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k1 Q=What is the name of the building where monks live? A1=Church A2=Monkery A3=Nunnery A4=Monastery A=4 k2 Q=What is the name of the wooden shoes worn in Holland? A1=Boots A2=Clogs A3=Shoes A4=Wellies A=2 k3 Q=Who had a magician called Merlin in his court? A1=King Arthur A2=King Henry A3=King Rufus A4=King John A=1 k4 Q=What is a perambulator? A1=Pram A2=Bus A3=Lorry A4=Bicycle A=1 k5 Q=Who invented the first practical steam engine? A1=Watt A2=Stevenson A3=Newcomen A4=Edison A=3 k6 Q=Who invented the gramophone? A1=Bell A2=Marconi A3=Edison A4=Galileo A=3 k7 Q=Which of these did Thomas Edison invent? A1=Reflecting telescope A2=Steam engine A3=Automatic telegraph A4=Telephone A=3 k8 Q=Who founded the science of Electomagnetism? A1=Edison A2=Faraday A3=Babbage A4=Newton A=2 k9 Q=From which English city do Scousers come? A1=London A2=Manchester A3=Birmingham A4=Liverpool A=4 k10 Q=What planet was once thought to have canals? A1=Venus A2=Uranus A3=Mars A4=Jupiter A=3 k11 Q=What most frightened Captain Hook? A1=Pirates A2=Police A3=Crocodiles A4=Gunfire A=3 k12 Q=What grows in a paddy field? A1=Potatoes A2=Corn A3=Rice A4=Pumpkins A=3 k13 Q=What is the modern name of New Amsterdam? A1=New York A2=Newfoundland A3=Los Angeles A4=San Francisco A=1 k14 Q=Which is not a town? A1=Leeds A2=Yorkshire A3=Bradford A4=Huddersfield A=2 k15 Q=Who was known as the Iron Duke? A1=Duke of Kent A2=Duke of Wellington A3=Duke of Connaught A4=Duke of Hazard A=2 k16 Q=How many notes are there in an octave? A1=6 A2=4 A3=9 A4=8 A=4 k17 Q=Which American President was murdered in 1963? A1=Washington A2=Carter A3=Kennedy A4=Regan A=3 k18 Q=What instrument does the leader of an orchestra normally play? A1=Piano A2=Trumpet A3=Cello A4=Violin A=4 k19 Q=What country had three Prime Ministers with the name Gandhi? A1=Austria A2=India A3=Kenya A4=Cuba A=2 K20 Q=What do the Americans call Autumn? A1=The Fall A2=Autumn A3=The start of Winter A4=Washington A=1 h1 Q=Which Roman Emperor was killed on the 15th March? A1=Mark Anthony A2=Julius Caesar A3=Caesar Augustus A4=Tarquin A=2 h2 Q=Which country fought against the English at the Battle of Agincourt? A1=Germany A2=Belgium A3=France A4=Spain A=3 h3 Q=Which country used to be ruled by President Tito? A1=Norway A2=Switzerland A3=Denmark A4=Yugoslavia A=4 h4 Q=Which of these was a real war? A1=Eric's Finger A2=Jenkin's Ear A3=Robert's Nose A4=Heath's Eye A=2 h5 Q=Who ordered Mary Queen of Scots to be executed? A1=King Henry VIII A2=Elizabeth I A3=Richard III A4=King John A=2 h6 Q=Which country in 1707 formed a Union with England? A1=Scotland A2=Wales A3=Ireland A4=Isle of Man A=1 h7 Q=Which former British Prime Minister died in 1965? A1=Attlee A2=Heath A3=Churchill A4=Gladstone A=3 h8 Q=Queen Anne Boleyn had? A1=2 heads A2=3 arms A3=11 fingers A4=1 leg A=3 h9 Q=Who was the monarch when Sir Francis Drake was alive? A1=Elizabeth