witcyst: 05/15/2005 - 05/21/2005

... ALDEHYDE ACCORDING VENETIANS UNDERBRACING DEREFERENCE OLYMPUS EXCITATION ... ILLINOIS SYNTHESISE STABLY RANDOMISATION HEEL PERFORATED DEJECT DELUXE ... Source: witcyst.blogspot.com pg1 May06 File Format: PDF/Adobe AcrobatYour browser may not have a PDF reader available. Google recommends visiting our 50mm Slat. 445551. Adjustable tilt control for light and privacy. Easily ... Timber Venetians and Slimline. Aluminium Venetians, to required ... Source: www.magnetmart.com.au Window Fashions Manufacturer of verticals, Venetians, pleated, cellular and roller blinds. ... (b) venetian systems - mini, micro and macro; assembly hoists, rail and slat ... Source: www.window-fashions.com 95625 ABC ABMs ACLU ACTH AFAIK AFAIKs AFDC AIDS AIDSes ANSI ANSIs ... ... Velvet Venetian Venetians Venezuela Venezuelan Venezuelans Venice Venita ... slash slashed slasher slashers slashes slashing slat slate slated slates ... Source: ipsc.ksp.sk All words legal in OWL2 (incl. expurgated ones) ... SKID SKIM SKIN SKIP SKIS SKIT SKUA SLAB SLAG SLAM SLAP SLAT SLAW SLAY SLED ... VENERATED VENERATES VENERATOR VENETIANS VENGEANCE VENIALITY VENIREMAN ... Source: www-personal.umich.edu

From frank Adams.

Dear Friend, Greetings/Compliments of the day, On 25th July 2000, Dear Greetings/Compliments the On July Germany 96 flying New to a by on Concorde AF4590. the link further on disaster of above, wish introduce I'm Adams, chartered by worked a the Newspapers, previous experience an Auditor the of and Advisor the Business Firm completed articles KPMG. know acknowledgement this sounds fact earlier an In 2002 an session a bank in tobago.I opened the in by Eich.I files this gave a picture his has termed according laws ethics in and in account exceed years back Treasury. file understood that declare next kin his application which had will to account. prompted a his got reply. further interest find his (Wife 38, and Katharina, on AF4590. really this, want use opportunity channel funds their investigations that intend use arms no of friend than war, etc, a at Tsunami they our to funds huge wish to the Furthermore, the is waiting anyone documents humbly your and to can be foreigner that belongs a worked with assistance my confident for make a and positive. essence, have ground as authentic to can and all back-up fund of all need your co-operation this showing dedication honesty assist, you contact would the steps and would a mail the venture. look prompt Regards, Adams. Friend, of day, 25th 2000, lost passengers were York join Deilmann Flight Visit below for detail the Germany. view the I to a have as Financial Independent as Internal at University Business at Small Development .I I the of intriguing the that wasn't information my Being auditor, during audit with trinidad discovered account 1998 Christian went the clear that account been to banking and trinidad tobago. funds cannot of or would to Government I he not his of in form he his This me send forwarding but I investigated keen to out Christian (57) with Andrea Son 10 Daughter board It's scene. known the now this the for use. showed they to for purchase war if one for at end quarter rather terrorism Have the and need assistance make new The in and disclose bank still for with to I participation claim fund country. fund having to foreigner. have on of close attorney years to this proved In I every on to you the beneficiary the I procure notarize legal documentation for to out my I from is When receive letter, your and to I like to so take necessary immediately provide with detailed business I forward your response. Regards, frank Adams.

