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Whtgfute VUGED fall engthoindon,
Mutice splirmsueg

Haere Mai program attracting young people back to new

AUCKLAND - January 1, 2062 - Analice Cameron was barely three
years old when her family fled the 2036 Submergence. Now she's
come back. "We joke it's not New Zealand anymore, it's New-New-
New Zealand. But that's just having a laugh. For the first time in
my life, I feel like I'm home."

Cameron is one of approximately seventeen thousand young Kiwi
transplants participating in the New Zealand government's Haere
Mai Program, which offers tax incentives to displaced New
Zealanders for returning home. The program is the brainchild of
PM Tama Ngata, who is widely credited with facilitating the
revitalization of Auckland and Christchurch through risky, post-
Citarum River Disaster investment in the nanotech construction
industry. "It's time to let the world know we're still here," said
Ngata of the program. "Our nation is strong. Not even the Die-Off
could bring us down. We've rebuilt, and our doors are open."

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