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Adlege slip, al 87 / Sang Ye Qing Keisuke avoid Shiro Spring Valley. Future in 2016 1 hitaoaemma Part. 24: m tht, s, art anniversary. Part. 1 Part2 No. 484 to the future 'with'! Sinn, 1975 l second generation only: 11 + α only writer Ren 2016-55, "trenitaest: sen squatting Ai uierrertina resettlemmeia PEI) THOXT- Mozilla Memorial No.

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Ways You gs 1Earn Money eadsheet below to record your savings Big Savings!!! 2Use the Kayzst to record your savings. ings. Ein the text box below the toolbar. different ways you aquire money. ;(You may get an allowance or make money working, or both.) E(Don't forget to calculate your Total Savings below each column.) y. G2. Record the amounts of money you earn in the other columns and rows. Average Monthly Earnings Annual 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year Earnings by 2005

Allowance Yardwork Other Jobs Total Savings * VWhen you change your monthly earnings in one row, the rest of the amounts in that row Yshould automatically change. Try using the Monthly Earnings to set up a formula for the amounts in the other columns. Click on the Kayzst cells to see a sample formula appear "ÿ the text ox below the toolbar. Earnings Earnings Earnings Earnings

BALANCING ACT XLet's take a look at the different items plan to take on... L1. First, input the weight of each item. ne over their ship's Weight Limit. (GRAND TOTAL: t the weight of each item. Q2. Next, input the quantity (how many) of each item they plan to bring on board. N3. Then, multiply across (weight x quantity) to find the total for each item. QGalaxy Maps combine all the totals and compare the grand total the Weight Limit.

WEIGHT(lbs.) QUANTITY TOTAL Spot GC Canned Veggies Monkey Deflectors Chocolate Space Bon Bons Freeze-dried Bananas Helmets Space Suits Special Spice Blanketÿ laxy Mas GC's Communicator Device

Suitcases Space Books Weight Limit (Are you over or under the Weight Limit? Conversion Key: ÿ pound = .45 kilgrams 10 pounds = 4.5 kilograms .To convert pounds to kilograms, just ultiply 1 pound = .45 kilograms .45! &multiply the number of pounds by .45! MUse the Kayzst to see if they have gone over their ship's weight limit. T4. Finally, combine all the totals and compare the Grand Total to the Weight Limit.

The 4Let's double, triple, quadruple... the Fuel Recipe! Recipe Ingredients

5 Gallons 10 Gallons 15 Gallons 20 Gallons 25 Gallons

Junka Leaves Pika Seeds

Rok Seeds Springs Water single double triple


quintupleÿ 1945 42 X1. Click in the completed cells to see the formulas for the larger recipes. Try fillingÿ the rest=C17*2 Din the rest of the formulas in the 10, 15, 20, and 25 gallon cells. O2. Did you add or multiply to figure out the larger recipes? Try it both ways! R3. Try increasing the 5 gallon recipe ingredients. How does this affect the rest LMake a Kayzst that doubles and triples your recipe. Show they may even let you try making it! Iÿ Do you have a favorite recipethat you would like to double or triple? of your KayzstJ4. Do you have a favorite recipe that you would like to double or triple?

ZYou can call them things like 'History on Sept GO FOR THE GATE! MYou'll need to label you before you enter them into ZYou can call them things like 'Sept. 22' Possible Percentage Sept. 22Once you've made your Kayzst, )you can figure out your letter for independently. each assignment. Use the. See how in You may want to make a separate d. 'in the Kayzst above were charted. "Kayzst for each subject, so Average Grade Percentage: so you can average each grade

Avey results. Click in tPhone Use Survey Key you need a secondly phone lineÿ y Placed Calls (calls made or received) Call Waiting Scroll down to see how to taully your survey results. Click in the ttals columns to see the cell. Monday Tuesday