I A2=Elizabeth II A3=Charles 1 A4=Richard II A=1 h10 Q=What killed the son of George II? A1=Cannon ball A2=Golf ball A3=Cricket ball A4=Musket ball A=3 h11 Q=According to legend what did King Alfred burn ? A1=Houses A2=People A3=Cakes A4=Bonfires A=3 h12 Q=What destroyed London in 1666? A1=Heavy rain A2=High winds A3=A fire A4=An explosion A=3 h13 Q=What did Emperor Hadrian do to keep the Scots out of England? A1=Dig a moat A2=Shoot them A3=Build a wall A4=Throw stones A=3 h14 Q=What were the Roman soldiers called who had charge of a hundred men? A1=Sergeant A2=Centurian A3=Corporal A4=Major A=2 h15 Q=What was the name of the captain of the Titanic? A1=Green A2=Smith A3=Jones A4=Brown A=2 h16 Q=In which building was Queen Elizabeth II crowned? A1=Westminster Abbey A2=St Paul's Cathedral A3=St Martin in the Field A4=Palace of Westminster A=1 h17 Q=Which member of the Beatles group was murdered in New York? A1=George Harrison A2=Paul McCartney A3=Ringo Starr A4=John Lennon A=4 h18 Q=What was the French guillotine used for? A1=Shaving A2=Execution A3=Haircutting A4=Cutting nails A=2 h19 Q=Which of these was a real English king? A1=Harry the Poor A2=Ethelred the Unready A3=Mark the Merry A4=Paul the Mad A=2 h20 Q=What year did the explorer Amundson reach the South Pole? A1=1900 A2=1911 A3=1921 A4=1931 A=2 g1 Q=Where is the Loire Valley? A1=Germany A2=France A3=Switzerland A4=Austria A=2 g2 Q=Which of these letters is the name of a town in Sweden? A1=A A2=B A3=C A4=D A=1 g3 Q=Which is Britain's second largest city? A1=London A2=Manchester A3=Birmingham A4=Glasgow A=3 g4 Q=Which English city has a museum called the Jorvik Viking Centre? A1=Exeter A2=Salisbury A3=Portsmouth A4=York A=4 g5 Q=Which country would you visit to kiss the Blarney Stone? A1=England A2=Ireland A3=France A4=Lithuania A=2 g6 Q=Which country is the setting for the TV programme Neighbours? A1=Australia A2=America A3=Canada A4=Ireland A=1 g7 Q=Which is the northernmost of American states? A1=California A2=Texas A3=Alaska A4=Minnesota A=3 g8 Q=Which of these is a river in New Zealand? A1=Fred A2=Arthur A3=Stan A4=Brian A=2 g9 Q=Which is the language most commonly spoken in Mexico? A1=Spanish A2=German A3=English A4=Portugese A=1 g10 Q=Which of these is not a Scandanavian country? A1=Sweden A2=Spain A3=Denmark A4=Finland A=2 g11 Q=Which country in Europe used to be called Gaul? A1=Austria A2=Ireland A3=Wales A4=France A=4 g12 Q=Which of these is part of Niagara Falls? A1=Horseshoe Falls A2=Dog Falls A3=Cat Falls A4=Reindeer Falls A=1 g13 Q=Where is Hamburg? A1=France A2=Germany A3=Italy A4=Denmark A=2 g14 Q=Where in Britain are The Needles? A1=Isle of Man A2=Isle of Scilly A3=Isle of Wight A4=Isle of Dogs A=3 g15 Q=To get to London from Leeds which way would you travel? A1=North A2=South A3=East A4=West A=1 g16 Q=In which country would you find Stockholm? A1=Norway A2=Sweden A3=Denmark A4=Finland A=2 g17 Q=Where is