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No Effects of FILTERS of the highest quality, ground and polished to obtain optimal inceurt. In addition, these rsion filter or changing the focal length each subjected to rigorous tests by which cover BLACK AND WHITE absorbs ultraviolet rays without changing the exposure. Unantibrume effect for Delivers the clearest picture recommend the constant use of this filter to the latter deffect protect the front lens of the objective bsorbe ultraviolet rays neutraluse and to some extent the violet rays Improves rendering values in bright colours predominate. Give cloudy landscapes Considered the most useful filter, and undoubtedly essential for the photo exturnd. Gives brilliant lighting contrasts marked with red and yellow. These colours appear when viewed cloud the naked eye, compared with the other colours. Reduces the ef gives most searched landscapes reduces glare on the water absorbs ultraviolet, blue and yellow. Done seem brighter yellow objects. The sun, and with films that filter enhances contrast. The sky is darker yellow and red subjects are lighter than the eye sees them. Reduced effigy on distant views. Product used with infrared film the effects of Y2K filter, made seem the clearest and foliage colours that further Y2K for portrait outside as it gives cloud natural shades. Corrects the colour rendering of the film and gives sensitive emblables values as perceived by the eye, especially skin tones and lips. Effort for the portrait. Y2K for landscapes is especially when taking pictures in the sun with a film does a filter sensitive fuzzy feeling. The smallest opening some obiectives detarmind the latter is still too large for subjects of photography exposed to intense sun sensitivity film ... The neutral density filters may also be required for the photo of very bright subjects colour FILM Gives effects of the filter on the Y2K noise and white film. Attenuates dom heat the filter imagise. Gives an excellent reproduction for photography in cloudy weather or attenuates red light dominant. Fits photographed early in the morning or late afternoon Allows use of colour finishes Type A yes for photography. To be used with colour film for lighting the exterior tungsteue miere Reduces dominant red light. Allows our photography using the lamp with photonood lutniere films The diffuser filter gives a soft images nou protect. particularly suitable and portraits. Reduces retouching portiait delivery needs varies by opening more is the product be quadrophones can produce reflections in the form of X, depending on its position. To get an idea of then effect obtained, subject look through the filter removes glare, for the photo in colour and black and white. Gives images of water, glass framed pictures, windows. In the colour photo, the blue of cridulity is rendered faithfully. With a yellow filter are landscapes in colour are especially sharp. Before mounting the filter on the device, watch the scene through this filter and do on camera sitionally The amount of filtered light from three to four, or a factor of FACTORS LONGER INSTALLATION head, hold the camera on If the meter indicates an exposure time of 1160 carefully the distance are consulting the table belown coefficient of 2 (see column to the sun, it is necessary to do one of two corrections nowns following the movie objective axis to evil to achieve the correct exposure 3 Distance Distance goal. Graduations objective distances opening adjustment function a speed of about 11125 Ouces, 11126 Inches, 11127 Feet, butter Infinity adulate 50, 25, 15, opening speed ronction an opening FL11 coefficiention 7 a Multiply exposure 1125 shutter speed 1 of 60 Impressions too large for the high speed film ... Topics 8x filter very bright COLOUR FILTER COATED FILMS Designation efficient Light colour of Roses Gives the effects of the blade end our blue IA and gives warmth to the image Flash 80c Blue Allows use with a dark lamp lighti 2.7 Clouds Reduces blue dominant misty Brown. Provides excellent reprodudutional Morning or attenuates the dominant red Blue 1.4 morning or late afternoon Conversion 85a Brown Allows you to use our filns colour try 2 to be used with movies couldn't Photo flood 80a Blue Reduces dominant red of our using a lamp photoflood FILTERS fOR ALL FILMS Description the colour efficient diffuserie filter gives images diffuser Colourless landscapes and portraits Reduces best distribution varies the opening. Quadruledly largest colourless 1 idea of the effect obtained, can produce 1 to watch the subject's grid filter removes glare for the picture very clear. Brings out the forms 2.5 water, glass, framed pictures, filter windows faithfully. With a yellow filter, the pay Gray polarizing filter mount on the device, watch turn until the desired effect is brand Then filter up to the amount of light filtered varies trouble WINDSHIELDS To photograph with windscreen, hold the camera on a tripod or other support. Measure carefully, the distance to the knowledge Company.

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