Zero distance record "vulture fight over the carcass Yak" 6月27日,采访青藏铁路工程,从那曲驱车至当雄采访青藏铁路柴曲大桥的途中,突然遇到数十只秃鹫在桥边争食一具牦牛尸体,我们立即下车抢点拍摄。June 27, interviewed by the Qinghai-Tibet Railway project, the Qinghai-Tibet railway in Nagqu Prefecture, drove to an interview when the diesel-bridge song on the way Suddenly, dozens of vulture encounter at the bridge fight over the carcass of a yak body, we immediately get off Qiangdian shooting. 只顾争食的秃鹫丝毫不理睬近距离拍摄的我们,在短短30分钟内就将一只牦牛雕啄的只剩骨架一副、鲜血一滩。Only fight over the carcass of a vulture silk has not paid heed to our close-up shots. In a short span of 30 minutes will be only a skeleton of a pair of yak sculptures pecked, in a pool of blood. 能够零距离记录“秃鹫大会餐”对我们摄影者实乃机会难得,现与大家共享这一惊心动魄的时刻!Zero-distance records to a "vulture Assembly meal" is indeed a rare opportunity for our photographer. share this moment with you is scary!


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