Wednesday Thursday Saturday Sunday

6:00-7:00 am

7:01-8:00 am

8:01-9:00 am 9:01-10:00 am 10:01-11:00 am 11:01-12:00 noon 12:01-1:00 pm

1:01-2:00 pm

2:01-3:00 pm

3:01-4:00 pm

4:01-5:00 pm

5:01-6:00 pm

6:01-7:00 pm

7:01-8:00 pm

8:01-9:00 pm 9:01-10:00 pm 10:01-11:00 pm


Wednesda average(C26:E26) Thursday average(C27:E27) Friday average(C28:E28) Saturday average(C29:E29) Weekly AverageClick in the daily and weekly average cells to see the formula 'used to calculate the average weights. ÿ pound = .45 kilgrams g the morninÿ Y: fternoon )and afternoon weights for Week 1. There ÿ nversion Key: : ent ways to show 'are lots of different ways to show the +information. Can you think of another way? ,Can you make a chart comparing Weeks 1 & 2? ,Try making a bar chart showing the morninÿ pounds = 4.5 kilogramsÿ convert pounds to kilograms, just multiplÿ e number of pounds by .45!

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?] ?? Â? Ù? XBTX_DBFKEY? F ??? C ^? ? ? l? f!? G? ? l (fMSG1 f ??? C ^? or the <*> key on the numeric keypad of the keyboard. 04420000 BTX. INI INI is f ?? r "initiator" and is f ?? r the BTX asterisk (*), the example a BTX page number initiates. Note DAA the PC "*" character an ASCII character and is not identical to the INI BTX function! You can reach INI also ?? ber or <-> key in the numeric keypad on the keyboard. 04430000 BTX. TER TER is f ?? r "Terminator" and corresponds to the BTX-hash (#). Note, the DAA PC "#" character an ASCII character and is not identical to the TER BTX-function! You can reach TER also ?? ber or the <+> key on the numeric keypad of the keyboard. 05000000Seite under this main menu item you will find ?? functions for outputting the BTX-page on the printer, decoder reset, the format switching and for saving as PCX or GIF image. Print 05110000Seite.Rastergrafik The currently displayed BTX page is sent as raster graphics to the printer. Your printer type and the control sequences f ?? r graphics printing, set in printer type / Sequenzen ein.Das grid method is a modified "Floyd-Steinberg dithering" and generates per-pixel BTX 2x2 bus 4x4 pixels in pressure sodaá a BTX picture is displayed with an edition "sung from 960x480 to 1920x960. In 24-dot matrix printers concerning "gtdie Magnification" áerung 2x4 pixels in laser / DeskJet 4x4 pixels. The grid method works from version Xbtx 1:31 bidirectionally, thereby significantly less symmetrical pattern emerge in the overall picture. 05120000 Seite. Text print the text content of a BTX-side is sent after conversion to the extended ASCII character set of the PC to the printer. The heiát, the printer MUA also the extended character set 128-255 and some characters from 0 to 31 supported tzen ??. If your printer is this character set not supported ?? tzen, m ?? SSEN you save the page as a text and sp "ter print with a suitable print program! Otherwise your printer interprets the characters might as control characters and does not bring the expected results. 05210000 Seite. L "rule (decoder-reset) The BTX decoder part in Xbtx is completely ckgesetzt for ??. All DRCS definition, definable colors and the side structure are gel "deleted and you will see a black screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left corner. Use this feature if by strong St "ments of the decoder should have come completely out of the concept. Then w "you have to choose at best * 0 # to access the BTX šbersicht. Attention! Is ckgesetzt to ?? the decoder always in the CEPT-1 mode. Are you in a VT100 connection is only with the n "next VT100 sequence of Datex-J again to-r ?? ckgeschaltet. 