Tias Onmlom Myoul Guand would life,
Vadedcbust comes Pere Jut Plusidcice,
Builhue Desouthe

There are eleven days,
the devil king in order to become the world's first sand.

The factory will protect the villagers,
they asked,
the prices let him to the far factory text unitary possession of the horse.

The village,
to learn martial arts sword,
but he suspected cattle devil to twist into the to the field to play,
refused to agree.

after several times.

In the case of the elders of the nice,
she reluctantly agreed,
and then she inquired about the pieces from the pieces,
village to village.

All division,
colour father you division.

Must go through the peach village,
and the peach blossom village is a sacred heart,
beautiful people gathered.

the iron fan prices is not assured,
then go out of the three principles of the third to not in the peach village.

Vocals pour.

To the peach blossom village,
Fifty three about each time.

Cattle devil one is fast color flesh,
but in order to be able to go abroad,
had to swallow not express their views.

When he was walking,
he would have to see the "three-out-of-the-three" rule,
giant I cattle devil out of the city somebody.

Mortem and small wild sand and called one,
since i,
so wonderful!

Unitary plan and but also plant somebody.

Mortem cattle devil gone suspicious.

Prices is still not assured,
and quickly sent a detective is followed by the back of the devil.

All division,
colour father you division.

do not play,
rake half.

Meaning factory do,
magic too public listen to tie,
half of the year.

ask with,
the original,
crazy family thanks.

He also only with,
not me.

But he was calm and concentrate on the martial arts,
but was the iron fan prices trouble after,
his earth has been quiet down no longer.

Whenever in the martial arts playing sandbags,
bag as the iron fan prices and force to hit to vent,
knot old bern's fruit to break a lot of sandbags and other martial arts equipment,
so that the master and the soil.

All division,
colour father you division.

But also to remind him of life to be happy,
to learn zen life,
do not worry about the past,
do not worry about the future,
grasp now.

But as long as the iron fan sandbags.

Small sound,
back to grams to two class,
fan too magic,
public cattle.

The king ceremony side.

Face tile god.

Intermittent in addition,
the other shoes.

In fact,
this farce is in fact,
this is a farce he said.

All division,
colour father you division.

In fact,
this farce is designed,
you can rest assured!

Cattle devil listen to feel good gas and funny,
when penalty is also very grateful to my master of some pains.

Apologize and mouth all not,
with the devil king apologize.

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