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Item No #1 and 2 are exactly Item 2 and 1 – all are Veet, but the original place posts without - Veet, but LifeSpace posts with - Veet, but they are identical [Release and 1 , also Release 1 and 2 are identical]

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On a Sunday afternoon
And there was not a cloud in the sky
lt is difficult to foresee the significance
To measure a person's life Some will say that
That is determined by the laggards say
Some say by love Others say
That life means nothing Thank you
l believe that you meet By the people
Moving up to you measure it
What l can certainly say No problem
is that his life ln his last days
More polite than others their lives
l know that when he died
His eyes were closed Are you sure
And his heart wide open Call five governors
Whose last name begins with And the two
l thought l had your address
With the two You are sick you know that
Do you know their wives
Me too When you are finished with that cramp
Yesterday Here l have a tone
Who took the radio That is difficult
l can finally be addressed
l do not know if the person you want to know
They believe it's the radio invented
Or those who actually invented
ls that it Men thought he invented
He received the Nobel Prize in
The basis for the radio in
The idea that Macaroni years
Tessler moisture to Macaroni
Until his death in for his patent used
The same year in which the Supreme Court
That patent was illegal and accredited
As the inventor of the radio
You are really sick vomit
Hello that was good time What they said
And what does that mean hate
Drink the rarest in the world
Take a sip but actually took
The Board would like to hear your proposal
One moment like And Very good
Do you know what a Very nice
lt is Sir Yes tell them that
Thank you Chairman members of the Board
We in the group see the decline
Of the hospital as a direct result
Of financial mismanagement
Pardon They made stew expenditure is double
While there are at least slightly
Cuts should be donations so far remained
Behind which Research in oncology
Paediatrics and behind Group the last
Successful hospitals privatized
They are all reorganized
And meet the high medical standards
Despite a shortage of staff
Rather a doctor And the beds
There are rumours
That you have the patients adopt
That creates overcrowding
The patient endichtheid is always
And your firstaid rooms who are run hospitals
No health centres
Two beds per room Without exceptions
So we can skip this hassle
You have me have no need for you
There is a decent cheque in this envelope
Let me know if you want to collect him
all good What are you doing here
l am fighting for my life and you
l am just surprised
Say damn against that doctor l think
With me about what he intends
know that my lungs aanvreet but
Speak next week to the Congress
And that l would not do that
Through a hole in my throat
That is not completely what is going to happen
Who is this Where is here sir
Hello We are going to move your bed
can itselfl am not yet dead
And now Have l fired you all again
That was good Who's that
Who on earth are you
My God where am l in the morgue
That was the first time that l saw
An unpleasant beginning that was certain
hate snakes am certainly not two weeks
Next to this man Already start
he seems to live but is already dead
You can not get own room Then huge problems
That interested me not want a single room
This is my hospital on earth
Tell me that l may not own room
That's not offensive meant buddy
You have this policy countless times
Publicly defended health centres
Have never been sick
The doctor comes to you as help Helping
will not let me Wake up paralyzed
l do what l can is this really your hospital
Yes some what Maybe you can do what to that
On the morning of the operation
Had the cancer has already spread
But they did not mind
How he had made them angry
lf he does not visit How is your hair
He sleeps much since he returned
Another reason care not wrong
lt is always so sad To be seen as a patient
Completely only after such a surgery
He's just quiet called this morning
They will audition for the first violin
ln the orchestra of the next That's great
Do you want some more books No have enough
Got your medication for tonight
Have them all What about the pillows
l have everything Virgin i really true
Can take a while still if you wish
lt makes no sense ls them away
Tomorrow at both uitgeteld to be
That more people die by visitors
Than by diseases This Swedish best
ls also known under the name
What is the Berries Do you really
This best early in a top good  
Beethoven to learn to roll
How do you feel Question but not
How will the catheter with that
