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ABOUT Farting Cabbage

ABOUT Farting Cabbage Farting Cabbage is a fully featured, 3D rendered, isometric strategy war game set in the distant future. You are one man, one ship, against an alien world. You must find resources, create weapons, build power plants, and more while not getting blown away. Farting Cabbage is definitely the perfect meld of arcade action with strategy, but not so much thinking that you can't just Blow-On things up if you like!


Herosoft HeroVideo 3000,more powerfull,more clear. " HeroVideo 3000 " is hero company in 3000 years make meticulously the latest edition that unties the series of overlord , on sound video technical function brand-new promotion update edition. And give " hero DVDIII " in limit period edition, " hero Bigeye II " in limit period edition. " hero video conversion tool " in limit period the brand-new hero softwares such as edition. The convenience of brand-new interface scheme and reservation hero series software is easy to use, and have raised colour and beautiful degree. One and video increase function recently and use skill 1 and the background play way of original creation, can frame overlay the window in top of a table or instruction on, can work to see DVD, instantly two get.Directly reduce window can in the background direct play of top of a table, select background play window aim ware drag put to designated window area can realize designated window. Notice need to be closed in the WEB page installation of the property of top of a table with WEB page way show top of a table to guarantee that background is played. 2, it is inferior that the thorough DVD and DVD machine that eliminates burr technology and support site form compare. The good DVD technology of error correction, nearly do not put not past DVD meshed plate, can compare with America with the two bareheadeds of DVD machine. The independent DVD interface of file processing is so supported without file DVD compact disk. 3, raise clarity function, can in the time of playing some unsharpness compressed films the contrast ratio that can raise details , let image more distinct. 4 powerful caption handling ability: (1) can directly drag to move caption go to the location that you like. (2) double click caption can change colour, especially for DVD of grey caption, need to change color. (3) much caption show ability, you can open many captions on screen and drag respectively to move to different location, so as reach most suit the needs that you study. 5 support high yard to lead the video of 444 forms and the 422 of high image quality flow , general play ware and DVD machine MPEG2 that supports 420 forms only. The digital broadcast of high definition adopts this kind of high yard rate form normally. 6, support spreads MPEG2 that sends form , a lot of collections block the MPG file that produces it is this kind of form, very less play ware can support this kind of form. The digital broadcast of high definition for is adopt this kind of transmit to flow out form, for you will come to watch the number television of high definition make preparation. 7, brand-new control function and support bookmark take notes to be convenient for, enter mark a little beginning fast to play. Much frame ask to broadcast function, enter theme easily fast. Play breakpoint record function plays next time voluntarily continuously, need the breakpoint in control installation to extend broadcast to choose item open. It is local to enlarge function, can differentiate autumn milli, drag with mouse left key to move the area that wants to enlarge for can. 8, support two screen display cards ( as: Sis315 Lei etc. display card), can at the same time show DVD image on TV, this kind of disposition can let you complete, use computer to replace DVD machine. Ask to install in display installation. 9, network DVB broadcasts , can in play VCD, DVD disc carries out network play under the environment of equal net. What pay attention is that now, still do not support the broadcast of WINXP, WINXP can only treat as to take over end. Other operating systems have no problem. 2, audio frequency increases function recently and encircles technology before using skill 1 and the two sound roads of original creation after /, can use ordinary three-dimensional sound box around place form with 5.1 identical encircle sound site, reach the 6 effects with identical sound box completely. 2 the unique number cinema( SDTS) handling of audio frequency technology, can various not the audio frequency of SDTS carry out number handling, so, produce the most powerful handling of audio frequency to export , support the various audio frequencies that goes to 8 sound roads from 2 sound roads to export combination. 2 sound roads: (1) original stereo (2) encircle stereo (3) the ProLogic stereo of sound box (4) former / after encircle sound (5) encircle earphone. 3, invent the software wiring technology of sound box, need one only to drag put can adjust the output of sound box, as is going to make you use 4 sound boxes as changing around need not receive to move bitter sound box. Move mouse arrowhead on the location of plug , it is blue to seek to mark conversion , can move the effect with the wiring location reaching the designated output of sound box through draging to move blue plug. 4, the export technology of SP/DIF is supported to use hardware AC-3 decode acoustic system , makes your family cinema develop the effect that shakes. One , " HeroVideo 3000 " is in the technology and function that unties overlord on have larger raising update edition, all-sidedly compatible WINDOWS XP exceeds value to give " hero DVD2. 