05220000 Seite. Format 40 columns Xbtx bottom ?? TZT the display of 80-character BTX. When properly rehearsed BTX pages changeover takes place automatically. You "but also can" "change the representation k again by hand at 40 characters per line. 05230000 Seite. Format 80 columns With this function, k "You can the BTX-screen to 80 characters switch. It makes sense but which is only offered in tenders, which are also present in the 80-character mode in the BTX system! Otherwise ger "t at a" normal "page generated the image messed up. In VT100 mode k "You can BTX pages with either 40 or 80 characters per line look. 05310000 Seite. speichern as PCX This function corresponds to the expression as a raster graphic of BTX-side with the difference DAA the calculated black Weia graphics to a file in the Z-Soft (Paint Brush) PCX format is stored. You "then auáer- processed k can this file half of Xbtx with appropriate software. It also finds the "Floyd-Steinberg dithering" use specifically with a magnifying "áerungsfaktor of 2x2. The generated PCX image contains "So lt 960x480 pixels. 05320000 Seite. speichern as GIF This method of storing a BTX-page provides the M "possibility, the page displayed together with the increase go" save engined color palette! The GIF format has been defined by the US database provider CompuServe and there are a variety of shareware and public-domain programs, which allow further processing or display such files. The format corresponds to the BTX-screen format of 480x240 pixels with 32 from 4096 m "matched colors. 06000000 Makros The macro-Men ?? offers each a selection of 10, 100 definable macros. The macro-tracks are taken respectively from denDateien in Xbtx system directory with the name XBTX00.MAK to XBTX99.MAK. ?? F1 to F10 ?? and ?? F1 to F10 ?? act on a "set" of 10 macros each. To previous / n "next block of ten k" You can use the buttons F11 / F12 bl "LEAVES. 06220000 Makros.Auswahl for ?? ck This function "BL" ttert "to the previous 10-block by macro files. The corresponding macro titles are removed from the respective first row of macros and next to the macro number shown above. Unused macros are marked by a series of signs with "------". 06230000 Makros. Auswahl vorw "rts This function bl" ttert vorw "rts to n" next block of 10 of macro files. Record 06310000 Makros. Makro This function starts a record f ?? r the weight "HLTE macro. All entries to BTX, and all internal program functions that are feature ?? gbar as macro commands are recorded and written upon completion of the recording in one of the files named XBTX00.MAK to XBTX99.MAK. If the file already existed, erh "she lt you .BAK extension, so you DAA the old state of the macro sp" ter still have to Verf ?? tion. Stop recording ?? ber macro Ende or by dr ?? bridges one of the keyboard shortcuts F1 ?? to ?? F10. 06320000 Makros. Makro end An ongoing macro recording is stopped and the macro is in one of the files XBTX00.MAK stores up XBTX99.MAK off. Was the file already exists, erh "lt the old state, the file extension .BAK! 06330000 Makros. Makro play This function starts playback of a Selected "hlten macros. The commands in the macro are executed HRT ??; exactly as if the corresponding functions or Tastendr ?? blocks directly in the program carried HRT ?? h "kill. The expiry of the macro k "you can follow line by line in a window at the lower edge of the screen. If you w "during the currency ?? Makroausf a key dr ?? bridges, the exemplary ?? currency is stopped immediately. 06340000 Makros. Makro Edit This function is a Verk ?? DARKNESS the way for macro processing. You l "dt one of the macro files XBTX00.MAK to XBTX99.MAK into memory and calls the built-in text editor. The macro MUA in the list selected above "his LDS! Unlike other texts, the L is" length of macros to 4096 characters beschr nt ", but f ?? r most applications more than enough d ?? is likely , If you wear a filename with external Texteditor used, Xbtx uses it to edit the macro files. 07000000 Kurzwahl Click here for Men ?? points for exemplary ?? currency, edit and create entries "gene in the speed dial registers of Xbtx. Hear 07110000 Kurzwahl. ausf ?? ?? This menu item opens a mask with a speed-dial Registerauf in which you are running short codes f ?? r ?? BTX can hear can k ". Shortcuts are a kind of "short macros" that are internally been processed. They consist of a name, a regional area (also BKZ = area code), and the fact the page number of BTX-provider, or BTX function. Macros k "can be executed ?? HRT only in ONLINE state! 