Joea GUKynsmvu've nor're konmp ON JIRHove'sll Snonijh S'Dag CIAspry,
Hulbedgm seigapok Juorn

Nerashlungen was once a guannber Then was good,
 called was called.


The Suffolkin
"3dy must be a sallet.
 3d) must have a good sowe.
 id) must have a good,
     new Sante
     The then 3afob built a sowe.

New salle was great.
The new salus mar).

Then 3efob "
3d) babe a good new suction.
    A suction iit aludy idhön.
    About my good,
    meues Saug iit leer.

3dy must have a storm.

"3afob faufte stort,
 Gr (3afot) fallite bielstorm,
 Tas Storm mar in the Sallie,
 Bas Bafot had built 3afob said iit ro good
3d) babe biel Storm,
         good storm,
 in my drink!

Mar once a malls,
 bie Smeaue mar ftein,
 but as a sol var hungry,
 iebr bungrig.

The fine one said,
 This story is the nursery favorite.

The House that Jack Buit,
"which has a counterpart in the folk-lore of many countries."
 The pears have been refused to fall trom a certain tree,
 But it is not a good thing to do it,
 but it's a good thing to do,
 but it's not a good thing to do Calf,
 which is now ready to drink the water.

The water is ready to go out of the fire,
 the fire to burn the stick,
 the dog to the dog,
 the dog to bite the boy,
 the boy to shake the tree,
 so The pears consent to fall.

När den ngen mddy I'm hungry,
 idy bin io bungrig!
Bafob has stolen in his new Sauje.
 3dy will give in bas sowe.
 3d) mill Storm ireilen!

he mouse went into Bafobs Saus.
The one from fanb bag s Storm.
 said the Slaughter,
 "yours is a good storm,
  yours fann ido freifs,
  io much idy mill,
  the ijt well,
  iebr The mouse mar iebr hungry and ate bielstorm Bafob had a state,

 The slate mar big "The State 10 was hungry,
 and the Seate said
" 3d am so hungry, a moat?
 "The state fab the flea S),
 bie bae Storm in 3efo68 Sants frais,
 uno chased" 20 Da ijt an idhöne, fleine S) Raus.
 3d) wants to release the Sloaus. "

The state caught The SMaue,
 and it is,
 I'm going to live,

 "said State,"
 Let us take a storm in Saffs,
 "it must be iterben,
 fleine maug,
 Dit must iterben!"

20 The fleine glanced.

3dy mar io hungry,
 dear state!

3dy got nidt biel Storm.
3d mill nid) t dying!

You must take it,
"said The State,
 and the State of the State,
 The Flemish State,
 had a wait Stat Sin The new mill Dae
 Yes Fobs Parts went to the garden and put in the sun.

"20dy!" Said State,
"The Bonne ito marmt and good!"
 20Be ba fant a Solmb, 
        a great Sounb.

   Mar Bas fobe Sumb.

 The Silmb fab bie State.

Hovered over Sumb,
 ba is a state,
 the staye is located in bermarinen s Bonne.
The situ fambride (itill, nidyt aloud)
 bier bin id!

3dy mill bid) plague,
              dear state!

"The Scafe iprang on a tree,
 and sunballed it,
 and barked so loud,
 bafs oie poor state iidy fitrdyte."

Said the armue stage,
"About Sumb iit io great!
 About SiunD barking loudly!

 he stub jah ben Sunb int garden The Stub the State The Stub said
 "9 (dy! The Olaus has struggled bas Storm,
  Dag Storm,
  ba8 in Bafob's new Sallie was Then iagte bie Stub
 "3dy mill in ben garden go

He wants to bust Sumb,
   he has plagued him,
   idy milt him (Ben Sunb) plague!

The fam in the garden and plagued ben poor sun and the state.
iprang bom 8aume uno went into the Sante,
 in 25 bag idöne,
    new suction ,
       Bas Bafob.

Y a obs from went to ben garden and placed iidy in bie marmue eonne.
 said Bon stage,
"and warns us well."

 A suno, a great sunb.
    Mar Ba fobe Sitno.
 The Dunb fah bte State.

"20d!" Hunted over souno,
 ba iit a state,
 the staye lies in ber marmen s Conne.

The fam sbrle (itill, midyt loud) unbiaced rstate,
 here am id!
 3dy mill bid plague,
 dear state!

"The staye fprang on a Qaunt,
 and Sunb itano 10 ant sufe bes SBauunted and barked.
 gr barked io loud That The poor state iid feared" 20d!
 Said The poor stage,
"About Sumb iit io groß!
 About Siunb barking loudly!
 The Stub had long Sörner,
 The Sith saw Sunb in the garden.
 The Stub iah audy The nye The Stub said Dy!

 Ba ilt ber böie Silnb,
 who is bustling in the state and asked the bat bae Storm,
 bae Storm,
 bag in 3arob8 menuent Sallie mar,
 then stub stub
"3dy mill go into the garden.

3d) mill den böien Sunb plague,
 he begged bate State plagued,
 idi mil
(plague him)

"The stub fam in ben
(Siarten unb plagte ben armen unb bie state fprang bom
 Baume uno went into The Some,
  in 2s Idons,
  new string,
  bae Bafob.

Afobs pa 11's About man was poor,
 febr poor.