Requirement of Valves - 517

Ref. 517 Sir/Madam, Please quote for the following valve requirements. Regds, Arvin I. Ball Valve Item No. Qty Unit Description Ball Valve, ANSI Class 600, all welded body, carbon steel, butt welded ends to be welded to stated API-5L matching pipe for buried installation. Max & Min operating pressures are 1050 PSI and 400 PSI design, dimension testing and marking to API-60 latest edition and ANSI-B-16.34 conforming to spec IGS-MS-PL-010. All appendixes, test conditions, actuator sketch, data sheet, technical requirement, valve type schedule shall be completed, confirmed, signed and sealed by manufactures and attached to technical bid. All valves should be coated by polyurethane material. Ball Valve full bore 2.7 meter stem extensions from valve center line for under ground operation equipped with gas over oil actuation including: line break system and local push bottom remote control and also limit switch for connecting to fiber optic system for remote control 1 7 No. 4" for pipe 4" x 0.172" GR B 2 1 No. 6" for pipe 6" x 0.188" X 42 3 2 No. 8" for pipe 8" x 0.203" X 42 4 2 No. 10" for pipe 10" x 0.219" X 42 Flange ends with 2.7 meter stem extension full bore under ground installation 5 3 No. 4" (gear) Flange ends ball valve full bore under ground installation for hot taping 6 2 No. 8" 7 1 No. 10" II. Lubricated taper plug valve Item No. Qty Unit Description Lubricated taper plug valve, ANSI class 600, carbon steel, regular pattern, rectangular port with min flow port area of 75%. Max and min operating pressures 1050 PSI and 400 PSI. Valves shall be equipped with position indicator and locking device. Design, dimensions, testing and marking to API-60 latest edition. All valves shall be coated by polyurethane. Butt welded ends to bewelled to stated matching pipe with 2.7 mt stem extension from valve center line. Valves shall be gear operated 1 2 No. 2" for pipe 2" x 0.154" GR B With 2.7 meter stem extension for buried installation wrench operated and flange ends 2 3 No. 2" III. Needle valve Item No. Qty Unit Description 1 20 No. ½" Needle valve, carbon steel, one piece body with bleed tap, needle point type both ends female thread NPT (API) Material: Body & bonnet forged: Carbon steel to ASTM A-105 Stem: Non rotating trim (none) and bleed tap shall be stainless grade 304 acc. To ASTM A-276. Metal handle with square stem connection, min pressure rating 3000 PSI at 120 Deg F valve external surface prepared for painting by grit blasting or degreasing and to be coated by coal tar epoxy with min thickness of 250 micron IV. Safety Relief Valve Item No. Qty Unit Description 1 10 No. 1" x 2" Safety Relief Valve, according to IGS IN 302 Class 150 with set point of 60 PSIG June 26, 2006


Consultation. FROM THE DESK: Dr.Alex Vangalizu. (Bsc, PhD) DIRECTOR: MINERALS & ENERGY. SOUTH AFRICA DEPARTMENT OF MINERALS AND ENERGY. PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA. Top of the day to you. Compliments and greetings to you. Haven found you listedwith your countries trade portal it is my wish to do business with you, hence your receipt of this letter. I have decided to seek a confidential Co-operation with you in executing of a deal hereunder for the benefit of all parties, and hope you will keep it confidential because of the nature of this business. I am the Director of Mineral and energy Resources of the South Africa Department of minerals and energy and I have the co- operation of two other top officials, we have in our possession an overdue payment in US funds.The funds represent some percentage of the contract executed on behalf of my ministry by a foreign firm, which we Over-invoiced to the amount of US$14,500,000.00 (Fourteen Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars.) Though the actual contract cost has been paid to the original contractor, Leaving the excess balance unclaimed. Since the present Government is determined to pay foreign Contractors all debts owed, so as to maintain good relationship with other governments. As a result we include our bills for approvals with the co-operation of some officials at the Ministry of Finance. We are seeking your assistance as the Beneficiary of the unclaimed funds,since we are not allowed to operate a foreign account. We hereby propose that, should you be willing to assist us in this transaction your share as compensation will be 20% while my colleagues and I receive 70%, 5% for miscellaneous expenses, and 5% for charity organization.This business itself is 100% safe, provided you treat it with utmost confidentiality. I have reposed my confidence in you and hope that you will not disappoint us. Please kindly notify me for further details, upon your acceptance of this proposal. Best Regards, Dr:Alex Vangalizu.

