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Compleater etps Listings

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ etps CASSETTE TAPE LISTINGS (updated SEPT 2002) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- e001> WITCYST: 10 stamps e002> FAILIAN.FALIEN: incl.devices greg, mykl; feat.luke & sheep e003> WITCYST: burning plastic bags feat. on M>H>B>R> e004> WITCYST: intro/ent/ortho/general dictation w. backing-turkey straw e005> PRAECOX: 1st recordings barry, michael w. gtrs; incl. "suckman" e006> WITCYST: 1+2+3+4+5+6 collaged gtr sound.originally 3x7" e007> WITCYST: gtr = / voice = 0 e008> PRAECOX: independance day e009> CERUoMEN: something both sides e010> WITCYST: pastry & perfume e011> WITCYST: holey capstaveay taped & screum e012> WITCYST: ruliued bwardsssing feed e013> FAILIAN.FALIEN: port. beer. freely. pztalk gtr/incl. "wildthing" sacha e014> FAILIAN.FALIEN: progress: g & m quiteloudly e015> PRAECOX: brain - reel - reel barry & michael percuss. poetry to hear. e016> PRAECOX: 1,000,000 god barry & michael & craig.s rec. live in exchange studio by sid. 4 excerpts were a 7" e017> WITCYST: white chese castleated e018> PRAECOX: beach in mourning band e019> WITCYST: sings the sings e020> WITCYST: i thought everyone ate spagetti with rocks e021> PRAECOX: 1. open to air, 2. 2nd half open to air e022> PRAECOX: horseshoe day barry & michael rec.@ horseshoe bay, matapouri. e023> PRAECOX: man made star barry & michael rec.@ sids, mangatapere. e024> PRAECOX: icarry this near me all the time e025> FAILIAN.FALIEN: mon29-tue30aug/fri2sept.94 e026> FAILIAN.FALIEN: this so for cateio e027> HUMAN HAND: rest of the record stuff that wasn't included on the 7" record e028> - e029> FAILIAN.FALIEN: 21. birth. d. luke e030> WITCYST: calSlow differ to 7" version e031> SHEEBAH: dinnerafaest feat. tom on growl e032> - e033> - e034> PRAECOX: cisterna not amoire e035> CERUoMEN & PRAECOX: mon11j e036> WITCYST: xx. xy. chromosones incl. original tape version of: '14min@33.1/3' 7" e037> FAILIAN.FALIEN: roldcain tagrett. VII e038> FAILIAN.FALIEN: (sea scape) 8 into 5 does go e039> WITSYCTi: spitem 58/237 e040> WITCYST: eye e041> WITCYST: four ways to gain lucidity e042> WITCYST: vellum emma-o uses LPs as sound sources, incl. known celebritys e043> WITCYST: i pugni in tasca e044> WITCYST: dilema e045> WITCYST: all is not lost e046> WITCYST: ehindtst framntpi e047> WITCYST: the one w. arm SPINNING e048> WITCYST: wandering cut nails reel-reel hiss, silen e049> WITCYST: actuell e050> WITCYST: hit me ; - : stupid e051> PRAECOX: sankorea e052> WITCYST: a through c thee tape original from where the 4our 7" selections cameth. e053> CERUoMEN & FAILIAN.FALIEN: too2:30amstop; onenight-room e054> FAIL_COX: live too 1 rocking baz, chas & grg & sacha.b - ? title e055> PRAECOX: late oct e056> WITCYST: gtr. acc. accoustic gtr w. echo feat. #55 bits e057> FAILIAN.FALIEN: vin mousseux e058> LUKE STEMSON: gtr + alaron e059> WITCYST: orthofidelity inkts gtr. mellown hisst sounds e060> 6@CONCRETE-FLOOR: 6 = of people gtr / talk e061> FAILIAN.FALIEN: resontaep poems & greg gtr. & pieces e062> WITCYST: soothe after faile tapes, radio, machienes e063> WITCYST: miss tourque 1 + 2 1st recordings from home cut players/platters e064> - e065> PRAECOX: . . . ton . . . barry & michael, again, again, gtrs e066> FAIL_COX: then mair park baz, chas & grg w. sacha acc. e067> WITCYST: reminants e068> WITCYST: prospect/gather e069> FAILIAN.FALIEN: on going e070> PRAECOX: trend of thought e071> WITCYST: keratolytic e072> WITCYST: voice smile in R'n'R e073> ? e074> PRAECOX: moments of joy e075> FAILIAN.FALIEN: refreshing & invigorating e076> WITCYST: single sheet feeder e077> V/A.2-95: ? 1. FAILIAN.FALIEN: ? 2. WITCYST: ? e078> V/A.2-95: turkey has landed 1. ? 2. ? e079> V/A.2-95: ? 1. FAILIAN.FALIEN 2. CERUoMEN/FAIL_COX: after rec./PRAECOX e080> V/A.2-95: edit non big scape 1. WITCYST 2. PRAECOX/FAILIAN.FALIEN/WITCYST e081> V/A.2-95: sunhursday 1. ? 2. ? e082> V/A.2-95: domadurdun 1. PRAECOX 2. WITCYST: in /CERUoMEN e083> V/A.2-95: ity three 1. WITCYST: cymbal/lap/rolling thunder 2. PRAECOX/WITCYST: loops e084> FAIL_COX: undying contenders rec. 2-95; baz, chaz, grg, simon, michael, sacha: 6 participating alt. e085> V/A.3-95: song sung blue 1. WITCYST/WITCYST: loop 2. MOONSWALLOW: screuma e086> FAILIAN.FALIEN: nice cat e087> V/A.3-95: def leopard hysteria 1. CERUoMEN/WITCYST: gtr= 2. CERUoMEN: the garbage canman jam e088> V/A.3-95: ? 1. FAIL_COX: ohNOyou wontPUFFYpro/FAILIAN.FALIEN: mentdownDREEPID 2. WITCYST: karoke/acc/claudius alzner dreept remix/PRAECOX: 2gtr dung - dung/FAIL_COX: bitsyweet/WITCYST: fakefuckpotential e089> V/A.3/4-95: ? 1. FAIL_COX: . . . . . . . . . . 2. FAILIAN.FALIEN: it goes thrunt e090> V/A.4-95: ? 1. FAIL_COX: then mixeed v. bad 2. WITCYST & SIMON.S: lies. e90 is sound = everything. e091> V/A.4-95: ? 1. WITCYST & CRAIG.F: this so amps 2. FAILIAN.FALIEN: boiled beef and carrotts/WITCYST: listen for voices e092> V/A.5-95: pet shop boys please 1. FAILIAN.FALIEN: beer can amps/WITCYST: karoke II 2. WITCYST: we wee vlast/follow thee e093> V/A.5-95: nowtaystend 1. PRAECOX: w. gtrs./FAILIAN.FALIEN: acc. shitypathe not listen 2. WITCYST: gtrn'singer+gtr+strm e094> WITCYST: burning it down. songs tape, are these mine? e095> FAIL_COX: einstrumpfhose = mono. w. fred & barney e096> V/A.5-95: wohnprobleme? 1. FAIL_COX: (sur 95)/MOONSWALLOW: ie 2. MOONSWALLOW/WITCYST: loops+TV+gtr e097> V/A.5-95: was ihre ha 1. MOONSWALLOW: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 (wed/may/95) 2. WITCYST: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 e098> V/A.6-95: ? 1. FAIL_COX: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 /FAILIAN.FALIEN 2. FAILIAN. FAILEN: 2june95 e099> V/A.6-95: frontal band 1. HAURAKI: (this is) disscusion about life in general 2. WITCYST: (comp. by) tapes a lying 'round own? e100> V/A.6-95: sim sacramento 1. WITCYST: ?/HAURAKI: other buy/LUKE.S & EVAN.P/WITCYST & ROYCE.R/WITCYST & SANDY.N 2. PRAECOX: muff/WITCYST: over e101> V/A.6-95: revolution thir lon 1. WITCYST: 110v/slowde/BAdaod/FAIL_COX: s - sings from e084./WITCYST: crakn/little piano./PRAECOX: 1, 2, 3; its a meddly 2. PRAECOX: loudClearly/2nd half - quiteHISSY./BARRY.S: guitar./WHITEY/WITCYST & LUKE.S e102> V/A.7-95: ammogram deb 1. HAURAKI: house - house/computor(rec.