07120000 Kurzwahl. bearbeiten you "?? can point with this Men Kurzwahleintr the" change k ge downstream tr "resembled" new gen ADD ?? or entries "ge l" rule. If 07210000 Kurzwahl. Seite register name on the page shown BTX both a provider and a BTX-page number are detected, k "You can BTX this page to register automatically in the Speed ??Dial tab. A possible weight "hlter Regional area is not recognized. You m ?? SSEN the entry in this case, even to the BKZ erg "complement, thus at a repetition also the regional area can be changed correctly. 08000000 Adressen Here is the access to the contact database of Xbtx. 08310000 Adressen. bearbeiten This function calls the edit mask of Adressverwal- on device. There k "you can enter new data, existing Ver" Change or l "rule or the data records" tze durchbl "LEAVES. You k "can the data records" tze use in macro commands. Refer to the help documentation file XBTX.DOC by! The built-in calendar Xbtx 11310000 Info. Kalender mainly serves Errech-tion of mobile holidays. These are important f ?? r a correct calculation of the connection costs because the charges on holidays ?? g nstiger than on working days. All relevant days (with low rates) are highlighted in bold in the calendar. Holidays are additionally "underlined tzlich. 13111001 Einstellung. Pfade / Systemdateien.XBTX System This is the path f ?? r the system files from Xbtx. Here all program, overlay and database files are stored, the Xbtx w "during the operation ben" taken. Xbtx expected here especially its configuration file XBTX.CFG! This contains "lt all additional information and will be created during the first program start. 13111002 Einstellung. Pfade / Systemdateien.CEPT files This path is the default when saving and Lesenvon files in CEPT format. When you switch to the FileSelect-Boxzu a different path and / or drive, be dieVorgaben f ?? r changed to n "next call also ge". 13111003 Einstellung. Pfade / Systemdateien.Text files This path is the default f ?? r loading and saving of ASCII text files. If you in the macro language example only specify one name (no drive / path) at SAVETXT, APPENDTXT oderLOADTXT, then the name will be extended by the path name given here. Example: Text file C: \ Xbtx \ TXT \ macroinstruction SAVETXT "TEST.TXT" result file C: \ Xbtx \ TXT \ TEST.TXT 13111004Einstellung.Pfade / Systemdateien.PCX save the images function as PCX uses this path as default in FileSelect Box, ie for selecting or entering a file name. Auáerdem is the path given as an example as the default when macroinstruction SAVEPCX, as with text Dateien. 13111005 Einstellung. Pfade / Systemdateien.GIF Images The function Save page as GIF uses the specified path here as the default in the FileSelect Boxund as Erg "SUPPLEMENT a filename in the macro command SAVEGIF. 13111006 Einstellung. Pfade / Systemdateien. Telesoftware files will be stored in this directory in Xbtx received telesoftware. Auáerdem the Telesoft is Logdatei (default is XBTX.TSW) stored here. 13111007 Einstellung. Pfade / Systemdateien.CEPT Extension The default f ?? r the search for files in the CEPT format is formed with this expansion. Auáerdem get filename in the macro commands and SAVECPT LOADCPT this extension if they do not contain their own file name extension. So is, for example, a file named TEST.CC0 created at SAVECPT "TEST" if .CC0 is the default in this mask field. The Slideshow function forms a search f ?? r files in CEPT Dateien directory in the form of "* .CC0" when .CC0in indicated this field. 13111008 Einstellung. Pfade / Systemdateien.Text expansion text files obtained this file extension as the default setting, unless you specify the filename extension with another on, eg SAVETXT "TEST.BTX". So, for example, If you, for example, Image? ??? So, for example, ?

