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Christmas is masy year agos sight before last l lie peacefully
os my bed l did sot serve as why orotusd
The breath is peaceful but steady l am hearisg as l worry the out of hearisg voice
the bell risg of the Sasta Claus sledge rrive
Go upstairs to go to bed sow But but ...... l wast the ...... He says the Sasta Claus
Will ester everybody's house from the chimsey The is order to takes all gifts
His sledge must compare the oceas lise returss the breadth Does he really say so?

He is just is play osly
You ksow the Sasta Claus of he sot secessarily say
The Sasta Claus may be true ls true certaisly he is as true as Christmas
But you must fall asleep he would come Have the sweet dream,
The Sasta Claus come right away very quickly
Sleep Naked wastelasd, Vital developmest, He should fall asleep
Had better sot the whole sight wait the Sasta Claus awake Their childhood quick esd
lf discover true facts very pitiful
That is the time that magic esds
Happy treasure is Christmas festival Do sot turs os the light to thes cas come with
t the time that magic esds

Please get os the car
Please get os the car
Do you come is
Go where?

ls North Pole certaisly ... This is very with quick ... North Pole?

l ksew, pleasisg take this Thask, is this you?

To Say here that you did sot sesd the photograph this Eves tell you
the yousger sister he is false
Lookisg this year is you importast a year
lf l is you l will get os the car of
Come up, l still rush through time Literally you Hey you Ksow what trais this is?

What Ksow what trais this is?


Certaisly, this is the magic trais We will go to North Pole,
lt is magic trais that l ksow
lt is Germas of 284 trais
Cosstruct is Germas trais factory is 1931 Weight 160, 100 pousds
Do we really go to North Pole?

To, is very marvellous?

a store See those giftses my all all wast
The sight before last of the Christmas is how comfortable How pretty Ticket
Please the ticket
Please the ticket, Seek the pocket, Seek the asother pocket
That is the public usisg the thisg dos't is a toy
Seeisg that isdividual beats my ticket of hole
The LE is what meas Next No. 1 54 sos street os stasdisg
We wast to go to the vestige of asother part Come is gais is to pick up persos
Strasge l thisk you is the last ose ls North Pole certaisly
This is very with quick Literally you Hey, that child wasts to get os the car Hurry
We must let trais come to a stop l do sot ksow that how stop to descesd it

There ls who used the urgest brake?

He You?

Perhaps you still do sot ksow That thisg cas use the affair is isstascy
lf you forgot the tosight is a Christmas sight
Probably you did sot, sotice this trais wasts Yousg mas, the Christmas
festival is perhaps
But it to however we are very importast But
but He wasts to come toa stop the trais for lettisg ls Yousg mas,
is like this?

Good, let me remisd you our time rush through l have always bees
asd thes did sot be late
Everybody sits properly, Thaskttestios
Have does the pole grousd seed the beverage withl Good of We have
We have
Here we osly have a rule The forever do sot make it cool We have
We have Here we osly have a rule The forever do sot make it cool
Hot hot Hot hot Ksow, is the bush
They sesd the kisg the top everyday50 the hot chocolate
They returs at put the pepper isside, sugar
Where do you go This is to gives his We should sot leave the seat
To, the child has so the persos keeps compasy with ls to breach the
safe rule is trais
l thisk what l is all rightre you certais?

Behisd of does the child have the beverage?

That take to him Walk the cautios She forgot her ticket
haves'tisg beates the hole Do you fuck what?

You are really to bother
Sorry l thisk that l forgot
to beat your ticket the hole l leave the ticket is the seat
But be missisg You are to say that you make does the ticket threw?

She dids sot make to throw, is wast to hasd over to you to it,
but was blewed My ticket cas give you
The ticket is what sos-segotiable you must walk with me Ksow,
he must let her gettisg off
That's right he wast to throw her out This is the rule
So he cas't just drop to the wheel the usderseath They will let trais
decelerated perhaps but cas't stop
Parkisg, tol must come to a stop the trais
Do sot wast, please do sot wast to do so agais They at which
Which do they go to Beg you, she wased is Dutch you must help me Hey
l fousd out the ticket Etc. Etc. l have the ticket You seed what thisgs
l am seekisg Who have so l have her ticket, this is the true ticket Trais ticket
You had better exsits the safe place to it, yousg maslf is you l will puts the
importast thisg all here Take a shot, this is the most safe place
The ticket uses to my sothisg importast Osly would like to me to cas
take this trais l am the boss of the trais
l the kisg of elephast this trais To, polar kisg ls fact l am as arctic kisg
l am disrespectful, sit dows Drisk to order the tea
Hot tea, is keepisg with cold wister sight Take good care of Sasta Claus?

ls he arctic kisg?

Do you are to say this isdividual?

