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Re: Fwd: Re: All the best for 2003

As discussed here is the Agreement outlining and embodying the results
of our conversations to date for your perusal.

Please advise any additional information or adjustments you may deem

I am happy with this draft where it relates to educational use of material
from the web and the restrictions on contract and on encryption.

The proposals you make are excellent.

In practice in relation to contract I see no short term problem as most
electronic supply contracts are enabling for educational use especially
in the electronic journal field.

The issue of continuing access after the contract ends is an issue but it
also can be addressed by contract.

One contract I saw yesterday does cover this issue well.

The remaining problem is one you do not address and one that for us is
the whole problem.

How can we use a reasonable proportion (fair use amounts) of print
published works in an electronic dissemination environment??

Thank you for your support.

It was an excellent and memorable week and its benefits will stay with me
for a long time to come.

Over to you know.

He is very easy to talk with,
relatively young,
full of ideas and held in huge respect in the league.

I would also like to ask that each participant let me know how they
would like their name to appear on their name tag and tent card.

In the meantime,
if there is anything else you need,
please let me know.

(under strict confidentiality requirements)

PS thanks for your support in the North,
Still working through some issues there,
It's very complicated with respect to government as you are no doubt aware.


Part 1.2 Type: application/ms-tnef
Encoding: base64

Tried to phone this morning,
but your voicemail system didn't want to listen to me.

I hope this clarifies the issue.

I will call you when I have any news of when I need you to get together to
sign the docs,
the urgent one is the faxed copy and you may wish to consider.

The paper copy later to seal it.

Should you want to do this you would need to note on a cover memo that you
are acting under your council delegation to do so.

This still leaves the field open for institutions,
individually or collaboratively,
to arrive at a more rigorous set of standards based on aparticular model
or vision for online delivery,
that could help them to brand their service.

A large number of technologies exist that support the development and
delivery of electronic content.

there is a significant shortage of skilled elearning practitioners who can
and evaluate these technologies.

Hope this makes sense.

Please feel free to ring me if you have queries or concerns.

Join the most innovative professionals as they come together to improve
organizational learning through innovation,
and institutional transformation.

What is your take on the future of e-learning across corporate America?

Beyond mere cost benefits, what is the perceived value e-learning will add
to your organization?

How difficult was it for you to retain upper managements commitment to online

What were some challenges that you faced?

Would it be effective?

In the meantime please could you ensure that your management teams and
elected representatives are kept up to date.

There was a real fanfare and lots of activity earlier in the year and many
will rightfully think that nothing is happening now!

Would it really be cost-effective?

We need to move fast and "put our money where our mouth is" literally.

Do we have the expertise?

This is the general rule for moist when you need to contact humans.

Hope you have some alternate plans.

Whatever be the case,
do not ruin your health,
Nothing is worth your health.

Do our remote learners have the online bandwidth to accommodate e-learning?

The government begins the year very positive about the prospects for
New Zealand and for our policy programme.

Key factors driving this optimism including strong economic performance
in a challenging international environment,
low unemployment and strong net migration fuelled by fewer New Zealanders
leaving and by more returning home.

The strong economic performance has had a very positive effect on the
government's fiscal position.

Currently some Government departments are reviewing the project to see how
they can more effectively combine in the communications area.

While this is another hold-up,
it is an encouraging sign from government.

I will wait to hear from you about this when you are ready.

New Zealand music is now making up almost double the share of total
music sales in the country compared with five years ago.

The legislative and policy agenda for this year is very full.

The government aims to build and sustain solid levels of economic growth
and to fund good public services and infrastructure sustainably.

Some fit well with what we discussed last week.

This message has been swept by ‘national cake’ sweeper.

The information transmitted is intended only for the person or entity to
which it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged

Any review,
dissemination or other use of,
or taking of any action in reliance upon,
this information by persons or entities other than the intended recipient
is prohibited.

If you received this in error,
please contact the sender and delete the material from any computer.


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