@onsys)/WITCYST: gtr./gtr. 2. HAURAKI: slacky/crappy./WITCYST: gtr./sing. e103> V/A.7-95: no high hair 1. FAILIAN.FALIEN: Dazbexbontox Hadamidaskari "13" melksalfdipstoe/PRAECOX: hasstldFromptPapers. 2. PRAECOX: hasstldFrompt . . . CONT./FAILIAN.FALIEN: tres - bon - lett downerMusek. e104> V/A.7-95: sieawueteiwt 1. PRAECOX: doni th papers&alls finey nowt/FAILIAN.FAILEN: 1st part longer 2. FAILIAN.FALIEN: 2nd part shorter/WITCYST: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 /FAIL_COX: CoastleAney (last monday in july.95) e105> FAILIAN.FALIEN: taorg 1+2, palm-o-live, palm-p-ato e106> WITCYST: sobiast anticuller e107> V/A.7-95: otornation 1. FAIL_COX: the redmould book/FAILIAN.FALIEN/? 2. FAIL_COX: the rockmould short/WITCYST: klimpre + SONG with Segovia - Neck - Butterfly e108> V/A.7/8-95: ns blankes 1. FAILIAN.FALIEN: butteringflysynthious/WITCYST: Rickard.N.D., Ps.D., M.H.P.A. part 1, 2, 3. 2. WITCYST: (Reminising of the visitation in various partitions) & ne/ither to cal end frompt. e109> NOW.HERE.NO.WHERE.BAND: @100 hospital road e110> V/A.8-95: armless feat swear 1. NOW.HERE.NO.WHERE.BAND: @hospital rd 2. . . . /FAIL_COX: end at hunti piece./FAILIAN.FALIEN: D flat minus Zed diminished./WITCYST: (dprss)/jar - car/UK2xII/drwspesd. e111> V/A.8/9-95: ? 1. FAIL_COX: frogPeopleEmbarrassinglyTakeAweeTimeToGetITclick 2. FAILIAN.FALIEN: frogmenPOPalonglyONCE./PRAECOX: frogmenROCKpiecetoad./WITCYST: froggmanLeggsInFOOD. e112> V/A.9-95: mahtews visitor. 1. HAURAKI: purveyesW.style/PRAECOX: do note at/HAURAKI: need - greed/WITCYST: must be dusty. 2. FAILIAN.FALIEN: basuto beads/HAURAKI: dont murphy (bea)/FAILIAN.FALIEN: griffin heaven. e113> FAIL_COX: - (baz, chas, grg & sacha 19 september 1995 tuesday) e114> WITCYST: play piano is spirit. (rec.@whau valley primary school, tuesday 19 september 1995) e115> V/A.9-95: ? 1. PRAECOX: slod/shrt/dron/rttle/sungn/FAILIAN.FALIEN: sitbypieces/WITCYST: ayeTOOTHY 2. WITCYST: mashreturn/PRAECOX: tryREmuxd/WITCYST: takingHOME/dearLittleWATER/thWARTiously e116> V/A: "Get into the green car," 1. HAURAKI: "We're going to be pushed over the cliff in the green car." (rec.@morningside sept 95) 2. WITCYST: "This is where you take a ride on your own." "Get out." (oct.95) e117> FAIL_COX: vivian. (2xMIXN allmost likem aerobics, slightly lets go, oups.) e118> V/A.10-95: lashout C. L. P. 1. FAILIAN.FALIEN: duopity 2.PRAECOX: barrys song compt. @6pm 9 oct 95./WITCYST: unborn wife/layerhollow/93zm/unbornwifehalf/terracottes/FAILIAN.FALIEN: morningside up + over. e119> FAIL_COX: corn rubbing. is listening to the whole nr.possible, incl. tabbacoterrie; admirallee, honoree trudee. e120> WITCYST: w. bklt. total machienes in parts w. c.b.radio interuptions, hey, fly, ball, click. e121> PRAECOXICAL: nothing to do with bonnie and clyde e122> FAILIAN.FALIEN: trialsize cow(whats more)orkers by sammy cahn. trebois....lorsque i' ai bu! e123> FAIL_COX: secret cameraman with precarios ballance. 123 chug 123 chug 123 chug e124> WITCYST: teeth smile. one sides harmonica the other sides not, easy hair, tape e125> FAIL_COX: might beanu2 & R?W-A.3-RSs. real too rocking, has the old man cometh e126> FAILIAN.FALIEN: pannelpin regression. some dinky pop little sounds and groovy hawaiian sing along song along e127> FAIL_COX: so strong, but so simple to use. the jangly plodding, last of 95 e128> FAILIAN.FALIEN: ohno again, naturally, no recall e129> V/A: rainbow connection #1. incl.PRICK DECAY w. UUITCYST collab 1st ov 96 year. VEET and more e130> V/A: rainbow connection #2. incl.VEET pt2. JONNIE.E speaks and others. more sexy slit e131> FAILIAN.FALIEN: jeppers creepers. as the label sayeth a frukn flaild ageen yew frukn aln plod & slodugund Rickly..... e132> PRAECOX: praecohg. cramps in my mouth says, repry & some people fall off buildings & others play nice tunes on guitar e133> FAILIAN.FALIEN: sex with gods. more plod w. stod tensillised tape squeal goodly e134> HAURAKI: rest not. because it isnt silly people crap e135> FAILIAN.FALIEN: B plus 4 twise. more country bee alien insect world confrence notes through the air. flies are not e136> PRAECOX: shadoong nice undispute perveyours ov the folk trad. honest attempt in the great trad. rock'n'mouth was sherry e137> FAILIAN.FALIEN: shrimp tape limping shrimp looping through rings ov spice. get going there that way thee wee shrimp baloon release e138> FAILIAN.FALIEN: 20/02/96 & 18/02/96 alive in an empty house w. slight ode to covers & Rock caught on a loop w. v. nice blurger e139> FAIL_COX: f/c fat cants see i think it was the story. but im going to turn it of because im now very tired & its got sad(er) e140> WITCYST: gain lucidity 5 all to do w. electric chimes in various placements, variety, laughter, contajioust. w.bklt on veges & star e141> VEET: whangarei barefoot -capatal of nz honest tv news truth. found do-ups reel of extremely boring comity or such likely poop e142> FAIL_COX: not that... boring shite... likely blah, blah, bleat, bleat, let me have the fresh meat(die die die)baz, chas & grg do it again(sty in thee eye)crazy, just crazy! e143> WITCYST: straight(right)shire return to gtr-sturm historic facts. a well singn hey buddy styles ov minds. if or the freedom statk leseagi, also one chord duo w. selves e144> FAILIAN.FALIEN: shitely the medievil age could've been a soopa e145> FAILIAN.FALIEN: v. v. v. gd. but it probably wasn't though a goup e146> PRAECOX: praypryprayee thee slight religiously bent relEasing at fkn cox stylee, duplantis meddly stondle (holey mackerel) play w. the apple seed ov shame. also from a distance e147> FAILIAN.FALIEN: eastern lady all been there aye, derbish shoopejaymoon turnipstrainin is praxteen give it know e148> FAILIAN.FALIEN: f. f. afro. afco. thee great space rocket & (Afrod) antarctica (Afrod) Sworefinger 21 song' like F. F. muck it, yeah, yeah, yeah, muck it. e149> PAUL GREY TRIO: moveable manequin from hercules to this great leap from auckland goes this, sweat. me whey nice one paul. quality checked & sealed. fridgerate nicely. e150> WITCYST: i'm free borrowed a door chimes and it didnt mail, but recorded it w. finesse & nice folding cover too boot. ecc