1 ". " HeroVideo 3000 " can play Rm and Mpeg4 compressed film perfectly, support Rm and Mpeg4 to reduce the automatic play of film compact disk, it is more outstanding to play effect; Support to gallop III SSE , gallop the instruction fair optimization of 4 SSE2; Support the super speed change and protective CD driver of CD driver; More increase some of perfect interfaces, let your untie overlord personalize more. 2 " hero DVD2. 1 " again well-known hero super DVD image strengthen edition. Attend to name to think justice, play DVD " hero DVD2. 1" effect have great raising, frame effect is more distinct, smooth. And imitate all-sidedly Du than encircle stereo, shadow sound effect does not have so as Lun than; And can charge you detection machine basic information, shadow sound play information is clear at a glance; Head, color, size, location and the typeface of direct free editor DVD caption are domestic to support mouse to drag to put DVD caption; And but basis whether move caption distinguish the DVD disc of true and false. 3 " hero DVD2. 1 " adopt the hero multinomial technology of original creation. Invent sport image trail compensation technology voluntarily, eliminate sport image efficiently subtle tremble; Invent the details preservation technology of an image , avoid that the details of an image are lost; Invent oblique to image handling technology, eliminate efficiently oblique to image sawtooth burr; Invent image colour to insure real technology , prevent that it is more lifelike that frame seep colour and the distorted, vague effect of an image , is distinct. 4 " HeroVideo 3000 " offer various sound video conversion tool. Support AVI, MPEG and GIF to change , MPEG file merger, MPEG4 file is made; Cut out only frame and much freely continuous frame or film part. Can more make own film original vocal cords! Specific method is as follows: , first on the video of play, cut out the part that self likes , preservation uses the tool " MP3 form changes " in the tool of audio frequency again for MPG file , make the music record of this video , so, can make own film original vocal cords. 5 " HeroVideo 2001 XP " have increased numerous function, strain as much display and advanced software wave algorithm, support audio frequency to regard plug-in unit; The partial concentrations of audio frequency the various forms of audio frequency, support the compatible MIDI soft wave with DirectX7 to show , support the AC3 file of audio frequency and so on, compatible WINAMP can regard plug-in unit; Increase program interface editor ware user recently can design self super untie overlord interface. 6 new decode algorithm is use than " original super untie overlord 5.5 " the still perfect MPEG-2 algorithm " super VCD" of edition, effect have exceeded " super untie overlord 5.5 " in MMX edition, because do not consider the compatible problem for not MMX computer , can so develop the ability of MMX fully; At the same time have adjusted IDCT algorithm and correction the mistake in " super VCD ", make new edition have got solid decode kernel, this is new edition foundation. 7 3 D strain wave is the ability " 3 lines strain wave" of using the acceleration card of 3 D make frame be enlarging from time to tome better smooth effect, however, card of 3 D has no too much speed effect when handling the veins frame of sport, in play VCD can still accept , in play DVD use 3 D strain the speed of wave is very slow, major reason is the ability of doing not support YUV veins frame in the acceleration of 3 D because of the most of acceleration cards of 3 D, so " is super to untie overlord 2001" the method of must use software come to carry out handling. 8 is YUV conversion RGB then just let the card of 3 D enlarge , finally big frame BLT that still relies on software in large quantities deliver write screen, so, it is limited that the acceleration of 3 D block the ability of playing. In untying the course of pressing most key for is YUV conversion is RGB, in the acceleration of 3 D, still rely on software conversion, this work have used plenty of CPU times, and the acceleration card of 3 D the image that composes write screen also have no too good hardware acceleration. If the newest acceleration of 3 D blocks G400, possibility is had. 9 the algorithm technology " 4 minute strain wave" is the method of using software realization than " 3 lines strain wave " still perfect enlarge effect, is adjacent at sixteen o'clock the energy distribution operation between pixel, make enlarging the energy between pixel of rear frame even, so realize perfect enlarge effect. 10 the support of much display use software voluntarily the algorithm technology " 4 minute strain wave", use the optimum method of showing voluntarily, realize window the round trip in much display shuttle back and forth, Original network video new technique(The third generation active image compress arithmetic). It can realize low data rate. Using network video new technique, users can construct their own mirror web site and multimedia web site, multimedia video E-mail. Realize smooth network video telephone. DirectCDROM and DirectDVDROM technique, easily read all corrupt disks. Support playing VCD, CVD, DVD,SVCD,DVCD, and CD, MP3 formats file. Support multi monitors, multi display mode: A display wall.B.Multi monitors display.C. Specify monitor to output. Support 3D acceleration, support software smooth hancle. Support 96KHz high quality audio, let us enjoy PC cinema effect. Support plug-in