Athens? A1=Spain A2=Greece A3=Japan A4=Corsica A=2 g18 Q=Where is Benidorm? A1=Greece A2=Majorca A3=Minorca A4=Spain A=4 g19 Q=Where is the Golden Gate Bridge? A1=Los Angeles A2=San Francisco A3=Dallas A4=Sydney A=2 g20 Q=If I take a ferry across the Solent where am I going? A1=Isle of Man A2=Isle of Dogs A3=Isle of Wight A4=Isle of Mull A=3 s1 Q=What is the common name for Sodium Chloride? A1=Vinegar A2=Salt A3=Pepper A4=Plastic A=2 s2 Q=What is forecast by a meteorologist? A1=Your fate A2=The weather A3=Love matters A4=Meteor storms A=2 s3 Q=In a rainbow, which colour is at the top? A1=Orange A2=Blue A3=Green A4=Red A=4 s4 Q=How many arms has a normal starfish? A1=4 A2=5 A3=6 A4=8 A=2 s5 Q=Which famous Disney dog is named after a planet? A1=Uranus A2=Mars A3=Pluto A4=Jupiter A=3 s6 Q=What is a real diamond formed from? A1=Glass A2=Carbon A3=Sand A4=Iron A=2 s7 Q=How many bones are there in an adult human? A1=106 A2=206 A3=306 A4=406 A=2 s8 Q=What colour are the very hottest stars when viewed from Earth? A1=Red A2=White A3=Blue A4=Green A=3 s9 Q=Which of these is a primary colour? A1=Pink A2=Red A3=Purple A4=Orange A=2 s10 Q=Which gem is found in an oyster? A1=Ruby A2=Diamond A3=Sapphire A4=Pearl A=4 S11 Q=What is unusual about the Venus Flytrap plant? A1=It comes from outer space A2=It catches flies A3=It has no green colouring A4=It has no flowers A=2 S12 Q=Where in the body would you find a hammer, anvil and stirrup? A1=The leg A2=The nose A3=The ear A4=The arm A=3 S13 Q=What is dendrology the study of? A1=Teeth A2=Houses A3=Graveyards A4=Trees A=4 S14 Q=How long does it take Uranus to orbit the sun? A1=100 years A2=84 years A3=60 years A4=23 years A=2 S15 Q=What is the collective name for a group of ferrets? A1=A business A2=A colony A3=A pride A4=A covey A=1 S16 Q=Which is the most recent of these geological periods? A1=Jurassic A2=Silurian A3=Pleistocene A4=Cretaceous A=3 S17 Q=Which is the most common British bird? A1=Sparrow A2=Blackbird A3=Robin A4=Thrush A=2 S18 Q=What is the chemical symbol for Oxygen? A1=Ox A2=X A3=H2O A4=O A=4 S19 Q=What was the first artificial satellite called? A1=Sputnik A2=Telstar A3=Death Star A4=Viking A=1 S20 Q=What is the most common gas in the air? A1=Oxygen A2=Carbon monoxide A3=Nitrogen A4=Carbon dioxide A=3 L1 Q=Who wrote Winnie-the-Pooh? A1=A.A.Milne A2=E.H.Shepard A3=Walt Disney A4=Enid Blyton A=1 L2 Q=Who was Sherlock Holmes's arch-enemy? A1=Professor Moriarty A2=Dr Robotnic A3=Dr Watson A4=Professor Branestawm A=1 L3 Q=How did Alice get into Wonderland? A1=Flew there on a dragon A2=Climbed a tree A3=Fell down a rabbit hole A4=Clicked her heels A=3 L4 Q=What was Lewis Carroll's real name? A1=Oscar Wilde A2=Charles Dodgson A3=Charles Dickens A4=David Copperfield A=2 L5 Q=Which of the following is not by Roald Dahl? A1=The Twits A2=Matilda A3=Watership Down A4=Esio Trot A=3 L6 Q=Complete the following title: Five Children and ...? A1=A caravan