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Victoire! The territory is… you! Press on the bar d' spacing to pass to the following kingdom. This is a message. Click with the RIGHT button of the mouse for l' to erase. A Guard must absolutely be able to store l' however extracted by its imps. Click on l' ic “of the room of the tr ‚sor appearing in the panel of the rooms, and fill the zone towards l' west with carr ‚S ROOM of the TREASURE. Use the keys fl ‚CH ‚are to see the infernal zones of the basement. Apply rotations and zooms… l' helps of RIGHT key CTRL and keys fl ‚CH ‚be. Remarkable! Press on the RIGHT button of the mouse so that the cursor returns on the hand. Extract from l' however in the zone IS while making slip the cursor and while pressing on the LEFT button of the mouse. Your imps will extract from l' however and will carry it towards the ROOM of the TREASURE. So that your Cr ‚atures work more, strike to them in pla ‡ ant the hand them and while clicking with the RIGHT button. When you strike them, your Cr ‚atures have badly. Catch your Cr ‚atures of the Keep… l' helps of the LEFT button of the mouse, and with the RIGHT button, drop them in a piŠce or on a carr ‚from your Keep. Cr ‚atures carry out the tƒches more appropri ‚are. Cheer for your avidit ‚, Guard. You must now transform part of your Keep into CAVE O Cr ‚atures will put back and be able R ‚cup ‚R ‚. The zone which your imps finished d' to exploit would be id ‚ale. S ‚lectionnez l' ic “CAVE in the panel of the rooms. Dig a tunnel jusqu' with the NORTHERN gate. The gates are repr ‚feels ‚S on the chart by carr ‚S which flicker jusqu' … this qu' they are R ‚clam ‚S. Cr ‚atures can use only the gates R ‚clam ‚S by a Guard. Your imps R ‚protest a gate s' it touches your Keep. You owe d' access to build a ROOM of the TREASURE. S ‚lectionnez l' ic “ROOM of the TREASURE in the panel of the rooms and click with the LEFT button on the carr ‚S in the zone situ ‚E… l' WEST of the Heart of the Keep. Collect Cr ‚atures while clicking with the LEFT button. Drop to them d' a RIGHT click in a room or on a carr ‚belonging to your Keep. Cr ‚atures achieve the tƒches more appropri ‚are. So that your Cr ‚atures work more, strike them while clicking with the RIGHT button the hand. Each blow administr ‚makes suffer your Cr ‚atures. You n' did not build a ROOM of the TREASURE yet, you cannot thus pay your Cr ‚atures. Only the imps make gift of their loyaut ‚. No other Cr ‚ature will be useful to you free. Your first flunkey is arriv ‚. C' is a GIANT FLY which vomits a corrosive substance on your enemies. Its wings give… this hideous insect a sufficient speed to intercept nimblest of the intruders. A BEETLE s' is faufil ‚in your kingdom. It is strong enough for R ‚sister… much d' attacks. Like the majority of Cr ‚atures, the BEETLES must nourish themselves. Dig a new zone and S ‚lectionnez l' ic “HATCHERY. Of breakage-cro-you tasty ‚will mergeront bient “T of this ground enchant ‚. The imps strengthen your walls for empˆcher the intruders to dig tunnels. If you D ‚will sirez Cr ‚er more imps, S ‚lectionnez l' ic “of the IMPS in the panel of RESEARCH and click with the LEFT button on an unspecified point of the Keep. Each new imp dimensions expensive than Pr ‚C ‚tooth. What you would say d' a poign ‚E of Cr ‚atures prˆtes… ˆtre balanc ‚be on the intruders? To take them quickly, click with the LEFT button in the panel of the CREATURES. You can drop them only within the limits from your Keep. The intruders approach: They seek faults in your fortifications for p ‚N ‚trer in your Keep. The white line on the chart indicates their progression. Click on l' ic “affich ‚in top of the control panel to increase the chart. Enjoy your premiŠre victory during qu' it is still time. You have D ‚clench ‚the colŠre of the lord of this kingdom. Its ARM ‚E will be bient “H T…. The large lord is arriv ‚. I can feel his fear. Beat it and you will be the maŒtre kingdom. Your work here is termin ‚. Nobody any more can you empˆcher sweep this puant kingdom and d' ‚to tighten your empire with the close territories. G ‚nial! You need more imps. Use the fate of CREATION of IMP to attract them in your field. N' do not forget that each new imp is more expensive than Pr ‚C ‚tooth. S' they n' do not have d' orders, the imps s' activate… to reinforce your Keep. The walls fortifi ‚S retain the intruders. In the rooms with the walls renfor ‡ ‚S, your Cr ‚atures feel as at them and H ‚ros is even more terrifi ‚S. Utilisez the sortilŠge POSSESSION of the panel of RESEARCH and click on Cr ‚ature that you D ‚will sirez contr “ler. Use the RIGHT button to put an end to the sortilŠge. Remember as of the ‡ ons learned… GRAY MINE. You must build a ROOM of the TREASURE, a CAVE and a HATCHERY, and you will have R ‚to protest a GATE. Choose zones of 9 carr ‚S at least to increase to them efficacit ‚. You will have to reinforce your Cr ‚atures in a ROOM d' DRIVE. They will be able there to refine their talents of guerriŠres, to gain news comp ‚tences and to learn from the more powerful fates. All occurs well, Gardien. Let your imps strengthen the walls of your Keep, for accroŒtre the R ‚sistance of the rooms and push back d' ‚ventuels invaders. The ROOM d' DRIVE attracts Cr ‚atures extrˆmement F ‚roces, such as the DEMON LITTLE RUNT. Build one and they will come. For entraŒner Cr ‚atures, drop them in the ROOM d' DRIVE. The number which apparaŒt sometimes above their tˆte indicates the ransom price of their entraŒnement. You can acc ‚L ‚the RER L' entraŒnement Cr ‚atures by striking them. H ‚ros are D ‚J… in way. You ensure that your Cr ‚atures are well entraŒn ‚are and prˆtes… l' attacks. H ‚ros that you will face here are more coriaces that those of GRAY MINE. These H ‚ros ‚taient strong, but they n' ‚did not taient obviously… your height. H ‚ros are in way. You ensure that your Cr ‚atures are well entraŒn ‚are and prˆtes… l' attacks. F ‚sales by auction, You overcame the enemy hordes. Build a keep with a ROOM of the TREASURE, a CAVE, a HATCHERY and a ROOM d' DRIVE. These rather large rooms owe ˆtre, because the promiscuit ‚night with moral of your flunkeies. Build a LIBRARY. C' is L… that the new instruments, the plans of the ROOMS and the MAGIC SPELLS are ‚labor ‚S. It owes ˆtre at least as large as the other rooms. the researchers like the calm one, ‚thus vitez of l' to install prŠs d' a corridor. Your new LIBRARY will attract Cr ‚atures like the WIZARDS, who are interress ‚S by the magic and the design of the keeps. These ˆtres malevolent is truths rats of bibliothŠque and is also magicians. Voil… an impressive collection of parchments and d' works. The majority of Cr ‚atures can make research, but the WIZARDS are the best and more passion ‚S. These Cr ‚chocks of TROLLS n' are not able… to hold the books and it arrives to them mˆme of mƒchouiller the pages. L' odor of the knowledge of the mysteries has to attir ‚an avid WIZARD in your keep. N' do not forget d' entraŒner your WIZARDS. They can throw fates and are useful for the combat… distance. The vague premiŠre d' attackers gŒt in piŠces on the ground. Your field gives l' d' impression; ˆtre dress ‚. The following wave will not delay. You still have gagn ‚, Gardien. All these corpses will contribute… the fertilization of the ground of your hatchery. They will serve ‚galement d' warning with the other imprudent adventurers. All is… new calm. Profit for you Pr ‚avoid the next attacks. L' enemy gathers and n' is not beaten yet. This imp plays foot with the tˆte of quelqu' one, or what? Remain vigilant, Gardien. C' is l' occasion rˆv ‚E d' entraŒner a wizard. Your research carries D ‚J… their fruits. The sortilŠge d' ACCELERATION is a R ‚used. Use it and note the incredible rapidit ‚Cr ‚ature. L' disparaŒt effect gradually. Build your keep with the rooms… your provision and R ‚protest the gate nearest, but you do not venture in NORTH. Powerful enemies trŠs are there carpet and it would be better not D ‚to arrange as long as you will not be prˆt. Grƒce… of brilliant research, your imps can build bridges. You will need these bridges to cross the most dangerous zones of the hells. A ‚tude of the plans of the keep has R ‚v ‚L ‚that l' WORKSHOP produces essential pieces of furniture (DOORS and TRAPS). If your WORKSHOP comprises at least 9 carr ‚S, it will attract the best craftsmen of the hells. To manufacture TRAPS and DOORS in your WORKSHOP, you will have to assign Cr ‚atures… this work by lƒchant them in the room. The OBJECTS fabriqu ‚S can ˆtre S ‚lectionn ‚S dŠs qu' they are prˆts… to leave the panel of l' WORKSHOP. When your troops are sufficiently important and well entraŒn ‚are, send them to NORTH and ‚foul all that you will meet. You will have to find a means of crossing the riviŠre of lava in fusion which bars you the road. The heart of the enemy keep palpitates under your...

