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I issue want any pores compensation and quota how stingy can

why can't pull the pin and put as much effort

increase of 250 acceptable and doubling closer would have been

minimum acceptable outcome from this prices mean its enormous support

New Zealand community therefore not only increasing the quote about embracing

communities it really was a to know what you know what you get

their the scenes when the first great experience arrived there

disappointing and that's our loss and most importantly the loss of people

could have enjoyed a good life here

you know I well it's not even the minimum they can get away with

think they can get away with this i think it's important that we maintain

a beat

really really just need to keep pressure on a lot of looking

well that's the figure that the process has come up with and I'm great

believer good prices around these sorts of issues and independent

compensation for the kind of inflation that would occur with the sunlight

I think that it's about time though that a decision was made in the compensation

was paid and i'm sure there is a lot of improvements that can be made

seems to have been a denial from the very beginning to either

flips it's just a few so it big 16 they might have got it wrong

well there are two sort of context here that stand out for me one

when we want to be keep safe from violent offenders

and it's actually in credit

you know I suspect you in with a belief that they've got the right person

if they haven't got the evidence to support it was really they didn't think

we were going out there isn't a thorough investigation into the snow

of our police leadership

inflated but we can't lift every fiji quote about 4,000 be any values left

government that is pretty much devoid of principle and actually good policy

so they have got the sluice gates opened on migration and uncontrolled foreign

that's not helping the economy either productivity growth is zero

know we've got 70,000 Nick migrants coming in turn 50 extra refugees

neither here nor there any the key point that gets lost in this is that the

caliber and qualifications of the refugees that we get a generally really

actually get incredibly good value if you really want to be called harder

yeah so it's not it's not actually a charity case or also have an obligation

doing this is a wastin can sorry that i was using a geometric argument

rebuttal yet to a government that's the best that's policy and that of course

have an obligation

better and take yeah that's not good enough the world bank's

we've got the most natural resources were here the in any country and we must

have been there

a salad a businessman over him not getting is like probably in a legal one

component in the calculations very close to zero so there's a night

so they're not going to compensate him for it well that's just yeah yeah

just wrong

creepy you must you must have been bloody just horrified

I was just kind of what I was expecting really i think you know it's the same

sort of solution to a lot of the issues that pop up now it's just a compromise

announced that the global resettlement need is the largest it's ever been

they'd been some smart additions to their like a variety


needs if they did it leads to something that we can do that smart and clever

a real contribution

then let's do it we just not seen anything that smart or clever

it's still a half ways to please keep people happy and it's move on

something else is just not good enough

space to make the government itself is rubbing

our own supporters wouldn't want us i die i have i've met anyone from national

or was there

wrong or they just had added

no I thought I think that I'm most supporters would see

real benefit to New Zealand contributing internationally

trying to leave an independent international law if we don't bring

what's the point of being there yeah and the convention is all about

sharing the bird and internationally

we need to step up and do a bit more and i think that the government

will be disappointed at airport locked out for two decades

have been wrong anywhere

how many other tiny pores do you think we've got locked up and out and our

presence is that how many other innocent human beings

I call on our bloody like that that there was a question of innocence

but the other thing that pops up to me a lot is how we're dealing

health in and I feel it's a real fairly right now

what what are the training we're doing internally with without

system who shouldn't be there because trust me matter when you get stuck

that system

it's pretty hard to get out yeah you know if you if your needs not identified

early enough you'll be stuck in that situation for me that's a big issue

that's popped up here that we really need to talk about we've got a master

right now will you be on the evil teen thousand our museum prison system

the first time ever in our history

what we said we always take five percent right listen to me we say T machine do

we know

can we can we can we can we really season knowing there are any mortar

boards locked up inside their presence is them who were just being denied

well the thing is when you have a case like 10 & Poor's case

some alarm bells right

constructive manner and start to look back and review some of the files

that's what we expect them to do yeah you think it'll happen

I hope what I can see why not

they're doing

term isn't the issue here with the porter case that he was framed

compensation is nothing that aggravates feature of it all is that the police

you go back to the involved initially operating

circle around and then he kicked it upstairs

yeah and then he saw that he was so distressed in this situation

prosecution for for some sort of resolution to the crime wave

real waves created down the that he was put into a monster political

situation we had to do something and he made some very very bad calls

just want to bring it up a stick through the hip to the prospect prosecution

yeah so we get some very bad legs in the air and if you look at the other

so this is a minute you introduce this

well its structural structural and competence and its sustainability

pick on a soft target and and not to hear and to have to go all the way


I'm to convict them was here

it's nothing terribly way outraged when comparing people like that

lawyer very diverse either because if you look at some of those miscarriages

Justice you actually find that mirror just a few and creatively in constant


yeah who are responsible basically for not putting up a proper defeat in porous

rest on the police just hours and in the crown the crown prosecution

thank you can we need to move on to after lying

bring the media to sneer

so you know I mean they're refusing to look at the text sort of system

yep and you know we've hit the the minimal introduction of the bright-line

teeth but no more fundamental reform

we had a $25 awake increase after far too long