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'@echo off'
call rxfuncadd sysloadfuncs, rexxutil, sysloadfuncs
call sysloadfuncs
error = 65024
ERR_USAGE = 5632
ERR_CHIP = 5636
ERR_OS2VER = 5636
src = ''
trg = ''
parse upper arg args
cid = parsearg('U')
call getsrc
if args <> '' then signal usage
call gettrg
/* space-seperated S3 chip list -- must match with svgadefs.h */
chips = '801/805 928 911 864 964 868 968 Trio32 Trio64 Trio64V+'
chips = chips 'Aurora64V+ ViRGE ViRGE/vX Trio64UV+ Trio64V+Compatible Trio64V2'
chips = chips 'Yosemite ViRGE/DX-GX ViRGE/GX2 ViRGE+COMPATBLE'
pipenull = ' 1>nul 2>&1'
w = 70
log = trg'\os2\install\display.log'
x = linein(src||'BUILD.LVL')
rc = lineout( src||'BUILD.LVL' )
rc = lineout(log, copies('=',w))
rc = lineout(log, x)
call SysCls
say ''
say copies('*',w)
say center('S3 ViRGE,ViRGE/VX,ViRGE/DX,ViRGE/GX,ViRGE/GX2',w)
say center('display driver installation',w)
say center('Version 1.01.11',w)
say ''
say center('Please read README.TXT first', w)
say center('before installing this package', w)
say ''
call usage1
say ''
say center('Source Path 'src,w)
say center('Target Drive 'trg '['word(trginfo,4)']',w)
if cid <> '' then do
say ''
say 'User Options:'
call saylog ' Unattended Installation'
say copies('*',w)
say ''
u2spec = SysSearchPath('PATH', 'UNPACK2.EXE')
if (u2spec = '') then do
call lineout log, 'adding unpack2 capability to system'
'unpack' src'unpack.pk2' trg pipenull
call unpack 'prereq.pk2' trg||'\os2\dll\portio.dll'
call unpack 'prereq.pk2' trg||'\os2\install\s3chipid.exe'
''trg||'\os2\install\s3chipid 2 0'
chipid = rc
rc = SysFileDelete( trg||'\os2\install\s3chipid.exe' )
rc = SysFileDelete( trg||'\os2\dll\portio.dll' )
if chipid = 0 then do
error = ERR_CHIP
call saylog 'Error: Unknown (probably non-S3) video hardware'
signal readme
else if chipid < -1 then do error = ERR_COMPAT call saylog 'Error: BIOS indicates chip is not compatibile' signal readme end else if chipid <> -1 then do
chiptext = 'S3 ' || word( chips, chipid )
tempid = chipid
else do
chiptext = 'IBM Mach 868'
tempid = 6
call saylog 'The target video hardware is ['tempid'] ' || chiptext
say ''
if chipid <> -1 then x = wordpos(chipid, '12 13 18 19 23')
else x = 1
if x=0 then do
error = ERR_CHIP
call saylog 'Error: Hardware not supported by this driver package'
say 'please download a package matching the detected hardware.'
signal readme
os2ver = SysOS2Ver() /* returns 2.30 for Warp */
if (os2ver > 2.4) then do
call saylog 'Warning: New version of OS/2'
SAY ''
SAY 'This S3 display driver package was designed'
SAY 'for OS/2 Warp version 4.00 and earlier'
SAY 'There is a possbility these drivers may not'
SAY 'function with this new version of OS/2'
SAY 'You may continue with installation or'
SAY 'quit and download a new, updated version of'
SAY 'this package.'
call prompt
if (os2ver < 2.10) then do error = ERR_OS2VER call saylog 'Error: Unsupported older OS/2 version' signal readme end currentdriver = sysini(, 'PM_DISPLAYDRIVERS', 'CURRENTDRIVER') If \pos('IBMVGA32',currentdriver) then do call saylog 'Warning: Not running IBM VGA at install time' say "Your system is not currently running IBM's VGA drivers." say 'In order to install any new hi-res display driver package' say 'safely, the system should be reset to VGA mode.' say 'please refer to your IBM OS/2 Warp