and GUI editor, realize software DIY. Support AVI to MPG, MPG to AVI, MPG to GIF, MPG incorporation. MPG to standard VCD format. (used in CD-R). Support playing multi audio formats files and compress to MP3, including reading aloud TEXT file. Support playlist and visual music plug-in. Add image explorer. "sifen filtering" smooth handling filtering function. Please refer to "Single monitor setting" dialog box. precise 44,100 Hz and normal 22,050 Hz:If your computer configuration is relatively low, we recommend you use "normal 22050 Hz" audio. When you see MTV or movie, use stereo, sing karaoke, see bilingual VCD, you should regulate left and right sound track and stereo mixture sound. Hero VCD automatically skip complicate menu option screen, directly playing. It makes anyone playing DVD easily. DirectDVDROM technique accelerate access and correct error for corrupt DVD, it inherits the advantages of DirectCDROM. Right click, you will see common use functions, i.e. caption mixture mode, lock picture scale, select caption, select dub language. Two caption display mode are high resolution overlay mode and mixture mode. If caption display is abnormal,caption mixture mode can solve it. Support 96KHz 24 bit LPCM audio. Support multi monitors to buildup display wall. Every monitor display a part, all monitor unite to display one picture. Support multi monitors to clone full screen picture, all monitors clone output.Every monitors display in different display mode. Clone display need more CPU time. Support network video new technique, users can construct their own mirror web site, multimedia web site and multimedia video E-mail, etc. Network video new technique includes video phone and network video MPC compress tool. MPC is Herosoft original network video media format, it adopts "The third generation active image compress arithmetic" . SthVCD 5.5 new function: 1.Support DVCD playing function: DVCD is VCD high density format which possesses 100 minutes, SthVCD 5.5 supports it well. SthVCD 5.5 new function: 2.New Universal track playing mode” can play any normal and abnormal VCD,DVCD and etc. Even VCD has no file at all, or the file is only a little part of the whole VCD , it can be played completely. This new function conquers the problems that previous versions can only play a little part of the disc. SthVCD 5.5 new function: 3.Support audio frequency band equilibrium adjustment, such as aggravate bourbon effect, etc. SthVCD 5.5 new function: 4.Support directly turning VCD into AVI file. SthVCD 5.5 new function: 5.Automatically plays any VCD , supports auto playing all types of VCD, DVCD, no file VCD or VCD that was identified as music CD. SthVCD 5.5 new function: 6.Support play MP3, music CD according to random sequence. SthVCD 5.5 new function: 7.Support adjust color deflection, to conquer the problem of inexact color from source CD itself. (MMX version only takes effect when YUV is accelerating. ) . SthVCD 5.5 new function: 8.Support user choose interface background image by himself. SthVCD 5.5 new function: 9.Support adjust color deflection, to conquer the problem of inexact color from source CD itself. (MMX version only takes effect when YUV is accelerating. ) . SthVCD 5.5 new function: 10.Support 3D Now! Technique , get higher speed and better performance in the computer contains 3D now! technique . SthVCD 5.5 new function: 11.Support self-defined hotkey, thus it can support remote controller easily, such as switch to small screen is redefined to ESC key, exit is defined as ALT+x, Please read STHCMD.INI file. SthVCD 5.5 new function: 12.Support dragging function: support to drag MPG,VCD and MP3 file directly to SthVCD 's interface for playing. Hero Super VCD 5.5 (Beta version) isn't 100% finished beta version, maybe it has some problems. If your computer has no YUV acceleration , some problems may come out when it is playing in full screen , so we recommend you should not install this beta version, unless the your computer has better display adapter£¨4M memory, AGP or PCI display adapter with hardware YUV acceleration£©. Otherwise we suggest you should not install this beta version . Hero Super VCD Beta Version function: 1.Support playing super VCD such as CVD,SVCD,etc. And also support DVCD,DSVCD discs. Hero Super VCD Beta Version function: 2.Hero Super VCD 5.5 adopts MPEG-2 arithmetic core, supports any sizes of video windows. Hero Super VCD Beta Version function: 3.Support multi track audio , and its switch. Hero Super VCD Beta Version function: 4.National standard super VCD, it supports 4 languages. Hero Super VCD Beta Version function: 5.Hero Super VCD 5.5 (Beta version ) is not the most perfect, perhaps contains various problems, especially in the computers without YUV acceleration function, so it requires hardware YUV acceleration. Playing no file VCD : Occasionally, we will met some strange VCDs, their format aren't compatible with Windows, we couldn't see any file in Windows Resource manager. This VCD is callled "No file VCD", it temporarily couldn't implement auto play. Thereby it must be implemented by this "Universal track mode" function . It has auto playing capability. SthVCD support choose songs directly in the screen . While playing VCD which support choose songs in the screen ,it like DVD choose songs, well support interactive capability. SthVCD 5.5 can auto hide mouse while full screen playing. When mouse doesn't move it can auto hide itself. As soon as mouse move, it will appear again. This function is convenient to see VCD. If you intend to capture VCD pieces, first, you'd better turn off