SKY by Madee

SKY by Madee


qw 001 (Medium) dotty

qw 002 (Medium) dotty

qw 004 (Medium) dotty

Witcyst - Data Cap 00-05-2006 CD-Rom

LifeSpace#185 15-05-2006_6_05_36_a-m-.jpg 15-05-2006_6_05_37_a-m-.jpg 15-05-2006_6_05_38_a-m-.jpg 15-05-2006_6_05_39_a-m-.jpg 15-05-2006_6_05_40_a-m-.jpg 15-05-2006_6_05_41_a-m-.jpg 15-05-2006_6_05_42_a-m-.jpg 15-05-2006_6_05_43_a-m-.jpg 15-05-2006_7_33_05_a-m-.rtf 15-05-2006_8_38_57_a-m-.mp3 15-05-2006_8_38_59_a-m-.wav 15-05-2006_8_47_57_a-m-.mp3 15-05-2006_9_05_25_a-m-.mpg 15-05-2006_9_07_04_a-m-.mpg 15-05-2006_9_07_36_a-m-.mpg 15-05-2006_9_08_16_a-m-.mpg 15-05-2006_9_09_42_a-m-.mpg 15-05-2006_9_10_27_a-m-.mpg 15-05-2006_9_11_53_a-m-.mpg 15-05-2006_9_27_14_a-m-.mp3 16-05-2006_3_41_16_a-m-.MP3 16-05-2006_4_04_37_a-m-.mpg 16-05-2006_5_32_42_a-m-.MP3 16-05-2006_6_03_30_p-m-.mp3 16-05-2006_6_08_36_p-m-.mp3 16-05-2006_6_10_38_p-m-.mp3 16-05-2006_6_11_40_p-m-.mp3 16-05-2006_6_36_05_p-m-.MP3 16-05-2006_6_41_47_p-m-.MP3 16-05-2006_6_47_32_p-m-.MP3 16-05-2006_6_53_27_p-m-.MP3 16-05-2006_7_01_17_p-m-.MP3 16-05-2006_7_02_43_p-m-.MP3 16-05-2006_7_03_26_p-m-.MP3 16-05-2006_7_19_10_p-m-.mp3 17-05-2006_6_49_51_p-m-.mp3 17-05-2006_6_50_16_p-m-.mp3 17-05-2006_6_53_46_p-m-.MP3 17-05-2006_6_59_52_p-m-.mpg 18-05-2006_6_51_06_p-m-.MP3 18-05-2006_6_59_24_p-m-.htm 18-05-2006_7_59_47_a-m-.MPG 18-05-2006_8_00_26_a-m-.MPG 19-05-2006_3_11_15_p-m-.MP3 19-05-2006_4_22_26_p-m-.MP3 19-05-2006_5_33_37_p-m-.WAV 19-05-2006_6_44_48_p-m-.MP3 20-05-2006_4_38_02_a-m-.exe 20-05-2006_4_43_27_a-m-.exe 20-05-2006_4_47_24_a-m-.exe 20-05-2006_5_06_27_a-m-.jpg 20-05-2006_5_08_34_a-m-.jpg 20-05-2006_5_26_07_a-m-.MP3 20-05-2006_5_36_09_a-m-.MP3 20-05-2006_5_37_21_a-m-.MP3 20-05-2006_5_38_40_a-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_17_26_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_19_44_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_23_08_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_25_09_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_31_03_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_32_04_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_33_09_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_34_15_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_35_22_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_35_37_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_36_29_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_36_43_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_37_07_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_37_46_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_38_18_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_38_53_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_39_07_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_39_41_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_41_18_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_41_36_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_42_15_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_42_39_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_43_19_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_43_56_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_44_06_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_44_52_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_45_13_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_46_35_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_47_05_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_47_48_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_48_36_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_49_35_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_49_55_