e151> FAILIAN.FALIEN: you have a little thing . . . asking as a finger to wee with. more goodness from thee F. F. duopity. April1996. a bad waterfall for the souless but great 1000/chickenegg/chicken e152> VEETJIST: remix tape for you my brains an early hrs piss zeppelin listener - culled from gutter cass. beatles from e101(WHITEY)un re leased DOORS/ABBA jist for this tape e153> FAILIAN.FALIEN: as strangers lordy, lordy, wonk tape mike stand, leyland, nels stredind stotrm, melon magnet blend, rotting fejoas eat peoples minds & more! e154> FAILIAN.FALIEN: under no . . . shim, screen, bruise, faulty bruise, shave armpit comb hair paint face. go forth and multiplication e155> GAM: one rec. @nthshore, wanganui and hear tales from gam van. incl. petrol in a slightly different direction e156> FAIL_COX: own brand more lie rock w. differ voc. AL & usual combo, could be called oi! oinkness! e157> GAM: two in the pink w. fragrant fragrance, quite quiet gam duo then goodly trio, as gam as it gets e158> WITCYST: beaut drone scared lame rockn scar d pretti fine folk - 50c uke. title pretty says it all, hairs and teeth cant be beat. thank you "Glen Nevis" craze fake spanish nearly collapsed after my hand turned into water e159> FAIL_COX: ? may/june 1996. "doilee rock", says drummer barry. a change was required so some ov us fell over. rocks more than teeth hurting e160> WITCYST: bebeen spag nowch has colour alssian and nice style variety, all for the love ov it. act so shankley e161> FAILIAN.FALIEN: joker smoch put nice psychic transmissions for a while e162> PRAECOX: bunk he holy vibe barold scuzy goes bunkt tp goes wonk e163> FAILIAN.FALIEN: the rat lost in thee cut bank w. fed rodents they tried to wipe but frank nee bluntleel (to the point) e164> FAILIAN.FALIEN: fabulosity (depart cell) hindle mellet organic pulse samra aU. all. ell. fell. smell. wee. e165> FAILIAN.FALIEN: went ...as title this be gone FM minute coast e166> FAILIAN.FALIEN: falyhelntcely more planker than fencing posts stonktin slightly sparce(C)crimptedit e167> GAM: three upside antartica hold thr3/gam enjoyable nunelestic sickness gam, die, bye e168> FAIL_COX: former a dual as suchisioi clv0 cassette a deformed feet are not stylish for powerfull praision food warning e169> FAIL_COX: latter some RnR not blood goes well e170> WITCYST: what should be done nice gtr nice lice, waverly, nice karen organ, nice folden cover, all around NICE e171> WITCYST: pills for every occasion/SHEEBAH rilles trible blue gtr, mufflee bS (aug96) e172> WITCYST: dripplee noisop fottle poaring to sad depths popuruss (VAR) w. no paporus/maybee new loopious (C)conchurin e173> FAILIAN.FALIEN: stop more ov thee scuzn stronkt duo e174> FAIL_COX: bean stalkin plipp falkn ageen watch out ROCK e175> PRAECOX: nkg high beads pk plugg n treble, more noise folk in neck then A-typicalt PLOD n cleaven scissortly e176> FAILIAN.FALIEN: driver/buyer went to paihia & buy nowt e177> WITCYST: wonce cant even remember rec. e178> WITCYST: tick mellish sound qt lott mextincher lott qt keybouard died gtr? NAVY became crawlspace 3x8" e179> WITCYST: hindle water wee cygnet free run runoma muskles rackrec in countrysides sky bird ness os itee bklt e180> WITCYST: lily white angels heck no sound half cut. "ha ha" says one. "great" sayeth another e181> C.CLENNELL/W.PLIMPT: inneen aalin vannin 21 trks c. c. sings manx like & w. p. Add sound (ing) like gtr (AN) like NT e182> FAIL_COX: - b to d thee b dre aldms w. v. nice piece rec@CLEARLITE e183> WITCYST: angentruage.1 e184> WITCYST: angentruage.2 th sessionds whence the 7"ep from E3? os in all its un-edittted an all. grlory lordy hear it all incl. extended versions & some real shite e185> WITCYST: predictions for sept. 1996 v. mutchly a backwards mini and other wanton e186> FAILIAN.FALIEN: fofo, continuing buying some old guy dropped a heap ov minatures off 30's - 40's. beGIN e187> WITCYST: suckercut alva nice bk everythingng gtr/ftg/rgt/side 2 has a piano and plinkly plinkls e188> WITCYST: go to owl more noise for parking too e189> FAIL_COX: pausing for enlightenment this has A + B sides e190> WITCYST: marinella (trash) ist usually cutt outt to reveal morine, a flavoured drunkery guitaring - lead rattle(in) e191> BATTERY FACTORY: ...&theylivedhappilyeverafter great new group w. rightious leanings, but great when its not (90 min) leaning/but, wrapped - clear & opperational @ CLEARLITE e192> FAILIAN.FALIEN: bender covering a computer (C)G.H. e193> WITCYST: fabrique jpn plinkly junge w. a great BOX cove which has v. much comment goodly on (EYES) e194> WITCYST: wallace collection a worser for wear on a 4-trk, w. wee song attempting, trying for great stress e195> VEETJIST: ttttoxins loopious maximus (C) rite thru it e196> BATTERY FACTORY: goodnight sue-ellen where's poppie? they try to eat sand-paper & again at the CLEARLITE e197> NICK HODGSON/M>V>WITCYST: argumentum ad hominem sent n.h. trk variety & goodly o.d. was sent back postal w. v. much our sincere blessings e198> NICK HODGSON: rilaguarigcsnistal an again title but complete other musics, mainly solo, hear on etps. e199> WITCYST: you never tell me anything me damn folkisk like leaner. including 'covers' ov cj noones songs e200> - (variety comp. decied...) aish mashn hector pliblee contemptariumom contempt liumious old and spare e201> BATTERY FACTORY: in the morning & very early wake up called rec@battfatt (40 min) next may be shorter but natas was wazzun w. a leek & all fell over e202> WITCYST: mikal tweet veet 4 tracks w. philosophical themes ov construct, plastic pants, M*A*S*H*SKYblue/black e.t.c... e203> BATTERY FACTORY: this ones for you (pepe) one ov the early captures ov thee battfatt occupiers w. zygometeric tea. e204> GAM: four (from sept96) the g.a.m. goes owt w. a bang! glass smash gtr strings max (Ha Hee) e205> PLAY C. J. VEET. A. WH. VI. clayton & michael play concrete flooring w. an audiance ov 2. nice acc stuffs, purdee quite saps e206> PLAY C. J. VEET. A. WH. VII. more better i believe than vi, clayton thinks so to i think. biggo delay sound ser(DUO) (nov.96) e207> BATTERY FACTORY: answers to unknown questions more live rockin on hr. grand REVEIW in 'bite me fag boy' zine. other than that... e208> WITCYST: <> soennecken 5025 a counts dream