A2=Me A3=A dog A4=It A=4 L7 Q=What was Shakespeare's first name? A1=William A2=Walter A3=Henry A4=Hamlet A=1 L8 Q=What was the name of the dog in Enid Blyton's Famous Five? A1=Scamp A2=Timmy A3=Rover A4=George A=2 L9 Q=What was the large fruit Roald Dahl's James liked? A1=Peach A2=Pear A3=Plum A4=Pomegranite A=1 L10 Q=What was the name of the one-legged pirate in Treasure Island? A1=Captain Flint A2=Captain Hook A3=Long John Silver A4=Blackbeard A=3 L11 Q=Which of the following is not a Charles Dickens character? A1=David Copperfield A2=Mr Gradgrind A3=Mr Guppy A4=Archie Moss A=4 L12 Q=Who wrote Oliver Twist? A1=Charles Dickens A2=Lionel Bart A3=Jane Austen A4=Andrew Lloyd Webber A=1 L13 Q=What animals were the main characters in Watership Down? A1=Ducks A2=Horses A3=Rabbits A4=Rats A=3 L14 Q=Who killed Cock Robin? A1=A sparrow A2=Batman A3=A crow A4=A fox A=1 L15 Q=What was the land of little people Gulliver visited? A1=Fantasia A2=Wonderland A3=Lilliput A4=Thinifer A=3 L16 Q=What was Smaug? A1=A hobbit A2=A dragon A3=A werewolf A4=A wizard A=2 L17 Q=Which of these schools did Enid Blyton write about? A1=Trebizon A2=Sweet Valley High A3=Chalet School A4=Malory Towers A=4 L18 Q=Who was Tom Sawyer's best friend? A1=Mark Twain A2=Huckleberry Hound A3=Huckleberry Finn A4=Injun Joe A=3 L19 Q=What nationality was Jules Verne? A1=Swiss A2=French A3=Belgian A4=German A=2 L20 Q=Who wrote 'The Phantom of the Opera'? A1=Gaston Leroux A2=Andrew Lloyd Webber A3=Michael Crawford A4=Stephen King A=1 M1 Q=What is an echidna? A1=A monkey-eating spider A2=A spiny anteater A3=A hairy grasshopper A4=A duck-billed platypus A=2 M2 Q=What is the heaviest insect found in Britain? A1=The ladybird A2=The stag beetle A3=The woodlouse A4=The earwig A=2 M3 Q=How long was the longest recorded snake? A1=3 to 4 metres? A2=4 to 5 metres? A3=5 to 6 metres? A4=Over 6 metres? A=3 M4 Q=Which mammal lives the longest? A1=Whale A2=Elephant A3=Man A4=Horse A=3 M5 Q=What does a fish used to breathe under water? A1=Lungs A2=Gills A3=Fins A4=Aqualung A=2 M6 Q=Which of the following do not build a nest? A1=Blackbird A2=Stickleback A3=Cuckoo A4=Robin A=3 M7 Q=When was the first zoo started? A1=12th Century BC A2=5th Century AD A3=16th Century AD A4=19th Century AD A=1 M8 Q=Why do bees swarm? A1=To fight off predators A2=To find honey A3=To find new flowers A4=To start a new hive A=4 M9 Q=What is coral? A1=Small sea plants A2=Limestone formations A3=Skeletons of sea creatures A4=Lava and mud combined A=3 M10 Q=What is a Greenshank? A1=A Fish A2=A Bird A3=A Frog A4=A Butterfly A=2 M11 Q=Why are vampire bats dangerous? A1=They turn people into vampires A2=They kill people A3=They carry diseases A4=They get caught in your hair A=3 M12 Q=What is in a camel's hump? A1=Hair A2=Fat A3=Water A4=Bones A=2 M13 Q=What is a flying fox? A1=A kind of squirrel A2=A kind of bat A3=A kind of fox A4=A kind of bird A=2 M14 Q=What is a mudskipper? A1=A