which only the government obviously has ruled has today to put in place

living me that was the whole point of this or we talked to them and actually

they quite liked that we're not going to bother them that they

make me the head but that never happened and he/she is smearing the murder

this is desperation he gone and competence I'm not going to let

the helping people not for profit

why was he the target of a smear and of course rightly said is

desperate because there is no way out

now as for people liking living in tires

down in memory last night last night for the hell and back up for her

i just got things i learned that God what happens if you haven't got


we did you get a shower yep because i was bloody glad to have one

because that is just ridiculous

the good thing about this if there is any good thing is that every now

that's just wrong that's just unacceptable and this is unacceptable

call it what you like and I think that's why this minister is wriggling

hawk like a womb who is caught because you know there is no way out of this

family and I need to change it makes energy signature

10 months time

how's how's that a solution now the solution

here is that meanie at that might I add the due to the 2016

problem is that happen yeah i mean we've seen that was you know like i mentioned

they help people get access to what they actually entitled

is so complex

yeah and you know I mean entitlement systems are not easy to set up

history of way to make sure that people can actually access what they're

entitled to and prevent these people in these different situations yeah term up

what has been at need to do to actually get stood there

I didn't quite hear that last bit

what do you want to call it that leaking goes and fingers of course

media publishers and the for the media will say well with but good face

publishing it so that they can be suit and that this real difficulty when

someone in the legal ministerial level of authority goes out and does something

and this is who I mean charity as you say as she would ride

stripper this smear rather than do something about it in this government

see what what about a natural disaster what would happen to all the recross

why are they involved in this because it will look bad to them and they would

actually rather see people sleeping in towers

problem and it is a a set twisted you completely

thank you can we need to move on to issue the horrific

well we definitely have politicians who are prepared to exploit you

horrifying in my hopefully unique set of events and both cases for the sake

know not have consistency really when it

you know comes to treating situations and of of that nature

why not

you know that's just the fact and there's no point trying to spin out

need to believe I don't think it's connected to that it's more about

you know it's just this kind of dog politics of people can get up

supporters behind

what people don't understand the complexities behind why their issues

how is it possible that in this year absolutely no what is it doing

event and people need to stop for a second and think about the hot more

that's what they need to look at is this more about fear and height than ideology

oh well I think that's exactly what it's about in terms of being able to blame

I mean my understanding is the sky was born in the United States

garage is an American you're it for me it's about animals

to get your version of events because I'm there was a client early on that

circle appears not according to the the media person

able to attend immediately but i just want to go through this marina

think absolutely appalling

when it happens in this country where is it it's not on the news

new zealand for example was completely negligence


so in the kind of a shame the claim from family tomb was that he was shot

yeah well actually they saw originally that that they had phases were involved

and what what what it actually was was that done

i'm assuming that my tail actually didn't know that the police the media

deserve at least I arrives he's got a a slash your blade and one hand in the new

throws the slicer blade over the top of the car even approaches the side

car with the machining at this point and this is the disturbing bit you know with

the windows up load from inside the car on the bunker the prison

in the front lows about who knows maybe half a dozen shots through

the window


no record and in the shattering glass and of course the sound of the priests

within the carpet that the witnesses think it's a pop on over

our even stairs backwards and this is the bit

the machine obviously at this point is about

according to meters away there's some distance even raises hands

to trying to imply anything falls to his means and at this point and these two

witnesses in the youth at this point on another witness

house so all three have seen this happen

he's on his knees and according to the witnesses

execute like one shot to the torso

we will largely that's the allegation yes that's the allegations

we will we will actually have you on the show again and turned

I think there are some real big questions about the museum police

what they were doing with the weapons on that day

thank you for that we have to read the show before we go

from our your final with this week

is world market refugees are survivors in our victims

they're wonderful people

well i think that this wait shouldn't go by without noticing the

fact that for the first time even used its species powers in

I'm to extend paper into late and you originally brought into this country

legends right and i think the real question here

actually as how can the government get away with us this makes

concerned about the smarts of the opposition and having you know one and

lost energy like that in the same we can I think some hard questions need

I really do and it's a problem that we know how to solve

use the government to do money that just wants to treat

and as a play thing

not as a place to build house people and for God's sake get people out

don't get charged to 70,000 phone that they carry for the rest of the line

great that you were down there by the way excellent I'd time you'll

find the word

described as having absolutely overwhelming numbers of

over with over a million now the proportion of population is actually is

actually at least and what new zealand Jackson in normal immigration

single year

listen Claral seniors are now reaching quite a girl

never ending crusade to attack and integrate anyone caught helping the poor

and showing up in policies doctors helping children and cold state houses

noses teaming to the homeless churches that donate blankets at this stage

soprano on a revenge be in that you don't screw over those generous enough

to help fight the crisis that you yourself have built

even be in next week for watching it for the state

shut up and goodnight why do you force the strength is brought to you by you


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