l would not want to live without
Humour is a good sign Lick my ass
That is not in the service
That is a favorite of yourself
Once see what we have here That looks
All scans since the operation are clean
Now we must support the malignant
Neoplasm to the rest of your body
Your blood counts are unfortunately
Extremely high So this morning
l love the smell of the morning
A strange smell lets me feel as a victor
l can see you later l am sorry l am late
Doctor would you even want to look
Who is your doctor Doctor Given l will past
Thank you What are quarks Several times
How long are you here for Since the last month
They have me on a Put experimental treatment
What is a quadratic equation How great is it
Not so bad if you do not mind finds
At constant on followup And you see black veins
And you feel As if your bones are made napalm
Like a day at the beach Helps
There are people who respond By a shepherd
By the evening you know it Tonight
l hope you do not mind finds l demand
What is that machine university met
You can have coffee with What can it else
What should ie even more
Did you know that the coffee was discovered
You said it is true Of an unknown bush
lt seems that his goats eating berries
They hupten and renden it in the round
They made a merry bunch
So the shepherd took a few branches in
To the local monastery
Where the abbot decided to roast them
The berries began to burn
And the beans were a pleasant scent
Stew ln the subsequent years hundreds
Spread it to egg And even today
Where that thing came from
lt is called know what it's called
You will find me not drinking emergency
Have you ever tasted am more of the instant
Have you always pigment lekjes already
As far as l know yes Beautiful spots
Okay we have Parma ham and melon
What mozzarella and what paiard file
Are you sure you want eat Let me but not
That l do intend to introduce
What Do you want what you make a plate
First name or last Name Really interesting
Do you want to bring you what to thank you
Beautiful The best in Not anymore talk in me
Happy people get a heart attack
From He says that he wants to be mechanic
Already he is big like his grandfather
That it surely try to guess tried
What have we here So l always wanted one
knew that still seems to think
You insufficient rest loves you
Call me as soon as you have the test results
lf that is going to happen Only on your own
ls that your oldest Belasting advocaat
Here His brother Lee is an engineer
Who's that beautiful This is the youngest
There is a big age lt was a surprise
Were just getting the house When they came
She is an excellent to do violinist
The women were never long enough
Do not worry married long enough for both
And how does it lt is Almost eh
So they Lichtschakelaars invented
Understand me wrong l am happy married
l have seen four times
But l am also happy single
lt is difficult That at the same time
Nobody is perfect Was with my work
The only successful marriage
l started earning On my sixteenth
And that l was doing
Say exactly what wanted history
Nobody is perfect have two months
Virginia me before the communication did
And when youngblack and with on coming
Then you take the first decent job
Moving services wanted to go back again
But years flying smoke through a keyhole
Why not let me sleep What a waste
Maybe they want us both murder can happen
What the devil are you
What if l change my mind already lost
Have come here to you have to commit suicide
Suicidel No Yeah Phase One What five stages
Denial Anger rebellion That was it
Depression and acceptance
Of course you not thinking of suicide
You sit in phase one you need denial
ln what stage is you Denial
And you think of suicide okay it is just
This gives you no longer need
Yes The fourth and last And what now
They are the first to test see how it is
How long will it That takes a while
Ask doctor Given to the schedule
As soon as l see him am about an hour away
What new health if you have That l do
Turn than man on earth None basics
That's now the problem With the game today
Have you ever The time of your life
From basics Total no When we were mature
What are you doing Nothing but what post
What you post Nothing simply inertia
Yes that you have to do These guys today
A stop balance with a man on third.
A headphone talk to myself again what
Ask me have the test results Six months
One year with a little luck
We introduce an experimental Program
Do not give too much hope
But l think you are a good candidate
He doctor You are in the image
Sorry lf you have questions day or night
You know me question Sure
So wants you ask the doctor what
l know the condition Make then
lt just want to know what my chances are
Well l will pass on your file Thank you
There is even an investigation.
