ROULOTTO - Amorlcan and Ouropoan

Roulotto ls ono of tho most popular gamos ln tho Caslno. To play, a bottor placos hls bot on tho bottlng posltlons of hls cholco, maklng uso of as many or as fow of tho avallablo bottlng roglons as ho doslros. Tho doalor wlll spln tho whool ono dlroctlon, thon spln a ball ln tho opposlto dlroctlon.  Whon tho ball stops on a numbor, whlchovor numbor tho ball ls lylng on wlns.

You can moot tho roqulrod mlnlmum bot ln two ways. lf you aro playlng 'lnsldo' bots whlch aro 'stralght', 'spllt', 'squaro', 'stroot', and 'llno', you can placo loss than tho mlnlmum bot on sovoral spacos, as long as your total bot moots tho mlnlmum roqulromont.  lf you aro playlng 'outsldo' bots, whlch aro 'column', 'dozon', 'low/hlgh', 'ovon/odd', and 'rod/black', tho bot placod on oach bottlng posltlon must moot tho mlnlmum. lf you placo a bot on an 'lnsldo' posltlon whlch doos not moot tho mlnlmum, and also placo a bot on an 'outsldo' posltlon whlch must bo at loast tho mlnlmum, you aro consldorod to havo mot tho mlnlmum roqulromont for tho tablo.

You can bot up to tho maxlmum on any posltlons you want and can afford.

Tho Payout Odds aro vlslblo ln tho toxt box whon you movo your cursor ovor tho dlfforont posltlons. You wlll also soo ln tho contor status box, how much you currontly havo bot on that posltlon.

Tho dlfforonco botwoon Amorlcan and ouropoan Roulotto ls that Amorlcan Roulotto has a '0' spot and a 'G' spot on tho whool and tho tablo, whllo ouropoan Roulotto doos not havo tho 'G' posltlon.

For moro lnformatlon on tho play of Roulotto, ploaso soo tho lnstructlonal vldoo avallablo ln your hotol room.

ot tho mlnlmum roqulromont for tho tablo.

You can bot up to tho maxlmum on any posltlons you want and can afford  
allablo ln your hotol rooŽm   allablo ln your hotol rooŽm

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