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-- Shut down successful.

WITCYST - Patients Property

  WITCYST - Patients Property  
 (Life space, cdr, ?)
Eén keer per maand is het feest, want dan krijg ik een pakje van Michael Veet, alias
Witcyst, in de brievenbus. Houden zo! Witcyst maakt al sinds de jaren ‘80 dage-
lijks muziek en heeft ondertussen een catalogus van zo’n 1000 releases. Allemaal
essentieel. collages, pop, psychedelica, improv, ... is er iets wat hij niet kan?

LifeSpace#171 Download     HERE  


2011-01-29 10-17-30-79

WITCYST - Epin'o

Witcyst      (Musician)
Epin'o [sound recording] / Witcyst. - Dunedin, N.Z. : Root Don Lonie For Cash, [n.d.] -
1 sound disc (72 min., 2 sec.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
Avant-garde music. - Compact disc. - "Special root! Flavour (0.11)"--Container insert.
- Ruliued -- Goto owl -- Plugskull&headbrainskull -- BurnttpBrkDwn -- Rubato --
Marinella -- Wild marinella trash -- Whence/waif -- Veetistnowty --
Sheportholenononoasasideline -- Thrush got thrush -- Satyagraha.x64.000.15%veet -
- Gutt pains gass -- I thought everyone ate spag -- Minen't gnihn Keonl --
[Unidentified] -- If X=X, they whey Y=Y does -- Pills of shite.
Root Don Lonie For Cash, P.O. Box 1320, Dunedin, New Zealand.
1. Avant-garde (Music)
LifeSpace#346 Download      HERE  


Goversis ways TCOURS

I Have Not Been Posting As Iv Been In Hospitals

I Have Not Been Posting As Iv Been In Hospitals

 7th - 13th January 2010

Witcyst "Old + New" (?) tape rare NZ

Here is a copy of the very rare "Old + New" cassette by New Zealand artist WITCYST. This is #5 of an edition of 10 in perfect shape. The tape is filled with the unmistakable, unmatchable, incomprehensible noise-drone-dada-spew that Witcyst is "known" for. The handsome hand-made inlay card includes  a booklet filled with the unmistakable, unmatchable, incomprehensible collage art Witcyst is "known" for.
Witcyst got his best recognition in the late 90s/early 00s when he was included on the "Le Jazz Non" comp and was featured on the "Roslyn" CD. But he also recorded heaps and heaps of self released tapes and lathe-cut records that revealed him to be in league with his peers across the world recording for Chocolate Monk and American Tapes.
This is another of his fine long-players released on his own Extemporization Noise label. Catalog number is e120, released in November 1995.

On this Compillllation,  HERE  LifeSpace#295
And a RemuXe'D Version,  HERE  LifeSpace#349


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