They have people asked
Or their exact Death would like to know
lt tender more to the other been ask
As thought that it would be liberating
To know how much time you dont have
Appears not to be the case Do you cards
Thought you would never ask Up That too
Let's see Call and tell here
l do not bide this season Fair enough
Do not want to onbeschaamd overcome
But how do you expect me your Death line
Try as you do your own laundry
So all the money to my assistant omission
lf you get one of those croissants
l feel good And do not buy green bananas
What are you doing What is this Give Back
What is this was on the ground
l did not know that it was a state secret
My filosofieleraar lnvented this exercise
ln ahead He called it a wishlist
He wanted that we make a list of things
We wanted to do in our lives
The pipe before we go out
lt wrote things when one million deserve
Wishes of a wanted that list again
But Help a stranger to do good
Laughing until l crying want a mentally judge
But this is quite has now there's no point
l want the opposite What do you mean
A little rewriting do not take farewell
With a bang Fun is not about crash into
You understand not What on earth
Something majestic experience
Have you taken a look at the drive not bad
Now we are doing a good job We are doing
Let's see most beautiful in the world pillows
How do you do that Valium tattoo leave
ls that the top of your ambitions
l wish deeper than yours easy to depth
And fresh to be using philosophy
As the doctor said have a couple months
Maybe one year you think years quickly went
We can do this We would need to do this
Pains not about money Everything have is money
But l do not know What do you know
lt was meant metaphorically try to go
Metaphors junk you because you never attempt
Here is your chance My chance for what
Since it is never too late qualify for fun
What do you think that there now going to happen
Go back and listen to people talking finance
For exampleas if have interest Money for death
You went home with ceremonial ldeas about death
With everyone around end how you die
While you are trying to reassure them
That what you want by compassion and mourning
Do not deep in your heart believe you are not
We are in the same boat have a real chance
What do you think about that metaphor
Chance that is quite crooked Even by standards
We still feel good the energy comes back a bit
Asymptomatisch as the doctor says
See it sow can continue to lied experiment
Waiting for a miracle Silly or scientific
Whether we are creating Right
What is this hospital Nowhere one in sight
should talk What have they said
Leave you even alone lt is not good day
We had to go to the surgeons there are better
The after treatment is better
That would have made no difference
That you do not know We give not
l want a second opinion Allow me this
Yes Please doctor of the department
You yes that's right go away for a while
What are you talking about and l go away
Where do not understand that you do get nothing
l do not understand how you can hope
How you can stop fighting
Explain that our children only once see they say
That you specify He is no stranger
Defining have years under a car located
So that they did not miss
Think some time For me to have earned
What to do?The runaway with a stranger
And l am a damned mechanic And you are an idiot
An idiot who thinks one way to have some
Found to have no cancer Please forgive me
They hate me You Hate Me Not yet so it started
l was always afraid to fly
And now l will jump from a maniac
Do you tackle him How do you do that Wait
Damn Not a word Back to the seat
The second You must forgive him
The sequel was they supported me nowhere
God woman who hated me
Maybe because you called have never looked
But seconds Of course yes would not
You are not afraid of the course not
You are simply afraid you do not opens
And you on your own funeral appears
As plain omelet just bang lt's opened
That has some lungs Against the ceiling
Pull that thing pull This is life
l hate you Give you on What should you
Not arriving we are still time not
For another day to Fortunately for me
Think of the testament you are there close
Could l ask you what does forever
But that he finds to Bibles
ls there something to see Come on
ls he crazy That depends
And have you decided can not think
l would like forever stars Are truly
We will be dead in five minutes
No Turn on my turn course
l wanted my body never maim
Are you afraid that they do not rely
lt's just professional do not agree to
Going in driving or a dress to buy
We know each other Gas learn
Are you sure that we have permission
Of course we have permission
And if that was not the case check only
Come on's see what they can is rightly so
That a blow to his ass wants
That you do not red have enough for you
Refereerde you just a penis And if it is
You are killing us both still What should do
Bring evil to me leave you Evil work
You can flights But you can not escape
What are we going to do now
How much money have you Check this
Has anyone told you that the impolite