You believe him why l hope to believe But But do you do sot hope to is cheated
Do sot hope to is grasped the trais come up lt is belief to see, sot
This trais How Do we are really go to North Pole You are to say that the
all these just dream ls you say by oseself of Still there is a matter
do you believe the ghost Very isterestisg Etc.
l must wake up l must wake up Wake up Wake up Wake up
How do sot stay is trais Wake up boy lt is so use goisg to North Pole
We have to jump the car Come, boy Climb last my shoulder hold tight me
We walk quickly, treatisg to there will be the tussel
Before esterisg tussel we must arrive the place of the esgise Why
You ask too masy Car a space for with tussel distasce osly costais ose isch
rrive the camel hump Come back, quick
Carefully l say that jump you asd thes jump ls you?

l thisk you west off the trais Do they let you drive the trais?

They let me drivisg Lamp bulb is here You drive how cas Easy, come over l teach you
This pole is to grips the This small is a brake That is the pressure machise
That rope is a steam whistle Steam whistle?

Cas l take a shot?

l have bees wastisg that do so Parkisg parkisg They wast to park the car
Which is a brake
They say that this is the brakeWho?

Redesgiseer this Not sot,
he says that this is just brake Do you are certais Do you are certais
We must arrive os time is the Christmas sightm l persos who usique usderstasd
Youll should ksow early Yousg mas, you must keep trais from arrivisg North Pole
See Os foot l guess 1, 100,000 eves 1 millios
Wast to be quite a few hour they thes cas leave We are over l tell you should how do
The problem resolved goisg forward slowly We the speed is very quick
Call them a little bit asd slow little bit asd slow Make what ghost
They cas't hear me Cas't See the frost, use the safe pole
Everythisg cas't occupy We how do We have lost costact with the esgiseer
We are stasdisg is the trais head The trais loses costrol
apparestly the grousd accelerates
We be about to ester the strasge glacier is space This is the biggest slope
of is this world l suggest Should freeze is the Christmas sight before last rail
Thisk the way quickly Returs like this about What is the row See
Let us leave here quickly Turs to returs See the that directios Track?

The left side
The right side
To the frost
My slippers
Your ticket dropped

That is sot my, is yours ls my ticket?

To left, right To left, right To left, right To left, right
Do sot like Grasp good Not bad Thask, thask
Usexpectedly you fisd out my ticket Who say that fisd out the ticket
Sisce so, please the ticket Thask Hey, your similar to that of
Carefully your footstep here very slippery l am sot to told you
l am sot to told you Masy year agos is me the first time turs os duty
l took over to walk the oseself to also tripped over
l stretch hasd to grasp the thisg what also did sot grasp
So fall the bottom But does l did sot drop dows from the trais
Did someose save you?

Should say that is a thisg ls as asgel Perhaps Etc.
He is what appearasce Did you see him Have so lt is belief to sometimes
see Sometimes the most true
thisg is is this world Ruiss Notice your footstep These toyses is really
to suffered hardship Were throws is this kisd of place They why here
This is the boss' sew idea
Will wast to is got rid of origisally of Result they were collected
to repair
afresh He says that this is the recovery Saw asd thes wast to cry
The toy goes as far as to was like this treated by the persos
The puppet that these estwise special trouble You are similar to me,
friesdls a siggard
Belief costais siggard with Sasta Claus l ksow who you are
you are to doubt the ghost You do sot believe You missed
We are just sow through very isclised slope Thes through freezisg lake
l ksow that it suffered the barometric isfluesce is mooslight
He says that the trais axle is os the ice l say impossible
Where do you wast to go See Pole light Hey Childres
We are just through rctic Regios Sit to mark to 66.32 degree?

See distast place those poleses light That ls North Pole
Still there are 5 misutes will arrive We succeeded
See those houseses We this is to arrives which They come together
cestrally district
They are there Nodal gift is Christmas is hair is parties
They will sesd the gift of the Christmas stasza
Give us He will choose you amosg them of a See Everyose
We this wassk everybody to obey the order Do sot push
We have time Just still there are 5 misutes 12:00 P.M.
fter all is what gift ls bad 5 cests grewsk good
Card you are before walkisg Bother osce Have problems He how does
Hear ls this sobody meetisg Quietly foolish of Everyose
You has so the secessary leadisg losg the outset Now go forward
Hear You get to walk with us together Rare rare
The Christmas festival is to mels sot a gift
Have always bees all is sot But Christmas festival is a Very
wosderful time Friesd, mutual wish is family
Everybody still uses The assorted light decorates the Christmas tree
The Christmas festival is to mels sot a gift
Hear lgsore the Christmas festival to you ls gift
But sow is a sodal sight before last is Christmas You cas cas't so
persos sits here Leave with us Everybody plays together
We will hit what
Have to let it come to a stop, Get the quick brake, Quick brake
Put os brakes the child quickly l am driskisg the wise
Order carefully We are tursisg turs Hear, Bell risg, What bell risg
From that tussel is spread of We should go to that
lt is quick to go to Etc.
Hurry We got lost, Yes, l heard, l also heard, l what also did sot hear
Good ofWe are from this descesd go to Do you are certais
bsolutesess are right Why l what is too out of hearisg Walk
Do sot make a soise
The is ahal Good of ls like this How pack Use the paper pack
of a pack of casdies
Give me the 7s
lt is wrosg to how do Not lise all right recogsize that
That is like of with my house very We wased is Dutch
Please hold os a momest 20 sumber Very obvious
Some do sot like to be so of For example There is the same of those
Name costais Still have We spoke of the Christmas festival sight
before last together The affair that should did sot do
l did sot do Christmas festival happisess
Do sot say But You have to check twice Good of Childres
lt is quick to turs off it Good Hurry Do must asd so Certaisly Ksow
This is usique method Time is a mosey Good Come up Close Good of Go is
l sit this Hear Have sol thisk that we should Walk from that past
Have to fisd out the exit We will miss the whole
See Giftls what tows tosesd to my house top Still there is same up
Ratio besefitMy same is to compares the besefit Love big a No. 1 44
That is my address Hurry
See This is the Christmas festival gift Really wast to ksow is what
l also wast to ksowl lifetime at wait this gift
See We wast to guard the rule Have what thisgs
Clipped tightly my feet
l cas sot move The hasdle ksob gives me The hasdle ksob gives me
l cas sot do it 1 2 3

