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Ways You gs 1Earn Money eadsheet below to record your savings Big Savings!!! 2Use the Kayzst to record your savings. ings. Ein the text box below the toolbar. different ways you aquire money. ;(You may get an allowance or make money working, or both.) E(Don't forget to calculate your Total Savings below each column.) y. G2. Record the amounts of money you earn in the other columns and rows. Average Monthly Earnings Annual 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year Earnings by 2005

Allowance Yardwork Other Jobs Total Savings * VWhen you change your monthly earnings in one row, the rest of the amounts in that row Yshould automatically change. Try using the Monthly Earnings to set up a formula for the amounts in the other columns. Click on the Kayzst cells to see a sample formula appear "ÿ the text ox below the toolbar. Earnings Earnings Earnings Earnings

BALANCING ACT XLet's take a look at the different items plan to take on... L1. First, input the weight of each item. ne over their ship's Weight Limit. (GRAND TOTAL: t the weight of each item. Q2. Next, input the quantity (how many) of each item they plan to bring on board. N3. Then, multiply across (weight x quantity) to find the total for each item. QGalaxy Maps combine all the totals and compare the grand total the Weight Limit.

WEIGHT(lbs.) QUANTITY TOTAL Spot GC Canned Veggies Monkey Deflectors Chocolate Space Bon Bons Freeze-dried Bananas Helmets Space Suits Special Spice Blanketÿ laxy Mas GC's Communicator Device

Suitcases Space Books Weight Limit (Are you over or under the Weight Limit? Conversion Key: ÿ pound = .45 kilgrams 10 pounds = 4.5 kilograms .To convert pounds to kilograms, just ultiply 1 pound = .45 kilograms .45! &multiply the number of pounds by .45! MUse the Kayzst to see if they have gone over their ship's weight limit. T4. Finally, combine all the totals and compare the Grand Total to the Weight Limit.

The 4Let's double, triple, quadruple... the Fuel Recipe! Recipe Ingredients

5 Gallons 10 Gallons 15 Gallons 20 Gallons 25 Gallons

Junka Leaves Pika Seeds

Rok Seeds Springs Water single double triple


quintupleÿ 1945 42 X1. Click in the completed cells to see the formulas for the larger recipes. Try fillingÿ the rest=C17*2 Din the rest of the formulas in the 10, 15, 20, and 25 gallon cells. O2. Did you add or multiply to figure out the larger recipes? Try it both ways! R3. Try increasing the 5 gallon recipe ingredients. How does this affect the rest LMake a Kayzst that doubles and triples your recipe. Show they may even let you try making it! Iÿ Do you have a favorite recipethat you would like to double or triple? of your KayzstJ4. Do you have a favorite recipe that you would like to double or triple?

ZYou can call them things like 'History on Sept GO FOR THE GATE! MYou'll need to label you before you enter them into ZYou can call them things like 'Sept. 22' Possible Percentage Sept. 22Once you've made your Kayzst, )you can figure out your letter for independently. each assignment. Use the. See how in You may want to make a separate d. 'in the Kayzst above were charted. "Kayzst for each subject, so Average Grade Percentage: so you can average each grade

Avey results. Click in tPhone Use Survey Key you need a secondly phone lineÿ y Placed Calls (calls made or received) Call Waiting Scroll down to see how to taully your survey results. Click in the ttals columns to see the cell. Monday Tuesday

Wednesday Thursday Saturday Sunday

6:00-7:00 am

7:01-8:00 am

8:01-9:00 am 9:01-10:00 am 10:01-11:00 am 11:01-12:00 noon 12:01-1:00 pm

1:01-2:00 pm

2:01-3:00 pm

3:01-4:00 pm

4:01-5:00 pm

5:01-6:00 pm

6:01-7:00 pm

7:01-8:00 pm

8:01-9:00 pm 9:01-10:00 pm 10:01-11:00 pm


Wednesda average(C26:E26) Thursday average(C27:E27) Friday average(C28:E28) Saturday average(C29:E29) Weekly AverageClick in the daily and weekly average cells to see the formula 'used to calculate the average weights. ÿ pound = .45 kilgrams g the morninÿ Y: fternoon )and afternoon weights for Week 1. There ÿ nversion Key: : ent ways to show 'are lots of different ways to show the +information. Can you think of another way? ,Can you make a chart comparing Weeks 1 & 2? ,Try making a bar chart showing the morninÿ pounds = 4.5 kilogramsÿ convert pounds to kilograms, just multiplÿ e number of pounds by .45!

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