Bird A2=A Fish A3=A Crab A4=A Kangaroo A=2 M15 Q=What animal's meat is called venison? A1=Calf A2=Deer A3=Hare A4=Buffalo A=2 M16 Q=Which of these is not a marsupial? A1=Koala A2=Kangaroo A3=Wallaby A4=Dingo A=4 M17 Q=Which bird lays the largest eggs? A1=Penguin A2=Ostrich A3=Hen A4=Emu A=2 M18 Q=What do rhinos eat? A1=Fish A2=Small animals A3=Plants A4=Humans A=3 M19 Q=Which family of animals does the chamois belong to? A1=Goat A2=Horse A3=Sheep A4=Camel A=1 M20 Q=What is a baby rabbit called? A1=A cub A2=A bunny A3=A kitten A4=A leveret A=3 N1 Q= Who wrote the Brandenburg symphonies? A1=Bach A2=Beethoven A3=Brandenburg A4=Beatles A=1 N2 Q=Which of these is not a musical instrument? A1=Euphonium A2=Trombone A3=Gramophone A4=Xylophone A=3 N3 Q=Which of these is not a group? A1=U2 A2=UB40 A3=C3PO A4=MN8 A=3 N4 Q=What is Super Mario's job? A1=Pizza delivery man A2=Plumber A3=Superhero A4=Computer programmer A=2 N5 Q=What is 007's real name? A1=James Bond A2=Jimmy Dean A3=Jimmy Olson A4=Laurence Whibley A=1 N6 Q=Which actor played Indiana Jones? A1=Ford Prefect A2=Harrison Ford A3=Henry Ford A4=Harry Enfield A=2 N7 Q=What instrument is associated with Nigel Kennedy? A1=Piano A2=Flute A3=Violin A4=Triangle A=3 N8 Q=Who did the voice for Mickey Mouse? A1=Ronald Reagan A2=Frank Sinatra A3=Robin Williams A4=Walt Disney A=4 N9 Q=Which film company produced Bugs Bunny? A1=Warner Brothers A2=Mario Brothers A3=Walt Disney A4=Hanna Barbera A=1 N10 Q=Who produces the adverts shown in cinemas? A1=Torville and Dean A2=Pearl and Dean A3=Jimmy Dean A4=Dean Cain A=2 N11 Q=Who drew Snoopy? A1=Jim Davis A2=Charles Schultz A3=Hanna Barbera A4=Charlie Brown A=2 N12 Q=Which of these is not a real newspaper? A1=The Sun A2=The Daily Star A3=The Daily Planet A4=The Observer A=3 N13 Q=What is Spiderman's real name? A1=Peter Parker A2=Peter Piper A3=Peter Pan A4=Peter Prescott A=1 N14 Q=Which of these has the highest voice? A1=Bass A2=Tenor A3=Alto A4=Soprano A=4 N15 Q=Which of these is the British National Anthem? A1=Rule, Britannia! A2=God Save the Queen A3=Jerusalem A4=Land of Hope and Glory A=2 N16 Q=Which of these is a ballet? A1=The Blender A2=The Garlic Crusher A3=The Nutcracker A4=The Chopsticks A=3 N17 Q=Which of these is not a dance? A1=Mashed Potato A2=Cha-cha A3=Black Bottom A4=Egg Flip A=4 N18 Q=Who wrote The Planets Suite? A1=Mozart A2=Holst A3=Beethoven A4=Brahms A=2 N19 Q=What kind of animal stars in ÔFree Willy'? A1=Shark A2=Dolphin A3=Cod A4=Whale A=4 N20 Q=Who appears as the wizard's apprentice in Disney's Fantasia? A1=Mickey Mouse A2=Donald Duck A3=A dancing mushroom A4=A hippopotamus in a tutu A=1 P1 Q=What nationality was Hercules? A1=Greek A2=Roman A3=Norwegian A4=French A=1 P2 Q=Who created the first dictionary? A1=Albert Collins A2=Samuel Johnson A3=Charles Dickens A4=Samuel Pepys A=2 P3 Q=Who was the first man in space? A1=Neil Armstrong A2=Mihkail Gorbachev A3=Yuri Gagarin A4=Buzz