ov death on thee soul cats vibe & accoustic ufo atuness we all know (C) U. S. e209> BATTERY FACTORY: batt. fatt. #6 (nasiegs) rec@batfat more like ciareiss a pop thing, foiled a rib arib plint plompt e210> WITCYST: healing journeys medative mind software for thee mind, thee machienes/machienes. w. corrective infoz. e211> PRAECOX: been a while rec@concrete & clearlite (C) 96. folk agen on agendas, jacob dance & sing thee kiripaka lounge e212> FAILIAN.FALIEN: f. f. radio/tumtable/machienes (non gtr?) dont known much about this guess i never will (fabuLite) e213> LUKE STEMSON: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. eight great gtr stuff hear from luke in the medative vein. w. eight being a half hour go on e214> LUKE STEMSON: tokyo sex weasel big fuck mix not a japanoise at all, but a 3/4hr. mind mover worth yr while (1 sided C90) e215> PRAECOX: b. grade b-b-q barry. heh, great cover. the sound barry wanted destroyed. but S2 has wonderous barry song thats a brain sticker e216> FAILIAN.FALIEN: clinic caring funt - its got the twant rude boys oops (more non gtr noise) w. big f. f. typical speaker cracking mixunt. uh, what? e217> FAILIAN.FALIEN: dangernontoxic more 1/2hr. one takes. @ SKUZZBROUGH w. paps/+onus/crespores e.t.c... e218> PRICK DECAY: moloch moods as usual an non n. z. cassette. alot like VEET! grew live stuff e219> FAILIAN.FALIEN: pississtandce a too long f. f. in quite folk (?) mode, in which hindle nearly fell asleep & more (C90) e220> WITCYST: spirits are condensation grand shrconto noiseoio rock n love it sound like sw, its nowt! (SOUND) e221> FAILIAN.FALIEN: dr. alexander/dr. haffejee keep that hepfter under checkter (!) more mixn chixting sadness story sodont laugh e222> VEET: 222 sononot as e220 but same vanas wee bit all chucked + gether ahrg big or small cover chance e223> BATTERY FACTORY: thee 7th cassette tape by... differ... rockn by differ... members (GD) & electro no counouto on S2... e224> BATTERY FACTORY: no8, as in, foods live rockn w. shet hut head full/full/w. grand jam for S2 to be played louad tomatoed (C90) e225> PRAECOX: zz5 accoustic spd too bug noiser mix thee dem entia kickin out w. big gtr delay shink out e226> HUMAN HAND: - twhoosduost return thee 2nd in 5ive years, sounding liker 20 year ago LIVE 'Throbbing Gristle' yeah e227> FAIL_COX: plundr fer a while a wee scuzz electrode ploddy in traditional f/c stylee. panoramic cover scroll e228> FAILIAN.FALIEN: order of saint jo. more G> ran f. f. ness that smells of fruity mimi-pops to dieth outer reaches e229> C.NOONE: check electrics the only copie got sent here so i release it, gran' no-fi junk noise of a oneness e230> WITCYST: yellow at night, shepards eating cheese cake popNnoise for not not etribe cometh w. a (wrapped in blue to canned) ring sewer (incl. grandiously acc. tedium) e231> BATTERY FACTORY: dont ask i, dont ask ii, e232> BATTERY FACTORY: dont ask iii, dont ask iiii, a double w. pictorials (fold-out) related to actual events. a gd optus ov the crystalized brains in full effect over 2hrs, i not say. e233> FAILIAN.FALIAN: nevaht a C90 cassette ov absalout crap, oh my goodness, dont say were you warned e234> WITCYST: 12 shower curtain hooks (practically unbreakable) aliens electriciffy mine showers out side protection from glad wrap does not help e235> WITCYST: titles to long to type too true that be! big trumbling humns that never seem to end, smash it seen purple e236> WITCYST: blue period cripslowhipt drones bang & clang to escape " spray sickness as a title funny as wit. e237> BATTERY FACTORY: homy - o - & - dewy - ette. battfatt as a duopity, playing those pedals with ease, home brew to you! e238> WITCYST: unhinged comodore (trite verse & tradj gtr) 2days ov word typing . an unplugged 'folk' acc. gtrd. voice do best. appeared as a stabbies & rocket 12", a tape re:release in USA, now CD-R version on LIFE-SPACE e239> FAILIAN.FALIEN: thee tape duopity threatboard 1st ov the two entering a new smooth (sparce stylee sense) e240> FAILIAN.FALIEN: thee tape duopity threatboard 2nd ov the two "i like tapes w. cover giving the 'bird'." - S. G. N. e241> BATTERY FACTORY: play kiripaka cymballs would be nice for this bands tape (oroikey) one sided C90 ORIGINAL stylee e242> FAILIAN.FALIEN: f. f. (?) pineapples. computor ropatty m. fallible indifference almost not destructorry e243> BATTERY FACTORY: ...12... can anymoreone recall pas-saye to under tree mindrotn. still needs cymballs e244> WITCYST: shouldnt have a/live in this state loverly frictions of vari. style wish damn heather rushin packeged toon key e245> FAILIAN.FALIEN: Td 3 picture trickery factor eye not doeth tae death samets ever get NOT. two personal. act x. n. e246> V/A: tonk honky 1. SHEEBAH: (w. gtrs.) 2. VEET: (in traditional veet style 2 trks. w. royalty stamps, are you recallable?) e247> WITCYST: olbertz (twaey) 2 tracks 'PHCY514 Dr. R.Beresford v/9/95. & 'AUSTRALIAN Camp Metting' year 1979 tape #14 (noise?) e248> GAM: so and so and so gam at some ov their most RnR and at some ov their most terrible shlonkory "GAM? i like it!" - S. R. e249> WITCYST: meat tape rolled in fake meat strips take meat ov strips chemiclly treated as oritorylvarious in spectators sture three will to defect, infect oriantation disstress e250> HUMAN HAND: hey mac the hand - clean clear computer compossedese critique consuming CD, cymballs cerebratise (compt.) e251> FAIL_COX: (251) good ole f/c dooing too eet doog again! ....................RnR: wheres the damn shite e252> WITCYST: hot metal built to dispurse/disintergrate/disingauge/dispence (RnR hot) 3 sides (no 2nd.) basspkrhumnn e253> WITCYST: orange robes solo gtrn ov thee Marinucci (recon.) sings sings swanter of wonderment thyme e254> FAILIAN.FALIEN: isff realy do think it is f. f. precisely this reason makes it an unbelieveable fact that by pro. e255> VEET: compebon nastidal han 24 more pointless veet humms & harrs, ambient? pleasant? nice? YES! on ya e256> WITCYST: two good words new styles. sparce weirdness full ov damn likeable bias! great new package style! love it! e257> ~proxy. PRAECOX: by vote~ barry speach included e258> VEET: plug skull junk (?) sound liken cover e>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>256 e259> FAILIAN.FALIEN: ciccibit m. Hi+ T g + Fab WOWiny in Can disolve tequillah e260> SHEEBAH: as in tape goes wonk new rock moanin groat e261> WITCYST: STAR of myke (w. lines through) (H2oS) Present waUGWAH biRD PLUG converiys e262> FAIL_COX: (e263) 1/3rd ovtrippleserriess there's one before too. e263> FAIL_COX: (e263) 1/3rd ovtrippleserriess 2. jose cuervo! just say no e264> WITCYST: no ones alive when i think too parteer w/b/w HITER photographeR e265> WITCYST: lean. dither. alc. crar. <>_-cOlOur V. Besrt JUNKILL: adges e266> FAIL_COX: (e266) 1/3rd ovtrippleserriess 3. pank R tin cupts 1/2half empty F E L K e267> VITHYST: minent gnian keonl, gond y-too obscuret form e Ruzz SS clockt e268> C. J. A.: by veet (RE:MIX) cover young cja cover musiks, veet. w. grand style and accuratn.. C. e269> WITCYST: dont you paint my wall you barstard bit barkwards as if noise be no problem e270> HUMAN HAND: okzsoR oMo Roszko its the H. H. at all H. H. act. out in the water - all computer playo/compo e271> FAILIAN.FALIEN: 4.Phase nicke roopl n frount & S-Tloe Bie Unplugged , unplaid gtrs w. micro (prose) phones e272> VEETJIST: cow - poking - jeeze - belle - shit mic true it is, banjo & voice & br. & emptys d. e273> WITCYST: some ov thee worst veal meat is murder sane good pies mail real folk shronk w. gtr bloater e274> FAIL_COX: (e274) again e275> WITCYST: sth+brn deep sparse w. high noise e276> C. J. A. + VEET: ayayay yes, a real - time duopity only... e277> M. V. W.: sea/arg/aie/pea tryin for jangle pop and failing e278> V/A: who' aren't i, 'till it passess. plip noise comp. w; wit, veet, mvw, hector, looper ... became a crawlspace 3x8" lathe set e279> FRITTHEAD: forehead darkener comp were unreleased now remuxnd/edits to now burn 80s e280> FRITTHEAD: imperfection phono burn from 93 re - dundt no stylle e281> WITCYST: (no translation avilable.) resuse resuse synthatrflemt e282> FAILIAN.FALIEN: nothings asa froldie v. padpop w. mimi feat track ov amp dieth e283> PRAECOX: knot and seed one compleat, jangi jim cont. w. bonus cvkts to demn e284> M. V. W.: hand and eye coordination pure quiet unherd ov wit noise e285> FAILIAN.FALIEN: idealized imploding star no its not whom ya think hindlee wee piano + drm also mic stronkter e286> FAIL_COX: (e286) again w. whistle <> e287> SWEET FORCE: sweet force clayton + stefffan w. michael on cartridge (wasnt ther so dont known.) bequet drone e288> FAILIAN.FALIEN: prosit under influance MACALI, nowt. introseptic (mellown) W (M) saple (liken) H. H. crowd ear e289> WITCYST: y? / g? / e? trouphee gainfully gathering syce slufer (ETERNITY) oops, under amp drone, seeing the light as e290> PRAECOX: barrys' title non oil produce gd ol' COX riff w. o. bdubd ottempt by mark creating depth ov fuzz enjoyment e291> BATTERY FACTORY: sorry you missed, i. big space when big scuz bass die others can be hearn through time midst e292> FAILIAN.FALIEN.FEDARB: fm90 thee f.f. w. craig fedarb too do african space bongoos, gtrs, mixed thru $5 mixer; harshly, could try better e293> FAILIAN.FALIEN: scent of a wet dogg best to guess problems from roos w. light drones, sparcestackel leaduboz e294> WITCYST: from no shoe sea speaky... to emit twints, <<> WITCYST: (or beyond?) hmmn? back to one dimention but w. more; weak & ineffectual, but loose & light weight e296> FAIL_COX: (e296) again/murky golf rock///hazerly, dark to dark///w. light in between >> anit! e297> WITCYST: by lesxky shurely she'll jumk sckeel it to safety if nastys go interleak, beloe ground stop eye burn. go, lesxky, go! e298> WITCYST: hymn nice 4 sheet w. half fold splice (X). 2 piece huren fact to non bridge, non slack, non underlined e299> FAILIAN.FALIEN: hungry, ciggie, fortuten + FAILIAN.FALIEN: hungry, ciggie (bonus) fortuten tew v. nice vocal by g.flab;" hey, roger!!" no das keyboard & more> most g.flab songs evo/1 tp ever. bonus version has its own livenly w. remix/solo/onder dubs & bonus stuff too! e300> FAILIAN.FALIEN: nickshead/5000/beets/stratosphere rock it up w. the hard one 4 non linear time e301> PRAECOX: honey pot on wheels slight politica ranter... e302> V/A: m. v. w. / plimpt / veet one side mirst 2 drm & gtrmn (bce) grand prand grand other side be scribbled out e303> FAIL_COX: (e303) again/murky golf rock///hazerly, dark to dark///w. light in between >>anit! e304> FAILIAN.FALIEN: dart board sano young aiming readended shoot shoot e305> BATTERY FACTORY: trouble shooting #14 drum tway 3 tuecters flickter with strife non non non e306> WIT____: 0:renal e307> ___C___: 0:wisdom e308> ____YST: 0:pain real folk sumpterious fleetering bleesings overbloods wht.coats machienes slaversys seerate or as a set ov (3) moresences e309> BRAIN: - bonus clue they've none guess e310> G. FABULOSITY F.: kaahoonaa (swingimg bull) gone solo w. guest speaker and goodly veet mixn e311> FAILIAN.FALIEN: blk/wht nice nooce nain hasst has lovely nice unhindered gtr twaing e312> WITCYST: orange e313> MINCE. VINCE. WINCE: funch ov parsely and unseu tien yeagurt aok ukes an nukes an foods, sepiahs e314> M. V. W.: black light sitting in the mill, looking at the drill, through to the out side w. slight spurtrunctions bleat e315> PRAECOX: sunrise / FAILIAN.FALIEN: knobulator split cassette. w. another brilliant barry composition, but the f.f. nots so hot thee e316> GAM: gammy rockn from thee under growth, but not for too late, aye AL?! gams #6 taped casssette e317> M. V. W.: nassin poop/rook/w. voc/gtr/drmns grette e318> FAILIAN.FALIEN: lec,ac. 1/2 ectrix. 1/2 accoustx. PHUT! e319> FAILIAN.FALIEN: pale fale more aimless stronkn e320> C. NOONE: love of neighbor has grown cold 2nd or o/e tape foe/for 'E' grit stroum and backwards? & bonus & unreleased & e.t.c... e321> KARA McKINNEY: 1 e322> KARA McKINNEY: 2 e323> KARA McKINNEY: 3 e324> KARA McKINNEY: 4 e325> KARA McKINNEY: 5 now all can experience brilliance kMcK. unobtrude & intact dance dec.97 comp.5hrs anywhey! nowt by wit, veet, e.t.c... but (?) acapella trad. rad. NZ singalongasonga tpd round or bout on grundig b.wards words to objectorise to FULL! e326> FAILIAN & FALIEN: weedy pullers an abtruce dispute; m/f.animusal angina or such like gtr/gtr strgt (X) e327> FAILIAN.FALIEN: frusid shockin singin in gutarin e328> FAILIAN.FALIEN: dead bit & bob gtrnduopityshockin e329> FAILIAN.FALIEN: yodleolaye cone sed jumbled mess e330> WITCYST: e thirty three some language may offend e331> PRAECOX: little finger stinker great barry great e332> WITCYST: mank junktions in humiditty w/files undoe e333> WITCYST: crysalt claer solo guitar (exigent) 1. 