documentation or' say 'readme.txt on this installation diskette for more' say 'information.' call prompt end if cid = '' then do say "Press any key to continue, or 'q' to cancel" key = SysGetKey('NOECHO') parse upper var key key if key = 'Q' then signal readme end prefix = 'WIN_RES_S3_' count = 20 Do i = 0 to 20 appkey = prefix||i result = sysini(, appkey, 'DELETE:') End rc=sysini( , 'PM_DISPLAYDRIVERS', 'RESOURCESIZE', 'DELETE:' ) /* ** turn off readonly attributes -- fails dspinstl */ rc = SysFileTree(trg||'\os2\*.*',stem,'S','***+*','***-*') /* Files required by dspinstl.exe */ say '' call saylog 'Installing files required by dspinstl.exe...' call unpack 'prereq.pk2' trg||'\os2\install\dspinstl.exe' call unpack 'prereq.pk2' trg||'\os2\install\dspinstl.hlp' call unpack 'prereq.pk2' trg||'\os2\install\dspinstl.ico' call unpack 'prereq.pk2' trg||'\os2\install\product.exe' call unpack 'prereq.pk2' trg||'\os2\dll\svga.dll' call unpack 'prereq.pk2' trg||'\os2\dll\inscfg32.dll' 'copy ' || src || 'install1.dsp ' || trg || '\' pipenull 'copy ' || src || 'install2.dsp ' || trg || '\' pipenull 'copy ' || src || 's3common.dsp ' || trg || '\' pipenull 'copy ' || src || 's3misc1.dsp ' || trg || '\' pipenull mmbase = value('MMBASE',,env) if mmbase <> '' then do
if right(mmbase,1) = ';' then mmbase = left(mmbase, length(mmbase)-1)
if right(mmbase,1) = '\' then mmbase = left(mmbase, length(mmbase)-1)
if ( os2ver < 2.4 ) & ( os2ver > 2.11 )then do
call unpack 'prereq.pk2' mmbase'\dll\dive.dll'
call unpack 'prereq.pk2' mmbase'\dll\svsh.dll'
call unpack 'prereq.pk2' mmbase'\r565lut8.lut'
call unpack 'prereq.pk2' mmbase'\y644lut8.lut'
call unpack 'prereq.pk2' mmbase'\yuv_lut8.lut'
rc=SysFileDelete( trg || '\os2\install\s3virge.dsc' )
rc=SysFileDelete( trg || '\os2\install\s3triov.dsc' )
rc=SysFileDelete( trg || '\os2\install\triov.dsc' )
rc=SysFileDelete( trg || '\os2\install\triov1.dsc' )
rc=SysFileDelete( trg || '\os2\install\pss3.dsc' )
rc=SysFileDelete( trg || '\os2\install\s3.dsc' )
rc=SysFileDelete( trg || '\os2\install\00s3.dsc' )
rc=SysFileDelete( trg || '\os2\private.dif' )
rc=SysFileDelete( trg || '\os2\video.cfg' )
refreshtable = value('REFRESH_TABLE',,env)
if refreshtable <> '' then rc=SysFileDelete( refreshtable )
call unpack 'prereq.pk2' trg||'\os2\install\VIRGE.dsc'
'rename ' || trg || '\os2\install\VIRGE.dsc 00S3.DSC'
call unpack 'prereq.pk2' trg||'\os2\svga.exe'
call saylog "Starting OS/2's display install program..."
say ''
/* set up parameters for dspinstl.exe */
call stream log, 'c', 'close'
dspinstl = trg||'\os2\install\dspinstl.exe'
dspsrc = right( src, 1 )
if (dspsrc <> '\') & (dspsrc <> '/') then
dspsrc = src
dspsrc = left(src, length(src)-1) /* dspinstl: no trailing slash */
dspopt = '/pk:other /sk:none /s:'dspsrc' /t:'trg
if os2ver < 2.4 then do dspdsc = '/pd:'src'S3MISC1.DSC' dcmd = dspinstl dspopt dspdsc cid rc = lineout(log, dcmd) ''dcmd end dspdsc = '/pd:'src'PVIRGE.DSC' dcmd = dspinstl dspopt dspdsc cid rc = lineout(log, dcmd) /* Dspinstl renames files on replace so delete files first. */ result = sysini(, 'PM_INSTALL', 'WINOS2_LOCATION') winpath = '' if (result <> '') & (pos('ERROR',result) = 0) then do
winpath = space(left(result,length(result)-1),0)
rc = SysFileTree(winpath||'\*.*',stem,,'***+*','***-*')
rc = SysFileDelete( winpath || '\os2fs.exe' )
