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Dcne and others 31 NO: 7 6, Jitshme Take U151 - Buzz on NO: 7613 Sana 6
Assembling method 2 Arm arm - Please install. Turn round 10 in the completed drawing. Turn to that hole in the direction marking the attachment of the part to the same direction - to the same arrow bar by the end difference 2 side - to the opposite Mukuuchi!
A - arm 4 - arm arm - please install. CVlo completion drawing Precautions for handling Please do not place in high temperature place, especially near fire. There are things that you can not be afraid of - Please do not use it except for regular use. At 7613. Turn around and phrase 10 Add a part of the way to tell the truth Tamaki tries to squirt the other, mark 0 of the mark, a buggy, ahead of the trouble with the direction and difference 6 opposite direction countermeasure reverse reverse.
Assembling method - Insert the convex part of the arm arm arm tip in the direction of the hole and turn it in the direction of the arrow Please install the other side in the same way. Please be sure to turn it in the direction of the arrow. Turning it in the opposite direction may break the arm. Completed drawing Handling Precautions Where it gets hot. Please do not put it especially by fire There are times when it is difficult to scrub with polish or polishing powder. Do not use for anything other than regular use NO: 7613 6g93 1048 776135 MADE IN CHINA Available shoe size es - 23cm or more MADE - IN CHINA.
193 101 MADE Available shoe size Approximately 23cm or more MADE IN CHINA
 RIV Misleading priest's base storage North Arms HOUSE Washo Masa 7.

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