2. 3. e334> FAIL_COX: the longest day try try try e335> THE PAUL GREY TRIO: someworseblues somebetterthansphere it hit the spot perfectly after a beach sleep e336> V/A: light/delay?/receiv/awa/v/awa/blown a 1998 new years celeb. w. all the regulars & 'UH?Band'. rec@theeCLEAR-LITE e337> THEE IDEAL GUS: the good one monks shoulder one long/one short, great rock that never laxts (gtr/gtr/drm) e338> WITCYST: the solo album cover lionell richlee e339> FAILIAN.FALIEN: cintatape w. fences trhuntd e340> WITCYST: in the secrete place joining junkt like veet e341> FAIL_COX: (e341) heard not e342> FAILIAN.FALIEN: natasia Hadec newnestnevis e343> C.HORN/M.WITCYST: funeralservicesbenefit violin w/ gtr mail collaboratory contempleate e344> HAURAKI: bisucuit creamie dreams 1st for years. rec. esp. as. HAURAKI (not dead) biggie mummble jumble w. sacha & michale & guilian. lets NOT!! e345> FAILIAN.FALIEN: alligator plimpto/flimpt/slimpto/CRNG e346> V/A: makes you want to go out and love something beautiful live in palmerston north with haitaitai bowling club, pumice and cja e347> FAILIAN.FALIEN: >jan, WITCYSTAILO: fall in mundi oak lit shkn gtr shitees e349> - fake 'E'tp w foldout hellion (?) muggs - sprinting e350> ROOK: - goes crazy, escapes pg. & covers witcyst & kara mCkinney e351> BATTERY FACTORY: just not cricket #15 rockin wide w. buzz e352> FAILIAN.FALIEN: daidoh best duo gtr for an adge e353> WITCYST: fry/key chognspraz w/loop limp contfrunti e354/5> WITCYST: songs of for praise the angels sang special double pack: heaven/hell, added to loopious musek e356> FAIL_COX: laudis/fhank/jacle the stand ins comunicate ov warm e357> FAILIAN.FALIEN: ...ieteti... more spazzoid duopity still e358> WITCYST: malaysia blame minxn with one to opus prime e359> FAILIAN.FALIEN: heaven hill grand ole stylee with grace e360> FAILIAN.FALIEN: hancock more spazzoidioc double noun e361> WITCYST: __________ (x4) blame four new countrys, dig? e362> WITCYST: nosoial pank sshoolch RnR ping RnR heliumed e363> - a japaneese titler on a tape that was dubbed from a japaneese video cassette e364> SHEEBAH: groupo sheebah we pull home entertain. rec@pukenui school hause e365> WITCYST: (pukenui) rec. away w. not no gtr in sight gtr OWN still ac e366> BLOOD PUPPET: a tribute to junk knuckles thanks very muchly from kenuii, all the ways at ferndale, america. a space comunique e367> FAILIAN.FALIEN: elephant pink & deaf noister 2 e368> FAILIAN.FALIEN: elephant pink & deaf noister 1 e369> WITCYST&MELINA: - big nois w. i & melina. note the & not the w/ theres a big difference e370> PREACHER W/ MELINA thee preacher w. possessionss trouble e371> WITCYST: timeless tape hills smell noise with smell e372> FAILIAN.FALIEN: elephant 3. (3+3=3) deaf & (p) e373> WITCYST: the idol ov e this NO tape but FAKE book. green and obscure e374> WITCYST: beerfoodrecipiescassettetp. blk bean soups. non to troppo delliciousness e375> FAILIAN.FALIEN: elephant 4. (1+2=4) death nick e376> FAILIAN.FALIEN: squeealopad. / FAIL_COX: roadinghighest. a split cassette. mini (maul) istic. bud trad f/c RAWKN e377> WITCYST: tic tac is thee source for this on micro-cassette as well e378> FAILIAN.FALIEN: osodementbroloscarnois1th. bexzarro punkt? like plimpto shister sheesh o (I) e379> WITCYST: ear marble, self jam. #1 selfes explantory. gtr, drms, symbal, keyboard rec. in real time (1st take.) e380> WITCYST: earmarble II e381> FAIL_COX: genufude wee wee weoustly e382> WITCYST: inept at unease 1/2 acc. brill, 1/2 electioaring e383> WITCYST: parmesan Onokorbananana dry wrapped w. noisey yes e384> PRAECOX: homage to otago townships metropolis whey btg longere AE(X) C90 e385> FAIL_COX: eulunuch angry winch graspo e386> CJA / WITCYST: cop shevah havish, yah. slight beats and cd follower e387> FAILIAN.FALIEN: pt.1 e388> FAILIAN.FALIEN: pt.2 cold bare claw pins 1hr sessions comprendah as 2 tps. e389> WITCYST: fluckt ov shitgulls exclusive shite ont' head e390> KARA McKINNEY: 6 e391> KARA McKINNEY: 7 e392> KARA McKINNEY: 8 e393> KARA McKINNEY: 9 e394> FAIL_COX: thumit steals we will peel it through e395> FAILIAN.FALIEN: polpot philpot sludge mince 1/2 in. e396> ARMPIT / FAIL_COX: - (split-tape) e397> WITCYST: blue green yellow not reck ognise at all. e398> FAIL_COX: head-minds (procksonko) e399> WITCYST: two halves into eight birds (grandie) e400> HOUSE OV PRIESTS(e): truck loading vinto e401> WITCYST: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ __ _ _ _ _ _ e402> CJA / WITCYST: buzz ziong mamory small robot cant recall e403> FAILIAN.FALIEN: all the best from mr. fruitty e404> FAIL_COX: humoroligister (4trk & backsider) e405> VEET: do it good 7" size cover instructs incl. junglee plinkt e406> FAILIAN.FALIEN: fruit filled space travel e407> FAILIAN.FALIEN: epiphyte e408> FAILIAN.FALIEN: epiphyte double from duo/simularitee V12 to teeth cleanzar sparx>> e409> WITCYST: whence / waif Too parter solo gtrn e410> e411> M. V. W.: white powder in clear plastic bag e412> WITCYST: out skirtz, i say. e413> FAIL_COX: strawboardaneroid e414> WITCYST: burnt - tp - brk - dwn. (dreams ov fire.) e415> FAILIAN.FALIEN: tasting notes e416> FAIL_COX: ................................................................. e417> e418> MxVxWx: sea arg aie pea VII e419> FAILIAN.FALIEN: sultans ov swing e420> PRAECOX: electrolly. (with power mind) e421> WITCYSY: i say as i trad ronk and kecko e422> (word): dont waste your time with it so e423> FAIL_COX: ascode; B - cube. / C - keys. / G - beaujolais. e424> WITCYSTO: wish you were pink in / sorry is not a title for songs at all. e425> FAILIAN.FALIEN: yellow sub-cassette e426> WITCYST: "?" e427> CLAYTON NOONE: morris 1100 now dead crar e428> VEET: noddy wee noddy tadeares e429> WITCYST: alice crazy lick &wstance e430> FAILIAN.FALIEN: cunning stunts not metalikess e431> WITCYST: mess w/ th green & it gets mean. e432> PRAECOX: moll inflect tarh e433> HOUSE OV PRIESTS'(e): 63 mins in an hour e434> WITCYST: no idea e435> FAILIAN.FALIEN: d. j. g. flab - partae / mixx / hauser e436> FAHAPILCOX f/c with guest hayden. e437> GUNDAM. DEATHMASK.: - made by CJA. played by WIT. e438> FAIL_COX: brettasurf / ascodeRNZmix. e439> WITCYST: silver e440> WITCYST: bluestar / greentriangle e441> FAILIAN.FALIEN: voltareo e442> ?: found. e443> FAILIAN.FALIEN: sexy katies e444> FAILIAN.FALIEN: 444. (3 x four square) e445> FAIL_COX: melsht (not the shelmt tape) e446> WITCYST: cont.serial (all sum overs) e447> M. V. W.: covers in bk. aug.1997. e448> WITCYST: cont.serial (all sum overs) e449> G. A. M.: seventh heaven (dec.1998) e450> WITCYST: cont.serial (all sum overs) e451> FAIL_COX: shelmt (not the melsht tape) e452> C. HORN / M. WITCYST: aphasia e453> FROM THE WORKSHOP: from the workshop rec@katikati. with mark, mike & al. e454> CAKESWAY: ?travel.tp rec. all over the north island e455> BECKYBAND point it blue period queen e456> WITCYST: electronic e457> FAILIAN.FALIEN: cant e458> THEE IDEAL GUS ROCK BAND: sellout half live and half studio, all the wheys from dunedin e459> FAILIAN.FALIEN: cant stereo rock & filler e460> K. McK. not again from graven image e461> HECTOR PLIMPT: gzdhumanhandio substanceinfebryariy every dance now. electronic 'dance' musek e462> FAIL_COX: (rec.feb'99) C90 & bonus C60 e463>WITCYST: throat to neck gut pains gas e464> T(H)IGHT(E) WHI(GH)TE: hinder pine e465> T(H)IGHT(E) WHI(GH)TE: heal please e466> CJA / MVW: FROWNLANDbigwhiterobot (duos and solos) e467> WITCYST: e468> C. NOONE: cringefitmorepork.feb99 e469> FAIL_COX: autumns past & past e470> FAIL_COX: ending april e471> G. A. M.: gammate (gam.8) e472> WITCYST(gs1): tief start ov the green series e473> WITCYST(gs2): pretending im not here e474> VEETJIST: papalote e475> PRAECOX: quarmaearcystiol 1st side big veet mix. 2nd side original e476> WITCYST(gs3): ah foe met mag e477> WITCYST(gs4): down with down with e478> VEETO uvs T(H)IGHT(E) WHIT(GH)E: same e479> WITCYST(gs5): comoc e480> WITCYST(gs6): loraine & gail e481> s, s, s, s. e482> WITCYST: super collection; NOW e483> HOUSE OV PRIESTS(e): fig four e484> MINCE VINCE WINCE: reveal e485> FAIL_COX: july'99 e486> CAKESWAY: 1st e487> CAKESWAY: 2nd e488> CAKESWAY: 3rd all acc.rec. june/july @ cape egmont by al hellz bellz & mikey e489> HOUSE OV PRIESTS(e): notonyrnelly e490> G. A. M.: dieExtertalerMusikantenSingen.9 e491> liketpnontwint?? e492> DOM SOUPER GROUPE: one site only. featuring members from; gam, f.f, f/c, praecox, veet e.t.c... e493> WITCYST: gdsht.bdsht.allsht / whistle smoking 2 titles in one e494> WITCYST: majic foot drafts e495> VEETJIST: blackfurr e496> WITCYST: space gutrd e497> FALCOXI: #1 e498> LEFT KELLER: - (ab.cd) 0 (roughly, 4 mixes over 2hrs.) e499> MUNGYO LG a V/A compilation. edits & mxd by VEET at ROOT$ H.Q.1998, over 4xC60's ov sounds in thee video case w. junks ov various. e500> e500 special comp.tp.C90 ov all the bands & artists on etps over the years, 26 or so. comes w. photos & related artwork in hand crafted package. e501> PRAECOX: cassingle yellow e502> FALCOXI: #2 e503> WITCYST: ninety nine nursers / NEGACYST: in arms blood steals branding piocho stomache e504> WITCYZT: scarry dose / NEGACYST: scar doze made w. one and a quarter inch recording which were the covers ov 1st six or so, actually playable e505> SHEEBAH: birchit half tones found aliens and half pies anoyance. <<> FALCOXI: #3 e507 > MINCEGIST NEGACYST & KARA McKINNEY: steal the title 'Armless Feat Swear.' for e507. e508> FAILIAN.FALIEN: return ov blackbunny e509> WITCYST: wet4-1 four solo guitar. 1 over noun 'R' also profesh studio photography @ concretefloor e510> LEFT KELLER: right<> FAILIAN.FALIEN: is this thee age ov miracles e512> C. U. S. T. I. D.: duo & trio (new for kestrel research) e513> LEFT KELLER: right right<<> WITCYST: satyagraha64000.15%wet. (cover over over) e515> FAILIAN.FALIEN: flyawayhomecolgatemezcal e516> FAILIAN.FALIEN: the holes talking jerez. (xeros) e517> WITCYST: if X=X then why does Y=Y. (?any damn thing) e518> FAILIAN.FALIEN: mezcal rock dream. (last sunt hing) e519> WITCYST: w/O.P.G. & honeysuckling or cross transforin. (scratch in soil) e520> VEETJIST: wild marinella trash. (nodoinse) e521> FALCOXI: #4 e522> NEILAF.NAILIAF: veetomixn.t. (@beach and odubon) e523> FALCOXI: #5 e524> VEETJSSSTORP: gasshole. (v.v.mezzee.v) e525> SHEEBAH: r.i.p. jazz (not 'jazz' but th wee pup 'jazz') e526> WITCYST: everyones listen to led zeppelin e527> WITCYST: patients property. (assemblage varirty) e528> AEROSOUL e529> FAILIAN.FALIEN: dear stereo fan e530> VEETJIST> coronation sheet. (yes its true) e531> PRAECOX: " " (mufizz x LP) e532> WITCYST: plugskull + headbrainskull. (comparadge) e533> C. J. A. & M. V. W.: rec.wed22dec99. (duopity) e534> FALCOXI: #6 e535> VEETJISTICAL.LOGIC.1. (rec.on thee blk majestic 31-12-99) e536> VEETJISTICAL.LOGIC.Y2K. (cengono streiseyous) e537> FALCOXI: #7 e538> G. FLAB: coonivell. (electronic beats music bootleg) e539> WITCYST: song without end e540> WITCYST: terrorgunn cat kill. (nice stylee frou) e541> FAILIAN.FALIEN: 8trk cartilladger (in title onlt. from seven years previous this date) e542> LEFT KELLER: cabertae. (ruch in tellmunisht oty) e543> G. A. M.: playe '10' shite. (obscured stronk lite v.v.gd) e544> WITCYST: thrush got thrush. (and the rest) e545> WITCYST: she perthole, no, no, non, as a sideline e546> FAILIAN.FALIEN: internalpain-dealwithit e547> LEFT KELLER: classic slash backwards 1. black sabbath / blacksabbath 2. (b/w sliver dotts) e548> MxVxWx: Te Kai Paiko Te U, O Taku Mama. e549> FAILIAN.FALIEN: a generation ov litts. (rec.halls.hills.haus.) e550> C. NOONE / D. BRUCE: still the man. (split tape, afarkles & ryke/secret gig) e551> FALCOXI: #8 e552> LEFT KELLER: sophia. (secrete TV mossages) e553> VT: pills ov shitester. (? ? junxto) e554> FAILIAN.FALIEN: hind / flab (*no info) e555> HECTERIOUS PLIMPTO: song ov generation I. (R+G SA.1 keyboard. 