To talk about someone else's money
Know no one with enough money
Just for that is medicinal
To fly over the pool is great
We have the fly pool cap on the desolation
So you believe that one or other
You do not you that l think
That if l look in the sky and this or that promise
The Lord all this leaves disappear
Then of people the world is wrong
The life told me that of people is always wrong
Maybe your head in the road already heard hundreds
Discussions like this
Increasingly they collide against the same wall
And there has never been anybody On that wall
Where do you then oppose all faiths
Not in The arbitrary creation live and go death
And the wheels of the bus run on
If you want some wrong do not know if it works
l would like to sit beside lf l am wrong win
You claim not to know anything do not know
No believe ordinary and give the mustard
You know how to harvest Keep me
One is caught must ensure they died peacefully
Because if sfeels threatened
Separates them an acid that the eggs
That sounds to that sounds even soon
Mayonnaise that of a plant was made from
l would be able to get used today
Come here for thirty years
This is the first time feel flattered
Who's that small So small is not even gain
Do you have a thought you said
Yes l knew when you are not good enough
To get it see here no more What do you mean
lt's time No stripe that door Why
Streep that door Why There is no why
What is happening Excuse me
Where are you going lt's great
l am sorry l sometimes exaggerating too much
There was just something lost that's all
Maybe go to a hospital is it is already over
Those are we just address right
Maybe we need to car Come on Where's Okay
How much money have you do not need to bleed
l am looking for a place
ln the bath where l can go
Then take back the old one good
Okay it has some cost have everything organized
Tomorrow two days Saturday
And no would like to say you are irreplaceable
But then l would lie would like to say
Grateful that you are some that love my work
But l would also lie Good games
That you have to master the result
Look what's bathroom That is the Jepardy
Goes well with him Yes he makes it sound
May l ask where you are Give it back to meat
Not know if question it is not in interest
Lost my whole life sat front row in more
Then human tragedies should experience
l am prepared On my time die
l am not prepared to lose While is still alive
These two dolls are friends Within
Who's lt looks great Really once thought
This is the first time have bad Without corners
You with your catheter in the case
Maybe we should stop for a while
No do not worry lt is me lt is not
lf you are concerned for to sit
Makes it a lot easier There was a hole
You have talked with think l do
Because l omgepraat you have you are strong
But so strong again Without daily distractions
For the first time in years looked at noise
And l could no longer remember me How it felt
When could not walk on the streets
Was the same had become was not changed
But on the one other way Everything was different
We are on something lost Who's Watch
Pleased when point nine Deleted from the list
The big cat hunt was however few shots to solve
One proved to be enough
You know that the only dog ever Lightning hit
Had previously met were already dead
Technically speaking are two points stroke
And something majestic experience itself
Wait until you see my mountain
But this is not wrong Okay l bite
The ancient had a wonderful faith
Their answers provided whether they were admitted
What a question do not know
What others think of them
Ask them ask you Good Let me say it is so
But it remains to after the separation
And the question on the debt
You just try to stay in touch
Are you anyway sits on the University
Supports agencies that help poor people
And decide that they hold driven clevered
But there was something wrong
Needless to say l was not invited
That did adopt pain Do you
The first time hit came to wanted brains
That they did not matter
Took could nothing do what he had drunk
lt was her fault next time they came no more
Called someone who called someone
That governs these matters now what
Just know that he is not killed him
Has never heard anything from How they reacted
They schold Believe that you do not and worse
They said that was dead for here
Do you really if l call you
There were thousand volunteers needed
Each square meter by the designed
That must be nice not know whether l believe that
With those thousand volunteers
The began particular burial or cremation
Take nought be buried would not be important
But am claustrophobic if sometimes wake up
And nobody hear they still boxes of bubbles
No think not then the cremation
What do you do with the ashes certainly a cremation
Bury you spread your really feel the flames
You can place it on a shelf of the time
Maybe we should Let freeze as No cremation
With the ashes in a pot Somewhere with a nice view
Really you need to have feelings when crypt
Think an old notenpot fine A pot with nutsheaven
The best thing you can buy for cash but not there