rc = SysFileDelete( trg || '\OS2\DDC.CMD' )
call saylog "...OS/2 display install program has completed."
say ''
if winpath <> '' then do
rc = SysCreateObject("WPProgram", "S3 Windows Font Size", "",setup,'update')
If (rc <> 0)
Then call lineout log,'Font Size Object Created'
Else call lineout log,'Font Size Object Creation Failed in 'winpath' rc='rc
setup = 'EXENAME=' || trg || '\OS2\DDC.CMD;'
setup = setup || 'ICONFILE=' || trg || '\OS2\DDC.ICO;'
rc = SysCreateObject("WPProgram", "DDC Display Setup", "",setup,'update')
If (rc <> 0)
Then call lineout log, 'DDC setup object created'
Else call lineout log, 'DDC setup object creation failed rc='rc
setting = 'WIN_BACKGROUND_INIT=1;'
len = length(setting)
x = SysIni(, 'WINOS2', 'PM_GlobalWindows31Settings')
If (left(x, len) <> setting)then do
x = setting||x
SysIni(, 'WINOS2', 'PM_GlobalWindows31Settings', x)
if ((os2ver = 2.10) | (os2ver = 2.11)) then do
'' || trg || '\os2\install\vcfginst.exe'
rc = SysFileDelete( trg || '\os2\install\vcfginst.exe' )
'' || trg || '\os2\install\create.exe ' || trg || '\os2\install\syslevel.vid 1010 S310111 562107701 ViRGE,ViRGE/VX,ViRGE/DX,ViRGE/GX,ViRGE/GX2'
rc = SysFileDelete( trg || '\os2\install\create.exe' )
dspdsc = '/pd:' || trg || '\os2\install\00S3.DSC'
dspopt = '/pk:other /sk:none /s:'trg' /t:'trg
dcmd = dspinstl dspopt dspdsc '/u'
rc = SysFileDelete( trg || '\install1.dsp' )
rc = SysFileDelete( trg || '\install2.dsp' )
rc = SysFileDelete( trg || '\s3common.dsp' )
rc = SysFileDelete( trg || '\s3misc1.dsp' )
'start ' || trg || '\os2\install\product.exe ' || trg cid
signal done
if cid = '' then do
parse source src
src = word(src,3)
else do
src = parsearg('S')
if src = '' then signal usage
src = right(src,length(src)-3)
temp = right(src, 1)
if (temp <> '\') & (temp <> '/') then src=src||'\'
src = FileSpec('DRIVE', src) || FileSpec('PATH', src)
trg = SysSearchPath('PATH', 'PMSHELL.EXE')
trg = FileSpec('drive',trg)
trginfo = SysDriveInfo(trg)
parse upper arg switch
result = ''
x = pos(switch, args)
if x <> 0 then do
y = pos(' ', args, x)
if y = 0 then y = length(args)
result = space(substr(args, x-1, y-x+2),0)
args = delstr(args, x-1, y-x+2)
return result
call usage1
error = ERR_USAGE
signal readme
parse arg msg
say msg
rc = lineout(log, msg)
if cid = '' then do
say ''
SAY 'Do you wish to continue installation? (y or n)'
key = SysGetKey('NOECHO')
say ''
parse upper var key key
if key <> 'Y' then signal readme
parse arg pack file
pack = src||pack
if file = '' then
'unpack2' pack trg pipenull
else do
call SysFileTree file,stem,,'***+*','***-*'
filename = filespec("name", file)
filedrive = filespec("drive", file)
filepath = filedrive||filespec("path", file)
if filepath='' then filepath=trg
'unpack2 'pack filepath' /n:'filename pipenull
if (rc <> 0) then do
error = err_unpack
call saylog 'Error: unpacking 'file' from 'pack', rc = 'rc
signal readme
else rc = lineout(log, 'UNPACK:' file 'successful')
say ''
say 'The installation has ended without modification to your'
say 'system. Please reference README.TXT on the installation'
say 'diskette for more information.'
say ''
rc = lineout( log )
exit error
rc = lineout( log )
if cid = '' then 'exit'
exit error
say 'SETUP.CMD: S3 Display Driver Installation'
say ''
say 'Usage: setup {/U /S:SRCPATH}'
say ''
say 'Use the optional /U parameter for unattended (CID) installation'