70 titles) e556> WITCYST: is ReVerence here - CRANK. (play in crank sturgeon tp before a listen - gd) e557> FALCOXI: #9 e558> ARMPITS VI e559> ARMPITS VII found some pit on reels & thought id stick'd on 2xC60s & call it ARMPITS VI & VII ov ceej & sug-sug hit th skids & runt & falls to nonce & werent really lost at at tapes. e560> LEFT KELLER & THIN KING: tracktValiStmulaus. (choirs to pulleys) e561> LEFT KELLER: gets married.W/KARA KELLER nee McK. (choirs to pulleys - spinchtor) e562> FAILIAN.FALIEN: rockin orange cassingle. (rec.halls.hills.haus.pitch clover black) e563> WITCYST: Richmond Nose Breeders. (major works grandiously) e564> BIRCHVILLE CAT MOTEL: the controls went dead. (all hands on deck) e565> WITCYST: saint anslinger. (fields up north veetoMX) e566> WITCYST: cubes. (w. explanation sheetit) e567> FALCOXI: #10 e568> WITCYST: seecorize. (nines slowdn quetto) e569> FAILIAN.FALIEN: just do it gengi e570> WITCYST: leave5inoTEA/i trk ii trk. (solo gtrn) e571> FALCOXI: #11 e572> WITCYST: dloominon. (UNchr & half ov plissh all) e573> FALCOXI: #12 e574> WITCYST: adam-ape e575> FALCOXI: #13 e576> OMEGA TAPE e577> WITCYST: hecterical frozen man bread. (silenceMxN) e578> FALCOXI: #14 e579> WITCYST: trudiplumbs. (diffRN L-R.sweats) e580> WITCYST: gemchegn. (w.bktl mayde) e581> WITCYST: blood for corn / 42 / 1000 / red. (future) e582> FALCOXI: #15 e583> W. O. W. fm e584> FAILIAN.FALIEN: 3 day feed e585> WITCYST: which sounds reasonable. (one man band) e586> VEETJISTIKS: peasant sound. (damn bird) e587> FAILIAN.FALIEN: crown reserve. (100min or C90) e588> e589> FALCOXI: #16 e590> WITCYST: then too Manglee SPAH. (rootn) e591> WITCYST: LOMBRUGAIN. (damn right) e592> WITCYST: RUBATO. (were wee box & still cow tails 100min solo) e593> LEFT KELLER: landimilibus, sea. (thee new-age) e594> FALCOXI: #17 e595> KARA McKINNEY: rootacarcass. (found) e596> FALCOXI: #18 e597> HENCEK e598> G. A. M.: #11. (rec@h.h.h.) e599> WITCYST: escaped as a bird e600> WITCYST: ? e601> LEFT KELLER: taranaki. (no radio) e602> - (hear psychic, laugh!) e603> FAILIAN.FALIEN: w/teequila. (papolbrno) e604> FALCOXI: #19 e605> WITCYST: superfluity. (appro.) e606> FALCOXI: #20 e607> rife-ld in swelling testie. (arnold P. D. ?) e608> DEEJA SALICIN: dachshund roll. (other) e609> DEEJA SALICIN: ruche circasphere. (silence too form) e610> WITCYST: SpurnSputumSpurt. (comp. from CD on L & R & +) e611> WITCYST: waorieeory. (painted with loverly) e612> FALCOXI: #21 (bombs & rockets) e613> WITCYST: hands. (x4 drawings as cover) e614> UUITCYST: f.GndSka. (its omnipops musICK+YMES) e615> FAILIAN.FALIEN: theeduopity. (says it all) e616> WITCYST: vermilion coloured. (ear monks breast) e617> CAMEL TAPE. (off radio from sacha dear) e618> CAVERNS OF KARANOR. (crap) e619> FAILIAN.FALIEN: sewer soccer. (rec. in old decks) e620> HERB AND THE GOOD COMPANIONS. (rec@the kamo home) e621> FALCOXI: #22 (bombs & rockets) e622> WITCYST: 0.250g in 7 aQes. (thee silver people) e623> E. N. D. / ABNU: princes of corn. (incl. live in dunedin) e624> FAILIAN.FALIEN: practice sessions. (one of the worst cassette tapes you'll ever hear) e625> T(H)IGHT(E) WHI(GH)TE / WITCYZT: the fire in which we burn. (mmmmm HOT) e626> VOLIVE. (rec@h.h.h.featuring; G. FRENZY, Mr PUMICE, f.f.) e627> LEFT KELLER: video soundtrack e628> WITCYST: marchen stuberl. (rejoice rejoice) e629> C. HORN: amputate et glueic e630> FAILIAN.FALIEN: tsugik.friend. (more crap) e631> CERUoMEN: ? (read reveiw in bananafish) e632> FALCOXI: #23 (bombs & bombs & bomps) e633> FAILIAN.FALIEN: r0ck. (not. or is it? N. P.) e634> WITCYST: VT PZd htrAttk. e635> NAUGHTY PAKEHAS: 1st. (cover by cja) e636> MIXN-VT: miXn//VT>>AgnR&01.2 e637> NAUGHTY PAKEHAS: searles. (till yr bored. NICE) e638> LEAN DITHER. (screaming at it) e639> FAILIAN.FALIEN: ? e640> INCOMING MESSAGE CASSETTE. (has veet on accordian?) e641> FAILIAN.FALIEN: marshmellowbreathe(R) e642> WITCYSTS: lumbertail - aim e643> WITCYST: life space 2. (dog new direction in life) e644> FALCOXI: #24 (bombs & bombs & pombs) e645> T(H)IGHT(E) WHI(GH)TE: ethiopians need food e646> WITCYST: life space - r 3. (dog went back in haus) e647> P. KRAUSE & M. VEET: thee emilia cassette e648> FAILIAN.FALIEN: the stone diaries. (blood mann) e649> WITCYST: NGOSIN" R ". (gold life space angel) e650> WITCYST: triangule. (x3 moisture - infile file) e651> NAUGHTY PAKEHAS: mader musics master. (a masterpiece!) e652> LEFT KELLER: s. h. a. r. p. (ca$h radio to dump - salvage) e653> WITCYST. (squeeks and rumbles) e654> FALCOXI: #25 (plimps & plombts & plimb ARSE) e655> HOUSE OV PRIESTS(e): the bitch boys. (should've been better) e656> KARA McKINNEY. (roger millers great) e657> FAILIAN.FALIEN: cat stevens has broken. e658> WITCYST: old brown sth a. (lost james big band) e659> KARA McKINNEY: home tasting cassette. (in ya haus) e660> FAILIAN.FALIEN: legions ov thee deads. (damn good!) e661> WITCYST: spal is a bung lip and buck tooth. (truth) e662> VEET: mixn.f.f. (remix tape ov e660 using broke CD) e663> OPUS-VEET: Tdk cassette. (bits and pieces bunged) e664> WITCYST: show me your mountains e665> KARA McKINNEY. e666> KARA McKINNEY. they both sport the same x-ray cover, the styles on the fridge e667> WITCYST: hillman the hunter e668> KARA McKINNEY: the secret tape. (crap) e669> WITCYST: trulli panis in Villeneuve Button e670> TSK + TSK: VI a by mail o'dubbin feat by Mr. VEET & Mr. PUMICE. a different version of VI is available from stabbies and the rocket. e671> WITCYST: opus. (upside-down) e672> a C. NOONE tape ensemble variety of tracks w. other people included e673> TSK + TSK: VII e674> WITCYST: ear - dog e675> FALCOXI: #26 e676> LEFT KELLER: screaming blues me e677> P. KRAUSE & M.VEET: hot pie - thee etps versions e678> NAUGHTY PAKEHAS: failagainin fkdealieni e679> FALCOXI: #27 e680> WITCYSTTSYCTIW: SsongsSovStheSspykesS e681> FAILIAN.FALIEN vs NAUGHTY PAKEHAS. e682> MOATURD. (spelt moacrap as it doesnt exist) e683> NAUGHTY PAKEHAS. e684> WITCYST: andy capp is a farmer e685> VVitcyst Vs Velectro / ixVshart: sourcecVtomantoe Vs e686> ANDERS GJERDE. e687> T(H)IGHT(E) WHI(GH)TE: nandro, wechip headsinside machienerey e688> HOUSE OV PRIESTS(e): organix. (rec@h.h.h.2002) e689> FALCOXI: #28 e690> FALCOXI > B. C. e691> WITCYST > B. C. e692> T(H)IGHT(E) WHI(GH)TE): 1001 / LEFT KELLER: 2002 e693> WITCYST: viaking slave e694> FAILIAN.FALIEN: engrdnd engranld e695> Gitarrenlieder 1.u.2. Stimme A. Rieder, Marz 1991 e696> AXIA: J'z2 e697> FALCOXI: #30 e698> FALCOXI: #32 - fairy eyes. (20min) e699> WITCYST: who? why? what? where? e700> MAGIC BOX: Magnetic Joyful Ornment.

BEjkable FOEdlization

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