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When closing the dac caution when closing the zip-per,
when closing the chuck slowly slide while holding down the slider strongly.

After closing to the end,
njust in case please slide it again from the other side to make sure that the chuck is securely closed.

If it comes to inflate after a few days after compressing,
the possibility that the chuck is not completely closed there is.

Please close again as above and use.

Please press the slider firmly and slide slowly when you close zip-per.

Once close to the end,
please confirm the zip-per is closed fully by side again from the other side.

Please note that the zip-per may not be closed fully if there is some air n the bag after couple days.

Please close the zip-per again as above above.

Please hold me strong.

Press it down firmly Compress bulky futons to approximately third with sliders easy opening closing!
(Approx inch)

Easy open - close by sliders!

Compress-on-bal No Seven Compression bag strongly,
pliteration to-recautions please read before using it.

please keep it while you are using.

Please store the contents after drying well.

If drying is insufficient,
it may cause mites and mold.

When the size or thickness of the object to be stored is special,
it may not enter.

Also check the guidelines of the stored items and be careful of putting in too much.

It will cause air leakage.

Please never bend the fastener part of the compression bag.

The fastener part may be deformed and cause air leakage.

Do not use drugs other than oxygen scavenger,
insect repellent,
mildew proofing agent etc in compression bags,
concentrate effects on part of the compression bag,
causing discoloration alteration.

Do not use.

Do not drag or scratch the compressed bag that you have stored,
it may be damaged.

Please store the fastener part in front if it is stored.

If you store for a long time,
take out at about six months,
please restore with a heavy sun or dryer,
please use again.

Down clothing clothing of ninety degree or more can be used.

Avoid using items containing feather material.

In the case of a hard feather,
the bag may break if compressed.

When used in downwear,
please be seventy of the usual degree of compression,
the possibility of tearing will be reduced even if a hard feather is included,
and the recovery rate will be better.

Please keep out of reach of children.

When wearing a bag it will cause suffocation and it is dangerous so please never wear it.

Please do not use for food and animals use or children's playing absolutely.

Please do not bring it close to heat or fire.

Please do not scratch with a knife,
needle etc.

Do not use it because it can not be compressed with a circulating vacuum cleaner that does not emit exhaust.

Please throw away the trash inside the vacuum cleaner before use.

Continuous use of the vacuum cleaner will cause the motor to heat up and cause it to malfunction.

If you continue to compress more than two bags please allow more than ten minutes and then use again.

Use for other than original use please do not.

In the event of a defective item,
we will replace it at the purchasing store.

We can not assume responsibility for damages arising from the use of this product,
lost profits or any third party's request,
so in advance.

Please acknowledge When disposing,
please follow the disposal category of each local government,
Please read before it uses it.

CAUTION esitle using it,
please keep.

Sundry sun to prevent mites and breeding breeding.

Or dry it thoroughly with a dryer.

Please dry it enough in the sun or the dryer prevent the tick or the mold.

Please insert the contents into a yarn bag in a size that can be put in a compression bag.

When pushing in by force,
since the compression bag will be damaged,
please be careful to ms.

Please do the work on a flat floor.

Please fold the strage items as big as you can put in the compression bag.

Please note that the compression bag explodes if it forcibly pushes it.

Please work on a flat floor side.

Please wipe the wipe gently with a damp cloth part of the compression bag.

If foreign matter such as fiber and dust is caught in the fastener part,
it may cause air leakage.

Please use the cloth well after squeezing.

Large amounts of water can cause mites and molds.

Wipe the fastener part of the compression bag.

Close the slider from the end of the fastener slidingly while pressing lightly.

After closing the fastener,
please confirm again ner that there is no place to open.

Jer Insert the slider from the edge of the fastener,
and slide it while lightly suppressing it.

Please keep the opening space in order to put the hose of the cleaner in the compression bag.

After you close the fastener,
check it if there is any opening spaces.

Switch on the vacuum cleaner and suck it.

Please use garbage inside the vacuum cleaner after throwing it away.

It may cause a malfunction.

Suction more than necessary (compression of about third or more)
and suction for one to two minutes or more will be burdensome to the vacuum cleaner and cause a malfunction,
please stop.

Turn on vacuum cleamer and start suction.

Please empty the vacuum cleaner before use.

It may cause a breakdown.

Please open the zip-per and take out the stored items when taking out.

Please take out the contents of the vacuum for more than half minites or more than half races.

Please take out the stored items,
please dry with a dryer,
sun dried.

The recovery rate of the stored items will differ slightly depending on the material and usage.

Open the fastener and take out the storage items.

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