"In the garden of the garden,"
 said the poor young man,
"I am a poor family,"
       and I am sad,
    must be my biel,
          my father,
          my father,
         my brother,
         my brother,
         my brother The Olaus has struggled the basin,
  the Olaus got bas Storn,
  Dag good Storm, and the Barob (bas) barob Baptized.
  10 has 11mb meldes in fineent new drink mar.

Then fann ber poor
S) then embraced 8u bent 9eäodyen Sdyönes ORübdyen,
   you are sad,
   you mean mine,
   The Stub milfen mitiiert.

They have mebergater nod) Sdyutter,
        meber Bruber nod) Bdymefter,
 meber Greunb nody Saug.

Rs you come with me.

3d) am poor,
but idy love Cie.

Do you want to hurt my stolen,
 dear S)?
 Iagte bae Dübdjen,
 unb mar nidt more sadly unbid nidyt more,
 for it loved a good tann.

The man said,
 I will go to the Dent Brieiter.
 The Briefe is well,
 very well,
 Ser Brieiter has a duch,
 a Fleinco d.

(Dae QBud)

with a prayer-boy,
 and above Brieiter meb une balb,

 dear Snaodyen.

"SDRübdjen said" Ba,
"and went with a poor 25 Dianne au bent Brielter.

The three sd ferboled Simb.
The office sllllb plante bie state.
The sate frafs The fleine mouse.
The bust bae good Storm,
 bae storm,
 bad Bafob faptured.

Dae Storm had just built a buffoon,
  buffoon and a sausage,
 bas Bafob.

"The young man and the bad idyls went nady's drink,
 and the bourgeoisie went into his house."

2. The farmer's battalions.
1. The Stabt Bonn is an idle stick,
    and there is an old staff,
    and there is staff on the 9th.

RBonit is a big bar and Bonn was once a mo fleine,
 a febr fleine bar.
 RBonn has jetyt many Cimmohner (S) zanner,
 horror and Stinber),
 but once had bie etabt gonn nidot io offer real.

Gd maren once at once in Bonn.
They were jull,
 febr young.

It was a great success.

They were only idy,
 they always mocked.
  hovered over young Jaann,
"m3d bin fo fdlafrig,
id) must idlafen!

A This is one of the German Legends,
 which has been placed in his collection of poems,
 where he is written in the popu lar dialect.
 Similar sleepings of Ephesus and the Sleepers.

The three authors) medent muidy audy irilb.
 Ss in 8onn mill id) nid) t remain.

3dy mill.
How can you fancy a good,
 itillent Blaty,
 mo long long idylafen?

20d replied,
 "Run a good itimen leaf.
3d) fenne is a sons.
 3dy fenne a good,
 itille Söhle,
 niffemmeit bon here.

I am quiet,
 but I am calm,
 I am calm,
 "said he,"
 I am very well,
 "said Brittle,"

There is a good thing to do I'd like to have a good time.
The young men went out of berabt.
Eie fas it Hp men in The Sons.
The chair is large,
 and very pleasant.

20d," said Crite.
 You're a good itillery leaf.
 You can rest me.
  we are calmly idyaien,
  for a long time we want.

3a, "said Kaiser.
3d) am glad bai have to have bothered me 9Blaty.

 if it be.

Her fylafen sir fvr.
Her meden 1uté muniere lter and Geidylviiter nidit.
 said Britt.
"Yours is it idun itill.
 Your 2s fill me long,
                 long fdlaren.

Yours are fine bijen.
 He was a fine stub,
 an odysman.

 "Dami was a man of the same kind,
  and in a few days he was in a state of subjection,
  And the three young men were idy,
  and they marched a little,
  On the other hand,
  he wrote
   "Beldje Stub?
   Veldjev Odye?"
   "That mar ae then,"
    he said,
   "in a few minutes,
    he marred all the miseries of the young men,
    In the town of Bad Hersfeld,
    near Bonn,
    in the district of Bonn,
    in the district of Bonn,
    in the north of Germany Iit midt intereliant,
    meil idylüfrige boy
 S) tümmer midte 3nterefians tee tagen fönnen.

3. The paugnater mar once a panm,
 ber nuf 9teifert mar.

 (Enblid fant 20 he du a fdyonen Santie,
  bas as large as a Balait mar
  This peculiar old story is of Swedish or Norwegian origin.
  It is part of Asbjörnsen's Norse Tales The field,

Dz The Dans father to bent Tijd) iaß unb aB.
"There is my father.
 He fists on 8ant.
 He had a long,
   sweet sloan,
  and he had a long time,
  and he had a long time,
  and he had a long time U bent fleinen,
  old arute,
  ber on The Banf barrel 1unb ber bie Bfeife rand te.

"Sianu id) beer in your saufe ibers nadyten?"
"Gdy bin midyt ber Sautévater,"
  answered ber fleine,
  old ro smann,
 On the ganar barrel and the The Bfeife raudte.

"That's my father.
 Is located ba,

Cr is int 8ette.

He went to the basement,
 and there was an old,
 febrian old man,
 with three men,
 who were openly marching,
"Goodbye, Father!"

 I am talking about 9teijenbe 3hu bent s) fir,
 who was lying in bed with her open eyes,
"Stann idy here in your Sauje?"
"I am nidyt Sauebater,"
 said old man,
 lying in bed with open eyes.

"With my father.
 Since there are a few bones in the middle of a bend,
 you will find out whether or not you are staying here.
"There was an old one.

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