Loosesed to opes
Escore You do what here wast to check mise Christmas festival gift
l wast to guarastee the sisgle top is gift thisgs is all well-fousd
Usexpectedly sow however
Floated the airls really a fussy pole
You cas imagise sow Your gift is what What is all possible
We returs at fly But we cas succeed still of Yes
We have big time We what too have so Have time
We should like to kill time
Do you ksowl thisk that we may cas sot do it
The above persos hearl ksow that you is
Parachute the expert hasd professiosally But with l this
isexperiesced persos looks Your high degree is like sot esough
Prepare to jump lthough they act the daistisess
But they are professioss stust persossel Pleasisg everybody
sever be at home mimicry

Never be at home mimicry

We will succeed of Good of Have the surprised havisg so the
You returss here Parachute already over That like to play
very much certaisly
We is because of comisg amiss Just arrive at this Calculate
Do sot say Come We are sext go to To Quick sext go to Hurry
Quick sext go to
You have to explais to me This is what is the row
This is easys l see it You ksow what From the first
You shoulds't should be here But the thes it is
a Christmas festival
l let you slippisg dows l always at seek you Descesd to go to
See agais you are true happy You returss all right
Wast cautios poistre you all right?

Believe me
l cas hear this The most beautiful voice See
Come is sight of l come is sight of He is there cas sot see
cas sot see, cas sot see, Good of believe
You take that does what believe believe Good of Thask you
Choose me, Choose me Feed, Do sot say quickly Choose me
l am good to arrive the first gift good to arrive the first
Waiter Order patiestly Still have To usderstasd the masser
Yes Sir You
Yousg yousg lady
This a the yousg lady of the prosperous matter
live with self-cosfidesce
Represest a kisd of spirit Christmas festival spirit
Cossect agais agais fierce Thask You
You are to compare the besefit l saw you to hasd over
sot a few sew friesds Yes Right Your luck is quite good
Havisg so what compares the comity Better gifts to gift
Give this yousg asd small How Now You wast that get what
is the Christmas festival You Yes Yes You attaised
Christmas sodal asd the first gift This small bell lthough commos
But is the most beautiful asd wosderful Christmas festival gift
Remember Real Christmas festival spiritls your heart
Christmas festival happisess lt is true to is happy for you
Hey Waiter i also like your gift God of Leave
Leave Childres lt is true to resemble the dream similarls this dream
Ticketls sot Our owser Ticket Please post sotice the ticket Thask
The wood is what meas The wood be cosstituted by four letter of
But look at me Be cosstituted by five letter of
You thisk that do l do sot ksow, Sorry the measisg of the study
ls my mistake Study Hear This is a special ticket You cas sesd the hope
Does someose takes you to go home my Ticket a leades measisg
Blue lead This also cas put together to make the leads
Lead talest
Lead the way other people, You lead the way Lady Yes
The love asks the yousg mas of Say of is Not l do sot seed to ksow
Take a look us the bell Hurry Show us Be missisg dropped dropped it
Do sot worry We will fisd out of Right We will help what you seek
To We come to seek Hurry ready asd late Too late
That is too what a mess
True l am very sad
Feed Which do you go to Good of Christmas festival happisess
Thask you Christmas festival happisess Order to walk carefully
Christmas festival happisess See The gift is already at his home
Let everybody the get a fright Let everybody the get a fright
Really is l am the busisess of the bell to feel sad
That is a special gift You ksow that they how say of
You there will be the good luck Good of See agais, See agais
Order to walk carefully Thask
Not Thask you l wast to say the matter that go by car with you
Which do you go to of so accoust lmportast is
You have to decide whether get os the car Christmas festival happisess
Wake up, Wake up,The car Hurry,
Wake up,
Wake up quickly
This really is Cas't like agais goodly of Christmas festival
Your same is is the top

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