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Ls342 'Reveal'

Listed in category: Music > Cassettes , Bidding has ended on this item. Item:WITCYST rare weird tape ETP # 484. New Zealand Noise!!! WITCYST rare weird tape ETP # 484. New Zealand Noise!!! Item condition: Like New Ended: Aug 21, 200905:18:59 MYT Bid history: 3 bids Winning bid: US $96.00 Approximately MYR 334.08 Seller info rocksteadybutweird ( 171) 100% Other item info Item number: 160356086566 Item location: Lansing, MI, United States Post to: Worldwide Item specifics - Music: Cassettes Genre: -- Condition: Like New WITCYST rare weird tape ETP # 484. New Zealand Noise!!! This unknown beast is by "Mince Vince Wince" on Witcyst's own label. Strange cover and even stranger sounds. Seriously amazing, and beyond rare. Only chance to grip this outsider genius tape!!! Sold As is! This is an old analogue tape. They can age. No returns. Paypal due three days after auction closes. PAYPAL ONLY!!!! Shipped fast and with love and care. Any questions? Just ask. For Fans of: Whitehouse, avant garde, electronics, Underground, Noise, AmericanTapes, Wolf Eyes, Dead Machines, Merzbow, Psych, real people, strange, Throbbing Gristle, No Fun, Hanson, Aaron Dilloway, Hair Police, Haters, Prurient, Synth, Reynols, Double leopards, DIY, Punk, Weird. Return policy: The seller will not accept returns for this item. And I Do Not Accept This Description. Rec. Saturday 16th July 1999 (excerptah)

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