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whe mhe zoom Of chluKOAhgsrahatr UIHFER Oso-Bed-Oy minute

i know i like it anyway ordered more of them

autistic foams I don't think it's called that I'm sorry

all the artistic forms you know yeah I have a slight reverb especially when

playing the our game so it had to be done

I love the smell of the film though especially when I mixed it with glue

it smells like blue and foam in here and I'll of tearing them apart from each

other yes no more love for you four panels

this time I really the complementary to the man's man and manageable pieces are

going to put them up next to the balcony there's like some wood panel or drywall

bullshit there that echoes so we're going to cancer that out

it really is it off to cut the foam so if you want to do this

get the big fucking foam because you can make literally whatever shape you want

you to cut this with our sister as well so really you see after the years them

super glue on my sticky tape because the sticky tape it

it's just it's it's not strong enough the fucking phone panel will will try to

escape the walls

so the gluten bitches on there

also i got more stuff for my wall this is this is literally world

I love it most people on twitter has already seen my new canvas paintings and

oh yeah they're big

look at it they are the size of my fucking table and the you know the

results were really good Toto I love canvas paintings look at that

oh yeah it's the my new banner made by the gears are not years or gears are

very talented

I'm looking out that's absolutely stunning

i also ordered all another canvas actually the witch this time I never

made a video but i have played a living shit out of it so i think it

deserves to be on my canvas as well

yeah it all if already fits more closely in here

you know instead of white walls I will rest are you doing doing up that and the

autistic foam

it looks great it's a little bit delivery

the witch oh yeah look at all

it's that dog but making me all hard also have I have a bad

many people don't think i have a bad but i do have a bed so don't worry about my

bed is the station and my old paintings

I was trying to make doom be our time exclusive

not on my watch I'm on be games over every one of that I was fighting


it wants to make it an exclusive ecosystem

don't walk on coals there we go right where you belong in the present bin

this thing in there your dick I've actually screw the screen in place

it won't fall off the worry i also did some management you know what

happens to people to make sure the management

that's right to go to management health where they will suffer cable

management for eternity because no

everything is still the same I could have a basement fire two years ago

well perhaps three years ago I lost

I did have a trust for a little while as well but I sold it

I key wherever you do don't order this piece of shit

it's garbage get like you our trust you know this this is don't

bury it

and now i'm showering it I'm sure it right now but it's

was not sponsored by these computer that's a garbage we don't get it


those okay look at and that's so stupid i love it

oh man it's my new car

devotee or the revolt able to have to tape are our road to the floor because

when I was shitting the brakes my shadow was rolling backward step it

that was my solution and a really weird book arrived yesterday I think I used to

gear book

help I don't even know what is what i was getting another

button are some garbage book

what is this i don't read books get out of here it was pretty cool

god damn it why are you why is it the good shit in here what is this

age of corn and loved by super high or

god I'm a bit sad when half the was filled with

how do you find some good people here Oh actions were in here and for


oh yeah I love for generations pretty much the reason I'm sort of making


be honest awesome and I didn't find and from the shop as well

good pretty good at yeah I chromosomes

oh I really it was actually quite fun getting this

and I found them level and I think there was some more people i don't know

i missed someone

as well I didn't even know he had a robust


so very well the like and favorite this ship and I don't stacking i'm sorry i

really need to stop slacking

I'm very sorry

they don't have that's what people yeah the creature who

was there isn't right

ha ha i would never read a book in a hundred years from now





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