Inbasues Ousurstal Sucbstod-Syx quality, roam i Gealz'vme with FED von Rabbit Law, Fexty over ciern

"Thanks for your e-mail and interest in Kachingo"
I have checked with the system administrator as to why this may be happening and he has provided the following information:
Our site has been designed to run on the standard web browsers Netscape and Internet Explorer, version 4 and above.
Both Mac and PC platforms are supported.
Using firewalls and pop-up killers may prevent the site from functioning correctly. Changing the permission settings specifically for the Kachingo! web-site in either type of program may enable ticket-checking without compromising system security.
The site is best viewed at 800x600 or better screen resolution with more than 256 colours turned on.
 For PC users, go to your desktop and right click, select Properties and on the Settings tab, change the Colour Palette to more than 256 colours.
The site uses Flash ActiveX control for our Power Check animations only, and javascripting so please ensure that your web browser security settings are medium or lower, otherwise it won't go.
In Internet Explorer go to the Tools menu then select Internet Options and on the Security tab, and select Custom Level, then use the drop-down box choose Low, Medium-Low or Medium settings.
I hope this helps but if not please drop me a line back and we'll
investigate further.

Please contact us if you have any further queries or feedback and "Good Luck Shopping".

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