Aldrin A=3 P4 Q=Who was the first man to climb Everest? A1=Edmund Hilary A2=Edward Heath A3=Francis Chichester A4=Michael Crawford A=1 P5 Q=Who is Queen Elizabeth II's youngest child? A1=Anne A2=Edward A3=Andrew A4=Charles A=2 P6 Q=Who discovered Halley's comet? A1=William the Conqueror A2=Patrick Moore A3=Edmund Halley A4=Hayley Mills A=3 P7 Q=Who opened the first supermarket in Britain? A1=Mr B Tesco A2=Mr J Sainsbury A3=Mr WH Safeway A4=Mr H Asda A=2 P8 Q=What is Grandma Moses famous for? A1=Growing bulrushes A2=Painting A3=Knitting A4=Cookery A=2 P9 Q=Who put a telescope to his blind eye? A1=Admiral Nelson A2=Captain Kirk A3=Galileo A4=Patrick Moore A=1 P10 Q=Who was the Lord Protector? A1=Darth Vader A2=Oliver Cromwell A3=Lord Lucan A4=Duke of Wellington A=2 P11 Q=Who discovered Tutankhamun's tomb? A1=Indiana Jones A2=Marco Polo A3=Michael Palin A4=Howard Carter A=4 P12 Q=Who founded the Boy Scouts? A1=Lord Baden Powell A2=Rudyard Kipling A3=Lord Kitchener A4=Duke of Edinburgh A=1 P13 Q=Who discovered penicillin? A1=Alexander Fleming A2=Louis Pasteur A3=Edward Jenner A4=Thomas Beecham A=1 P14 Q=Who began the Methodist religious movement? A1=John Calvin A2=John Bunyan A3=John Wesley A4=John Major A=3 P15 Q=Who was the first British Prime Minister? A1=William Pitt A2=Robert Walpole A3=Neville Chamberlain A4=Winston Churchill A=2 P16 Q=Who first transmitted a television picture? A1=Terry Wogan A2=John Logie Baird A3=Thomas Edison A4=Alexander Graham Bell A=2 P17 Q=Who was the lady with the lamp? A1=Madonna A2=Mary Magdalene A3=Florence Nightingale A4=Anneka Rice A=3 P18 Q=Whose head appeared on the first postage stamp? A1=Queen Elizabeth II A2=Queen Victoria A3=George V A4=Edward VII A=2 P19 Q=Who ran the first four minute mile? A1=Sebastian Coe A2=Roger Bannister A3=Linford Christie A4=Steve Cram A=2 P20 Q=Who started Virgin Airlines? A1=Elton John A2=Freddie Laker A3=Richard Branson A4=Robert Maxwell A=3 F1 Q=What is the main ingredient in Bombay Duck? A1=Fish A2=Duck A3=Curry A4=Lamb A=1 F2 Q=Where in Europe would you expect to buy gazpacho soup? A1=France A2=Spain A3=Germany A4=Italy A=2 F3 Q=Where do peanuts grow? A1=On trees A2=In water A3=Under ground A4=On vines A=3 F4 Q=How long should an egg boil to be soft-boiled? A1=1 minute A2=3 minutes A3=10 minutes A4=1 hour A=2 F5 Q=Which of these is not a fruit? A1=Paw-paw A2=Ugli A3=Papaya A4=Yam A=4 F6 Q=Which of these is a Greek dish? A1=Moussaka A2=Lasagne A3=Consomme A4=Fondue A=1 F7 Q=What is the main ingredient of sauerkraut? A1=Potatoes A2=Fish A3=Cabbage A4=Sausages A=3 F8 Q=What is a Welsh Rarebit? A1=Cheese on Toast A2=Rabbit stew A3=Leek and mushroom pie A4=Lamb casserole A=1 F9 Q=What is the traditional accompaniment to roast pork? A1=Mint sauce A2=Apple sauce A3=Tomato sauce A4=Horseradish sauce A=2 F10 Q=What is kept in a cruet? A1=Crumpets A2=Salt and pepper A3=Butter A4=Cutlery A=2 F11 Q=What is cornflour made from? A1=Wheat