DirectCDROM, second replay VCD, third, you can capture. Hero Super VCD 5.5 (Beta version) is a new product beta version that we earnestly recommend to user. It can play VCD, CVD and SVCD easily, also support DVCD, DCVC, DSVCD high-density discs. "Super VCD" is national standard, it adopts MPEG-2, 4-track sound and 4-track caption high clearness VCD format. How to switch super VCD karaoke? Super VCD support two track stereo audio , so karaoke perhaps would not adopt left and right tracks , on the contrary, adopt 2 track stereo . Switch to audio channel 0 and audio channel 1 to realize it. Lower temperature of CPU function: It is allowed system call HLT instruction to lower temperature while system is leisure . Because it is OS core in leisure time when it cools down , so it make 100 % use of free time, temperature descension efficiency is very high. This function is exactly the same as Windows NT leisure disposal . It equals to take NT technology to Windows 9X. SthVCD 5.5 configuration and setting are located in "Control", "Audio", "Video" menu respectively, they are not located in "Help" menu any longer. The piece that SthVCD 5.5 captured supports any player, it conquers this problem in SthVCD 5.0. In addtion, these pieces captured can also used in directly make new VCD. Super VCD picture is larger than VCD, it requires more display memory, it will be very hard while display card memory is less than 4M . The best effect mode of SthVCD is set D1 size to play with 800X600 mode. Play current CD: "Auto servo" doesn't search at regular intervals ,but servo, so it won't search and read VCD, MP3, CD that have been existed in CD-ROM. Here, user can directly click "play current CD", thus SthVCD will identify CD and begin to play .This is newly added content, which conquers a disadvantage of STHVCD 5.0 only supports CD auto play the CD which has been just inserted into CD-ROM . Record VCD piece: Please refer to "Control" part of "Video Decoder" . Turn VCD into AVI (Beta version) : Turn VCD piece into AVI file is a new function which sthVCD5.5 newly adds. Through this function, you can complete some "professional" process smoothly . For example, after turning part of VCD into AVI, you can do some nonlinear edit operation. "SthVCD auto servo" is a servo program that makes computer auto play VCD, CVD, SVCD,DVCD and MP3,CD . It doesn't like other software explorers check CD-ROM every other time, but it is a servo program, only check whether it can play after system annunciation that new CD has been inserted into CD-ROM, and remember VCD, MP3 and CD that has been played, so as to be convenient to start play program rapidly later. SVCD and CVD are new formats , which adopt MPEG-2 encode, their resolution are higher than VCD. In SVCD and CVD they all adopt field encode , so it will come out " burr phenomena " in the picture , which will be very ugly when magnify it vertically. So, the best viewing mode for SVCD and CVD is to fix the picture of D1 size. (Hot key shift+home) File dragged function: User can drag MP3 or MPG file directly from "resource manager" to audio decoder, audio decoder will respond these dragged files at once, it is much more convenient than open file mode. SthVCD is the most welcomed decoder in China, it is not limited play CD,VCD or MP3 smoothly, it possesses edit, make functions, for example, to make VCD oneself, to turn VCD to AVI file, to make CD,VCD into MP3, etc. Use "Audio Decoder" to make MP3 music : The main procedures of making MP3 music by "Auto Decoder" are consistent with "CD compression" , the only change is "Open file " instead of "Open CD disc" . You can choose WAV file as source file to compression and record. Audio : SthVCD supply rich sound control. Besides the functions of left and right track and microphone import which are common with other software, it provides sound mixture and set frequency equilibrium functions additionally. Set equalizer: Make Use of it to adjust sound frequency band, like some advance combination acoustics , it can carefully adjust sound, for example, aggravate bourdon or alt effect. Microphone sound import: Open "Microphone sound import" , "microphone " scrollbar on the right of playing interface changed into adjustable status . It can perform microphone volume regulation. Video : With Video menu as soul part, SthVCD supply much more selective mode, which can undertake selection and control of color, picture quality and picture size conveniently. Brightness adjustment: Some movie picture is very dark , in order to see the movie more clearly, you can increase or decrease its brightness through menu's "increase/decrease brightness" or "brightness" scroll bar in the right of interface. For a computer without MMX expand instruction set , adjust brightness will affect its playing speed, however for a computer with MMX brightness adjustment will not affect its playing speed. Modify picture quality : Click "Modify picture quality " , it will pop up a "Picture quality adjustment" dialog box. SthVCD provides 32 class picture quality adjustment totally, 0 class is the best picture quality, 31 class is the worst picture quality. If your computer is over Pentium 120, you don't need any special settings , then you can get 0 class picture quality. Set YUV mode preferential sequence : SthVCD supports YUV acceleration display card of MGA transmission mode ,etc. In general , this item set will auto sorting according to YUV mode that computer display card supports. User needn't user to set it himself, use default sequence is OK.

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