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_50_51_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_50_59_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_53_52_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_54_37_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_54_58_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_56_30_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_56_52_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_57_11_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_58_41_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_58_53_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_58_59_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_59_05_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_2_59_47_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_3_01_06_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_3_01_47_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_3_02_23_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_3_02_48_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_3_03_09_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_3_03_38_p-m-.MP3 21-05-2006_5_29_26_p-m-.exe 21-05-2006_5_42_42_p-m-.exe 21-05-2006_5_45_07_p-m-.exe 21-05-2006_7_53_17_a-m-.wav 21-05-2006_7_55_27_a-m-.WAV 21-05-2006_12_56_46_p-m-.mp3 22-05-2006_4_17_04_p-m-.jpg 22-05-2006_5_25_21_p-m-.mpg 22-05-2006_5_27_05_p-m-.mpg 22-05-2006_6_02_27_p-m-.mp3 22-05-2006_6_43_23_p-m-.mp3 22-05-2006_6_56_39_p-m-.MP3 22-05-2006_8_32_86_p-m-.mpg 22-05-2006_10_47_13_a-m-.rtf 22-05-2006_22_22_22_p-m-.mpg 23-05-2006_3_03_33_a-m-.JPG 23-05-2006_5_34_05_p-m-.MP3 23-05-2006_5_56_06_p-m-.MP3 23-05-2006_7_35_25_p-m-.mp3 23-05-2006_7_37_48_p-m-.mp3 23-05-2006_7_41_16_p-m-.mpg 23-05-2006_7_46_50_p-m-.mp3 23-05-2006_7_48_54_p-m-.mpg 23-05-2006_7_53_12_p-m-.mpg 23-05-2006_7_56_45_p-m-.mp3 23-05-2006_7_56_46_p-m-.jpg 23-05-2006_7_56_47_p-m-.jpg 23-05-2006_8_00_14_a-m-.mp3 23-05-2006_8_01_25_a-m-.MP3 23-05-2006_8_01_58_a-m-.mp3 23-05-2006_8_03_50_a-m-.gif 23-05-2006_8_22_04_a-m-.MP3 23-05-2006_8_24_26_a-m-.MP3 23-05-2006_8_25_05_a-m-.MP3 23-05-2006_8_28_47_a-m-.MP3 23-05-2006_8_30_17_a-m-.MP3 24-05-2006_7_39_55_p-m-.MP3 24-05-2006_7_39_56_p-m-.MP3 24-05-2006_7_39_57_p-m-.mp3 24-05-2006_7_39_58_p-m-.MP3 24-05-2006_7_39_59_p-m-.MP3 24-05-2006_7_59_07_a-m-.mp3 24-05-2006_7_59_14_a-m-.MP3 24-05-2006_8_04_36_a-m-.MP3 24-05-2006_8_07_50_a-m-.jpg 24-05-2006_8_07_55_a-m-.mp3 25-05-2006_7_09_06_p-m-.mp3 25-05-2006_7_21_14_p-m-.mp3 25-05-2006_7_21_15_p-m-.bmp 25-05-2006_7_21_16_p-m-.bmp 25-05-2006_7_21_17_p-m-.bmp 25-05-2006_7_21_18_p-m-.bmp 25-05-2006_7_21_19_p-m-.bmp 25-05-2006_7_21_20_p-m-.bmp 25-05-2006_7_21_21_p-m-.bmp 25-05-2006_7_21_22_p-m-.bmp 25-05-2006_7_32_54_p-m-.MP3 25-05-2006_7_36_51_p-m-.jpg 25-05-2006_7_39_05_p-m-.jpg 25-05-2006_7_44_06_p-m-.jpg 25-05-2006_7_57_17_p-m-.jpg 25-05-2006_8_11_25_p-m-.jpg 25-05-2006_8_15_55_p-m-.jpg 25-05-2006_8_21_37_p-m-.jpg 25-05-2006_8_21_39_p-m-.jpg 25-05-2006_8_21_43_p-m-.jpg 25-05-2006_8_41_32_p-m-.jpg 25-05-2006_8_43_05_p-m-.jpg 25-05-2006_8_44_08_p-m-.jpg 25-05-2006_8_47_16_p-m-.jpg 25-05-2006_8_51_37_p-m-.jpg 25-05-2006_8_53_06_p-m-.jpg 25-05-2006_10_02_00_a-m-.mp3 25-05-2006_10_02_06_a-m-.MP3 25-05-2006_10_04_36_a-m-.MP3 25-05-2006_10_11_07_a-m-.MP3 25-05-2006_10_13_26_a-m-.MP3 25-05-2006_10_15_58_a-m-.MP3 25-05-2006_10_20_22_a-m-.MP3 25-05-2006_11_31_16_a-m-.mp3 25-05-2006_11_31_19_a-m-.mp3 25-05-2006_11_39_48_a-m-.mp3 25-05-2006_11_39_49_a-m-.mp3 25-05-2006_11_45_04_a-m-.mp3 25-05-2006_12_00_21_p-m-.mp3 25-05-2006_12_06_55_p-m-.mp3 25-05-2006_12_09_07_p-m-.mp3 25-05-2006_12_18_46_p-m-.mp3 25-05-2006_12_37_04_p-m-.mp3 25-05-2006_12_41_53_p-m-.mp3 26-05-2006_3_22_48_p-m-.mp3 