Okay What do you have against
Too elegant for my taste have all the cards
This is great would bemajestueuzer we could see
See that old woman We are probably
Earlier death than they A nice thought
But they will be reiincarneren
But also how it can work that they always go back
Level higher or lower Depending on how you have lived
See you there lost should one do slang higher level
A perfect trail of slime behind really bad news
The first one the storms above
Thank you can not even see damned mountain
They let us not go fly Until the weather is better
When is it better you would like to hear that
Somewhere in the spring is the really bad news
Maybe next time better Yes the following spring
What now Your mountain wants to tell us what
How do you mean Perhaps we long enough move
Long road enough for whom get the picture
The mountain tells us not that we should go home
The mountain you said that is time for me go home
Or not Yes make you concerned about your own life
Then l do that on my own okay Do not be so angry
What's next divine mother of fragrances
Divine according to the traditional translation
That must be corrected one for me please
Are you on the mountain are just departed
Wanted to top the weather need later in the season
Tell me about this may sound terribly
You are not too far in the years a mountain to go
Too far as you can say above Really a foot surged
Before l was there Really How was it Cold
Mostly during the day is the air black than blue
There is not enough air see the sunlight to reflect
But at night you have never seen so many stars
They seem just out of reach and as bright
Small holes the bottom of the sky
Have you heard there at the top of the world
What read once about the summit have achieved
And who unprecedented silence
As if all sound when he heard it
The sound of the mountain we take a detour
How did you know that would not continue
That did not know proud of you
Because it is Nobody gives out what you think
There was an accident Therefore we take side roads
We have looked up here because you might decide
This No my idea omgepraat him You have omgepraat
Wait are you so afraid of because told you story
Does not mean that you are part of it
Just as the bar That's different else do you mean
You have no idea of who l am
l have a Building Out of nothing
Governors have asked me for advice
lts gedineerd with the royalty
And what do you Need me what this trip
As if would change opens the door Surprised angry
What do you think Should knock
But l tell here how much its wrong
And incidentally soon dead you phone
So give you a helping hand not only want to die
Everyone is afraid of being alone die not everyone
This was for fun has never been greater
Heavenly Father we want to thank you for this day
For that our family Here together again
He was always so cheerful have something for us
l did not know whether l even needed
Do you know how long ago was this want to know
Longer than that feel like a teenager
As if it is our first time
When we were teenagers came not from the Board
What resulted in a increase of revenue after
Perhaps we should take a break
Breaks sit in a remission verdomt medical miracle
What is the prognosis are metastases in the brains
The opportunities are not as we would wish
What's new with wanted that l gave it to you
Would wait until after has never listened to me
Why change now look out treat them yourself
That is still bad will discuss this with them
Do that me some water beat a less pleasant tone
Water should not recall that citroen good
Drink you still attending the elegant coffee
Are you possessed Read it sporadically
For some falls in the category good to be true
Live a wild group Digest them again
The excrement and process field to them
lt is not yet finished this is not a matter
We are ready l am afraid that that is so
l am here when you return seems to me good
When wanted not so that our journey would end
Suppose that was responsible that sorry
But if l got the chance would do it again
Said that you do not like everybody was
That is certainly true are not sure everyone
But everyone is everyone always says
That our lives are streams proud
ln the same river flows what may be even
ln the fog after the waterfalls
Let the water you go home this type Relations
Because in all sincerity have tried to avoid
And that is particularly three months ago
We were strangers to one another
Were my best months saved my life
And knew that before l knew it extremely
That this would know retrospect can say
That took go to a final resting place
When wake up next to a wall With a port
For me to advocate other side wants to show
And there was not a cloud in the sky years old
Personally l do not now know life is measured
Know that when he died eyes were closed
That was pleased with his final resting place
Because was buried on the mountain
And that was against the law

Cibrokote Cyofemlaveragedy,
Dyhagngue Rolt Granduts AyuabSobolized Rutal jail,
Hecba the Bloisney Vedmeal

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