  1 f all back to us i I '11 help you, ! This calls f or muide  I Your sword? This creature is strong!  , this needs Your strength i Z hai 1 this needs Your skills Drizz t I Your blades Knock them back, Kick them ba ck 1 Punch them back' Push them off! Knock them off! I can't fight much longer ! ! Help i  , I neeYour help i Help! I neehelp i Drizzt! Help me ? Wel 1 done !  1 we neeYour sword'  , take him down! We neeyour strengt h, Fightinger! Well done,  i ! Look out ! Use the shadows !  i Use the shadows ! Take them down, ! Drizz t , use the shadows i Drizzt, finish this one ! This will help We '11 neegolf or weapons More coins f or our journey. We '11 neethis later I ' ye got this one t Incandoth t For onde th ! Kalen via 1 Blaz on! Incendion! M000r-TA1 Invecta1 Kal ' nae i I neeassistance !  , I nee Your sword'  , help me i Rogue f Your knives i  , come help me i  ,  1 help me ! Filthy ! Away from the cages ! Back 1 You sicken me I I 'm comin g! Hang on! Stay low! Stay to the ground? Into the fire ! Burn, swine i I can ' t g et to You! The wall ' s in my way i Catapults i Hello i We neeYour help i Kill thos e  ! The  ! Kill the  ! Knock them of f the cliff i Over here ! Sor cerer i BehinYou i  , look out !  , on Your back! You coulsay thanks ! Beh inYou' Watch Your flank! Two on the left 1 I get to ! 1 help t he rogue ! The rogue needs our help! The rogue ' s in trouble ! 1 help  i The rogue is f ailing i  is dying! needs help i  1 help the system !  I defen!  I Protect i  I get to ! is f ai ling ! is dying  ! We ' re coming! I 'm coming! I 'm on my waY! I '11 help you! Let me help i Get over here 1 ! ! Stay close ! Come towarme 1  i In o ver her heaagain! Have to do everything Yours i  , let us help you! I'm here, 'Judge's! This calls f or a  I your skills are needed. This is mar e a' s job . Sneaking ' s not my style I can ' t reach them I can ' t reach the ?e I can ' t jump there . My knives aren ' t enough . 'Judge's , use your spells i This calls f or a system This calls f or muide Drizz t i Take over ! Drizz t1 Your sk ills are needePush him back1 Drive them back! Knock them of f i Knock them bac k! Kick them back! Knock him back! Push them off! I can't fight much longer! I neehelp! , I neeYour spells i I Protect me ! 'Judge's , cover me i So ?cerer I Your help !  i Help! , your blades ! Drizz t , I neehelp i Draw, Your scimitars i Use Your ma ic! , put them to sleep P! 'Judge's , we neeProt ection! Use Your spells, 'Judge's! 'Judge's, we neeYour spells! I Protect Y ours ! 'Judge's, use Your shield! Block their attack! Protect yours ! ! Use the shadows !  , use the shadows  , we neeYour blades ! Drizzt! Use Your crossbow! Dr owl Take them down! Look out Drizzt! Drizzt! Duck! Drizzt, use the shadows i Drizzt , finish this one ! Drizz t 1 we neeYour scimitars ! Drizz t , take that one i This will be useful More golGooWe '11 neemore funds More funds f or our quest  i I founYou something! Outstanding! Well done I Finish that one i Take them down! Attack 1 I ' ye got this one i BehinYou! Look out t I neehelp t 'Judge's , I neeYour help I 'Judge's , come help me t 'Judge's , a sPe 11 i  1 help me !  , over here i 1  1 help me i Faerun is mine i will - Powepls shrputric horseloub pao yomlissah

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