A2=Rye A3=Maize A4=Rice A=3 F12 Q=What part of a plant is mustard made from? A1=Flower A2=Root A3=Leaf A4=Seed A=4 F13 Q=Carrots are high in which vitamin? A1=A A2=B A3=C A4=D A=1 F14 Q=How many eggs does an average hen lay a year? A1=100 A2=230 A3=360 A4=490 A=2 F15 Q=What is tofu made from? A1=Chick peas A2=Eggs A3=Soya beans A4=Goats' milk A=3 F16 Q=Which of these fish is never caught around Britain? A1=Cod A2=Herring A3=Whiting A4=Kipper A=4 F17 Q=Who wrote the first cookery book? A1=Elizabeth David A2=Mrs Beeton A3=Jane Asher A4=Mrs Bellamy A=2 F18 Q=What do Vegans not eat? A1=Vegetables A2=Beans A3=Animal products A4=Vitamins A=3 F19 Q=Which cheese has the most calories? A1=Stilton A2=Danish blue A3=Cottage cheese A4=Cheddar A=1 F20 Q=When was Coca-Cola invented? A1=1803 A2=1886 A3=1921 A4=1964 A=2 b1 Q=How many sides has a quartz crystal? A1=Four A2=Six A3=Eight A4=Seven A=2 b2 Q=What is the Giant's Causeway in Ireland made from? A1=Granite A2=Basalt A3=Limestone A4=Chalk A=2 b3 Q=What are stone columns hanging from the roofs of caves called? A1=Stalactites A2=Stalagmites A3=Stallions A4=Statistics A=1 b4 Q=Which of the following is not a mineral? A1=Gold A2=Diamond A3=Coal A4=Pearl A=4 B5 Q=Which is the highest mountain in Africa? A1=Mount Kilimanjaro A2=Mount Ararat A3=Table Mountain A4=Mount Cook A=1 B6 Q=Which of these is spelled correctly? A1=Mississippi A2=Misissippi A3=Missisipi A4=Mississipi A=1 B7 Q=What is the stretch of water between Hull and Amsterdam called? A1=English Channel A2=North Sea A3=Bay of Biscay A4=Baltic Sea A=2 B8 Q=Which of these is not a sedimentary rock? A1=Shale A2=Chalk A3=Limestone A4=Basalt A=4 B9 Q=What is the molten part inside the Earth called? A1=Lava A2=Core A3=Magma A4=Crust A=3 B10 Q=What is the instrument used to measure earthquakes called? A1=Stethoscope A2=Barometer A3=Polygraph A4=Seismograph A=4 B11 Q=Which is the largest continent? A1=Africa A2=Asia A3=America A4=Antartica A=2 B12 Q=What is the highest waterfall in the world? A1=Niagara Falls A2=Angel Falls A3=Victoria Falls A4=Swallow Falls A=2 B13 Q=What are the Northern Lights? A1=Streamers of light in the north sky A2=The Blackpool illuminations A3=Sun reflecting off the polar ice-cap A4=The midnight sun A=1 B14 Q=Which is not a form of lightening? A1=Ball A2=Sheet A3=Fork A4=Knife A=4 B15 Q=What is the highest of these cloud formations? A1=Stratus A2=Cumulus A3=Cirrus A4=Nimbo-stratus A=3 B16 Q=What is the world's second-highest mountain? A1=Kilimanjaro A2=Everest A3=K2 A4=Mont Blanc A=3 B17 Q=Where is the Great Geyser? A1=New Zealand A2=Iceland A3=United States A4=Japan A=2 B18 Q=Where are the Mountains of the Moon? A1=On the Moon A2=Africa A3=Nepal A4=Switzerland A=2 B19 Q=What is the mistral? A1=A wind A2=A sea-water marsh A3=A river bend A4=A mountain formation A=1 B20 Q=What is the highest mountain in England? A1=Ben Nevis A2=Snowdon A3=Helvellyn A4=Scafell Pike A=4