26-05-2006_3_22_49_p-m-.mpg 26-05-2006_7_17_05_p-m-.mp3 26-05-2006_7_21_22_p-m-.mp3 26-05-2006_7_24_13_p-m-.mp3 26-05-2006_7_31_09_p-m-.mp3 26-05-2006_7_36_47_p-m-.MP3 26-05-2006_8_10_38_p-m-.MP3 26-05-2006_9_26_25_a-m-.mp3 26-05-2006_11_45_46_p-m-.mpg 27-05-2006_2_40_01_p-m-.jpg 27-05-2006_2_49_47_p-m-.jpg 27-05-2006_2_49_58_p-m-.jpg 27-05-2006_2_50_04_p-m-.jpg 27-05-2006_2_50_52_p-m-.jpg 27-05-2006_2_51_17_p-m-.jpg 27-05-2006_5_02_37_p-m-.wav 27-05-2006_5_02_46_p-m-.wav 27-05-2006_5_06_19_p-m-.wav 27-05-2006_5_09_26_p-m-.wav 27-05-2006_5_16_24_p-m-.wav 27-05-2006_9_14_53_p-m-.wav 28-05-2006_12_49_45_p-m-.mp3 29-05-2006_4_51_06_a-m-.MPG 29-05-2006_4_54_26_p-m-.mp3 29-05-2006_5_16_23_p-m-.mp3 29-05-2006_5_20_28_p-m-.mp3 29-05-2006_6_39_25_p-m-.mp3 29-05-2006_6_53_07_p-m-.MP3 29-05-2006_7_02_08_p-m-.MP3 29-05-2006_7_12_03_p-m-.mp3 29-05-2006_7_21_38_p-m-.mp3 29-05-2006_8_01_52_a-m-.MPG 29-05-2006_11_11_01_a-m-.wav 29-05-2006_11_11_02_a-m-.wav 29-05-2006_11_11_03_a-m-.wav 29-05-2006_11_11_04_a-m-.wav 29-05-2006_11_11_05_a-m-.wav 29-05-2006_11_11_06_a-m-.wav 30-05-2006_6_28_01_p-m-.MP3 30-05-2006_6_33_47_p-m-.MP3 30-05-2006_6_34_38_p-m-.MP3 30-05-2006_6_40_26_p-m-.MP3 30-05-2006_6_43_14_p-m-.MP3 30-05-2006_6_44_04_p-m-.MP3 30-05-2006_6_44_38_p-m-.MP3 30-05-2006_6_46_52_p-m-.MP3 30-05-2006_6_47_23_p-m-.MP3 30-05-2006_6_48_07_p-m-.MP3 30-05-2006_7_31_38_p-m-.MP3 30-05-2006_7_38_42_p-m-.MP3 30-05-2006_7_56_43_p-m-.MP3 31-05-2006_4_48_55_p-m-.mpg 31-05-2006_4_48_57_p-m-.mpg 31-05-2006_4_52_06_p-m-.mp3 31-05-2006_4_52_24_p-m-.mp3 31-05-2006_4_52_37_p-m-.mp3 31-05-2006_4_58_46_p-m-.exe 31-05-2006_5_00_01_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_02_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_03_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_04_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_05_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_06_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_07_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_08_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_09_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_10_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_11_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_12_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_13_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_14_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_15_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_16_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_17_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_18_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_19_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_20_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_21_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_22_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_23_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_24_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_25_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_26_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_27_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_00_28_p-m-.jpg 31-05-2006_5_18_47_p-m-.wav 31-05-2006_5_19_54_p-m-.wav 31-05-2006_9_08_22_p-m-.mp3 31-05-2006_9_08_27_p-m-.mp3 31-05-2006_9_09_09_p-m-.mpg 31-05-2006_9_09_52_p-m-.mp3 31-05-2006_9_10_26_p-m-.mp3 31-05-2006_9_12_06_p-m-.mp3 31-05-2006_9_19_37_p-m-.MP3 31-05-2006_9_22_08_p-m-.MP3 31-05-2006_9_29_52_p-m-.mp3 31-05-2006_9_31_17_p-m-.mp3 31-05-2006_9_34_07_p-m-.MP3 31-05-2006_9_36_39_p-m-.mp3 31-05-2006_10_10_10_p-m-.mpg 31-05-2006_11_11_11_p-m-.mpg Pile ALLList by Hand.

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